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Shakespeare Thursday, May 24, 2007

Your comments: What is your favourite Shakespeare play and why? Have you ever seen a performance of a Shakespeare play - either in English or your own language? What was it like? What do you think makes Shakespeare a great writer?

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Cynthia, China
I have read just one of shakespeare's work in chinese,it is Hamlet,i don't think i spell the name in right way,but i want to say even in translation,the words is so beautiful,so charming!

Safeena, Pakistan
I have read a lot of plays of Shakespeare but my favourite play is othello.what makes Shakespeare great is the universal appeal of human sentiments and emotions that his plays encompass in itself

Yinan, Japan
I have read William Shakespeare's pieces. Hamlet(in Japanese), Othello, Macbeth, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night(in Chinese and English), As You Like It(in Chinese and English), The Merchant of Venice, Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merry Wives of Windsor to name a few. And I am reading Henry IV now. Because his works are represented as a miniature of the real society, so that I like all of them. I have never gone to any theaters to see Plays,even I know where some time perform. BTW, I think that William Shakespeare is TIMELESS, too.

Helen, Iran
my favourite shakespeare play is King Lear and i saw it on tv as a movie on my own language for the first time the film was old but i liked that.i think Mr.shakespeare has well known face for people in england and learners in english around the world .

Agatka, Poland
I saw Shakespeare plays in Tv theatre in my counry, and i loved them all! The best in his plays is the fact, that after so many years they are still so close to us, so actuall.

Jack, China
I think what makes Shakespeare a great writer is that his language is so beautiful!

Nour, Syria
I'm afraid to tell you that I have nothing to add or comment about Shakespeare although I'm student in English Department and we studied two plays this semester "As You Like it" and "Antony and Cleopatra". The Doctor who taught me this semester was so bad and I'm so sorry to tell you that he made me hate Shakespeare because he did not explain anything, and he did not comment on anything. I'd like to thank you for talking about how much Shakespeare is great, and you really made me understand how important writer he was.

Gonzalo, Spain
1st question: Hamlet is
2nd question: I saw 'King Lear' in spanish, more than ten years ago
3rd question: It was wonderful
4th question: I think he wrote about universal issues

Ana, Georgia
To tell the truth, I don't like the plays of shakespeare. Yes of course, I respect it but I have my own theory about it. The thing is, that the plays could yave been very popular in Shakespeare times, but nowadays, people are diffenert and we face another problems. I agree,that the LOVE THEME is always the hottest, but we see love from a different points of view. So, I only want to say, that Shakespeare is really the great, but only in his times. But from my,contemporary point of view, his plays just seems amusing...

Miki, Japan
My favorite is Richard III. He is a villain, really cruel person, and the story doesn't have anything which makes us happpy or encouraged. But I can't help thinking it's relly attractive drama. Richard was born disfigured and maladjusted to the peaceful time, which had at last got realized after the long time war, where grace or flattery are much more required than bravery or sword. He decides to destroy this peaceful time by stirring up suspicious feeling among the nobles and courtiers. And by letting them kill each other or killing them by himself, Richard at last becomes the king. The impressive scene is that of his repentance. After a nightmere of beeing cursed by those who Richard had killed, he finds fear and conscience in his mind. Conscience and Repentence seems to be the theme in this drama. It's hinted in previous scean where the two assasins hesitate to kill Richard's brother. But the assasins shook off the hesitation, so was Richard. He dies in the battle field. Well, I shouldn't have explained the story like this here, but It's really fascinating drama I think. Unfortunately, I've never seen this play in theatre. But the script stimulates my imagination. And I think it can be translated in many ways on stage. That's what makes Shakespeare a great dramatist, isn't it?

Isabel, Spain
When I was a teenager I watched a performance of one of the greatest Shakespeare plays in the Roman Theatre which is in my city: "A Midsummer Night´s Dream". From that day I am a Shakespeare lover!!

Gisele, Brazil
Well. The English is very difficult in shakespeare´s books. It's unfashionable... well, will never try to read a book in english, only in my language

Manu, Spain
I am quite upset to say that I have never read any of Shakespeare´s plays. I find really hard to understand his works because they are written in an old language wich is now old-fashioned. A Spanish writer named Miguel de Cervantes who wrote "El Quijote",a masterpiece in Spanish Literature is also pretty difficult to understand for Spanish speakers. In spite of it all,the Shakesperare´s quote wich I best know is "To be or not to be, that is the question"

Masood, Turkey
I have not read of him but i know him by the Romeo & Juliet with nice performing of Leonardo Dicaprio in the movie, it was nice story but i think he shouldn't have finshed the story by that end very sadly i care about those people who are more than 50 years old.he could have done better what do you think?

Ladan, Turkey
I think if he had not been born and he had never written all those stuff the literature wouldn't have been like it is today. You could see his effect on literaure though i don't know too much about him but there is something which all of us probably have heard about him, it's 'To be or not to be'!

Angel, Spain
Well, I only have seen the film Hamlet by Mel Gibson. buah! I loved it! Revenge, Anger...It´s a fantastic film!I recommend watching it!

Bruno, Brazil
I have seen two Sheakespeare plays, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet and both are fantastic!I think Sheakspeare had a big sensibility and because that he is is a big writer. He feel the humans feelings in a especial way, he is marvilous.

Hamid, Pakistan
I've seen some of the plays of Shakespeare on TV. 'Julius Caesar' is my favourite; especially when Brutus and Antony make their public speeches. The juxtaposition of parallel verbal repetitions here is really touching and full of meaningful effects. The story is pathetic. We feel pity for Brutus who is truthful and honest in his thinking. What a great hero! and what a great tragedy.

Uyen, Vietnam
I have read some scripts of Shakespeare in Vietnamese as added works in Highschool. And I was confuse because I didn't understand them at all. Now when I've learned more( actually I've seen more film) about England hundreds of years ago, I think that his works are very great. I'll try to read it in English.

Kebe Talla , Senegal
My favourite Shakespeare play is THE TEMPEST.Because of the way Prospero controls the other characters .I have never seen a performance of a shakespeare play .What makes Shakespeare a great writer is that his themes are always up to date .

Dararat, Thailand
Actually I have never seen a performance of Shakespear play.Anyhow I like shakespear's work. My favorite book is The Merchant of Venice, it was my first book of Shakespear that I read. I also like Remeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar eventhough I found that it's very difficult for me to completely understand. For me to understand well shakespear's works you must have a very good knowledge of English and you need to intrepret not just only translate. Shakespear is everything, I mean, romantic, tragedy, love, betray, death etc.for me this make him the greatest writer of all time.

Farnoosh, Iran
In my opinion shakespeare is the greatest writer for all ages. I find it hard to cite an example of one his plays that I like the most due to the fact that I think all of his works whether sonnet or play are great. As far as I am concerned what makes me consider him as a great writer is his knowledge of human nature. By the way, some of his sentences within plays though short are fraught with the colour of life. He knew how to inject the fresh blood into his plays or even sonnets. I can't help citing "All the world is stage" as my favorite quote by Master Shakespeare...

Miguel Andrés, Peru
The best one is Romeo and Juliet because is so romantic.