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Webcast competition
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Food and cooking Thursday, June 21, 2007

This week our competition was a little different. We asked you to send us a photo or a video of a meal you had prepared. We then asked you to vote for your favourite.

Food and cooking competition - Final results

Vote for your favourite picture and description

  1. Miguel Andres' muffin
  2. Irina's pastry
  3. Evelyne's apple pie
  4. Flora's lobster and steak
  5. Akram's fish
  6. Fulvio's cake
  7. Pilar's prawns


The Pictures
Apple Pie from Evelyne This picture was sent in by Evelyne in France.

Evelyne's description:
Come on Evelyne, help yourself to apple pie!

Congratulations Evelyne, this picture was voted the winner!

Muffin from Miguel Andrés This picture was sent in by Miguel Andrés from the city of Arequipa in Peru.

Miguel Andrés' description:
Is delicious!!!

Pastry from Irina This picture was sent in by Irina Boldyreva in Russia.

Irina's description:
This is my favourite dish that I often cook. Puff pastry with eggs and spring onions filling.

Ingredients: 500 g puff paste (you can buy ready-made paste) 4 eggs 300 g spring onions 70 g butter, softened Defrost the paste and divide it into 2 parts.

Cut the spring onions and fry them slightly on the frying pan. Boil 3 eggs until hard-boiling, cut them and add to the spring onions. Salt and pepper to taste. Roll out the paste on a floured surface with a rolling pin until it is a rectangle 20x25 cm and put on the buttered baking tray. Put the filling on the dough rectangle. Roll out the dough to another rectange that measures the same size and cover the filling with it. Seal the edges lightly with a rolling pin. Smear the surface of the paste with beating egg. Preheat the oven to 180 C. Bake the pastry for 20 minutes or untill well risen and golden brown. Serve the puff pastry warm or cold. Bon appetit!

Lobster and steak from Flora This picture was sent in by Flora in Hong Kong.

Flora's description:
Almost every year, my honey would prepare a romantic dinner for us in Valentine day. Last year, he prepared a delicious meal again. They included lobsters, rib-eye steaks and vegetables. We ate lobsters with hot melted butter and garlic. It is an easy way to taste lobsters freshly. Although he was not a good cook, I felt his love and passion from the meal. I really appreciate of it. Then, I gave my greeting card to him in return.

Fish from Akram This picture was sent in by Akram in Iran

Akram's description:
Iran fish

Cake from Fulvio This picture was sent in by Fulvio in Italy

Fulvio's description:
It's a simple lemon cake decorated with a lemon glaze and cream. i cooked it for my mum's bitrhday a couple of years ago. To tell the truth, it didn't taste very delicious, but I cooked and decorated it with all my heart!

Prawns from Pilar This picture was sent in by Pilar in Spain

Pilar's description:
Grilled Prawns are an easy and really good dish to cook. In the first place the frying pan has to be very hot, second add the prawns with an spoonful of olive oil and cooking salt to the taste. One side five minutes and then turn around the other side another five minutes. This dish was made by my mother last Sunday and it was delicious. Yum Yum!