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Talk about English webcast
Talk about English - Webcast

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Virtual worlds quiz Thursday, September 20, 2007

William Kremer

Marta and Carolien
Representing King's College London
Marta and Carolien
 Mikiko and Wendy
Representing University College London (UCL)
Mikiko and Wendy

Programme Summary:
This month's quiz continues our topic of virtual worlds. Two teams of students from the University of London score points in a general knowledge round, a comprehension round and a language round! If you would like to play along at home, some of the questions are based on the following Learning English webpages:

Words in the News - Second Life
Webcast - Virtual Worlds

In addition, the teams argue for and against the following statement:

'Virtual worlds will revolutionise the way people interact, learn and have fun'

University College London*
King's College London*

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