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Thursday, June 21, 2007 Food and cooking

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Interview with Anita Cormac
Anita commented that in Britain there was a growing disconnection with where food comes from. What she means by this is that more and more it seems that people are not really aware of how food is produced. When talking about her own cooking skill she says she might sound rather immodest. She says that she is a good cook. Often we don't like to tell others that we are good at something, we prefer to be modest.

She says that cooking is a fundamental life skill.. It's something that is very important to our everyday life, something that everyone should know how to do. She goes on to say that It's celebratory, it's also every day. Cooking is something for special occasions as well as something we need to do day by day.

Phone Caller Wendy
For Wendy cooking is not a chore. A chore is a small job you have to do regularly which you don't enjoy, you find it boring. For some people cooking is a chore, but not for Wendy. When she cooks she likes to improvise. She doesn't always follow recipes, sometimes she likes to create new dishes with what she has in the house, making it up as she goes along.