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Climate change Thursday, April 26, 2007

Your comments:
What should we be doing to reduce global warming? What have you done in your life to protect the future of the planet?

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Helen, Iran
hello every one .i think it does matter we notice to global warming about our planet . but i dont really know what to do .scientcs should find the best solution for this and tell us what to do or how to protect of our planet.thx

York, Tianjin, China
I'm of the opinion of that Carbon-dioxide is the most important factor in increasing global warming.So who caused this state of affairs? America is the main exporter of Carbon-dioxide. The American govenment should assume the major responsibility for global warming.

Kamil, Turkey
I can feel the climate changes in my town I am living .When I was a child we could ski over the ice that cover all over the street near our home twenty years ago.We've enjoyed to make snowman and snowball with my friends,but nowadays I cannot see such things among the chidren because the winter is passing like autumn without snow.I think cause of the main carboon-end part I clest is the fabrics and home stove that produce smoke.we should change the energy sources that produce less smoke .We should use much more common natural gas,solar energy and wind-energy .thanks....

Doubi, Morocco
I think a great part of the solution to this menacing phenomenon is in the hands of the industrialised nations. It's really alarming and shocking when a great state like USA refuses to sign the Kioto protocol since weather change and unpredictability are due to anti-social human activities.If we minimize these,our life on this planet will be better.I join my voice to those who mentioned the option of EDUCATION,for I believe it's the only way out we have,we laymen and laywomen.

Manu, Spain
Hi,i´m from Spain,and would like to discuss about one issue that worries me.Last summer in Spain,we had lots of fires in the mountains, most of them were caused by ourselves in order to sell those lands to build houses and resorts. This is one thing that is happening here in Spain for the last years. We´re burning our natural resources! And all for money.

Sherry, China
Climate changes is certainly happening around the world. Weather is much more unpredictable then before.And in my opinion,it shows original weather model is being changed since extreme weather appeared more often in many parts of the world. I think everyone on earth should be aware of this serious problem and do something we could to make a difference. For instance,many of us use computer at night and that means we will turn on the computer and a light.Well,if you use computer not very often ,why not choosing daytime to use it? You can choose sometime in the morning or in the afternoon.Then you don't need to turn on an extra light and reduce your carbon footprint. Each of us can do many small things to help and things will become much better!

Katie, Hong Kong
I think that climate change is a very serious problem for all of us.We all should do something to save our planet.For example,we can grow some trees or plants in our garden or house,and turn off the lights and computer when not in use.When we do our shopping ,we can bring our own shopping bag instead of the plastic bag from the shop.Even though it seems like very trivial,but I think we can save our planet by doing so.

Milena, Poland
Hi... Yes, it's a fact, that climate is changing. In my country people know about the global warming, but they don't try to prevent this problem... but i'm not like majority of society and i really protect our planet, how i can. For example: i go to school on foot or i use public transport. Maybe it's too little, but how can i protect our Earth?I put trash to the rubbish bin, i recycle refuse and i don't use spray with freons. I safe energy in home etc...etc... We can protect our planet, but we need help everybody!!And i think, that education young children is really helpful to prevent global warming...

Jiafang, China
Hi..My English is not very good. I think our goverment should pay more attention to it and make some meathsures to improve the situation.

Gons, Spain
I want to answer to my countrywoman Pilar. As I can gess, you don't beieve in the climate change as a result of human activity. You maintain that it is a natural phenomenon. But don't you think there's too much coincidence between the industrial era when human being has been consuming huge amounts of fossil fuels and turning it into greenhouse effect gasses and the high-rate pace of warming conditions of the athmosphere that is an objective (measured) phenomenon?. I don't think so. Furthermore, I think that if we don't take urgent measures, we'll not able to cope with the problem, there's no time to make up our mind, and our children will inherit a chaotic planet.

Emilia, Albania's a fact that the climate is changed. what can we do? i usually walk and rarely use the public transportation. we dont feel the winter this years..we have to do something, we can do...

Asda, China
To reduce global warming is not only a matter of knowing the reasons for it ,but also of taking some measures to stop it getting worse in our daily life.Such as we can use the cars which may produce less exhaust gas .Anyway ,people's attitudes to the global warming is also very important .They must understand and regard that it has been a crisis to our earth and it may threat to our life in the present future.

Jadir, Brasil
As a teacher I?ve been warning my students about the risks we are taking for not recycling materials we should do, not respect enviroment and specially the cost it will take to the future generations. eventually I give then issues related to these topics, so they can be aware and change their atitudes towards those points. If we care we can!! just being involved we can make a changing in this world!!!!

Thuan, Vietnam
In my opinion, the good measure is education. We should start this at schools and community-based projects that explain most citizens to understand the major cause of climate change is due to the increase of CO2 and the decrease of O2 in the atmosphere. Since then they probably change their practices and behavior. When they changed, the awareness of governments, factories and manufacturers will have to change and propose good solutions to solve this problem inevitably.

Mervinpriyantha, Sri Lanka
I am very happy to discuss the topic Climate change ,because it's useful to acknowledge the people who dosen't care of the disaster which can be affected the future generation, badly. If we love our children,we must defenitely love the nature,The best way to love our children, not to polute the nature, and to protect globe for them,Thank you all.

MarioAngulo, Peru
My country have a lot off reservations of natural gas and using it the best thing possible, now our transportation is better used it,and have environmental less contamination, I hope anothers countries can make the same thing to avoid the global warming.

Pradip, India
I heared about a proposal that is on it's way to implement. as a matter of fact it is expensive to accomodated techenology to reduce CO2 production on industrial level for a developed country than a under developing country. So the proposal as depicted can be a win-win situation for both. the later can reduce their CO2 production at a lower cost and get a cirtificate of that. the former one have to buy that certificate from them at a cost lower than the cost they would pay had they been go for it in there own country. but the net result will be the same.

Rocio, Spain
We can do lots of things to offset the problem but it's not only in our hands. The multinational companies are the ones who more contaminate. They should be under control: materials, factories, felled trees ... but it seems that no one can stop them.

Mehdi Karimi, Iran
Climate change is a global dilemma thatindustrial countries are more blamed than the developing ones.Greenhouse gases like cabon dioxide is the majorcause of global warming.I think cars and motor vehicles emit plenty of harmful gases which cause greenhouse effect.To reduce these dangrous polutedemission,back to walk and bike could behelpful.Furthermore,the other measure might be use clean and green energy,particularly solar and wind power instead of fossil fuels.In fact,I have planted many trees for carbon offsetting.In addition,I usually takepublic transportation rather than my own car.

Nima, Iran
to save the world from this kind of pollution and reduce the global warming i think all the countries should use wind energy and water and sun,.. instead gass or oil and gasoline and coal or such a fuel for plants to produce electrical energy or ...

Leecoo, China
Nowadays,droughts and floods always take place here and there.when i was a child,i could see the blue sky when I raised my head,but everything changed.they've been gone siliently without saying a goodbye.what a pity.we cost a lot to develop our industry and ended up winning a hotter and hotter come?

Anan, Thailand
I have done a lot in order to protect global warming. Just doing not speaking.If all of us do, situation will get better. Now we are just talking not doing. Useless the electrical in house Air-conditional, Cars, TV, Computer, and so on.But we are now using many things in house that affect to the global.And we are now using computer that is also making the global warming.So back to the basic, useless electrical.

Andre, Brazil
Well, I try to do everything, for example, sometimes I go to work by bus, lefting my car in the garage. As I am a teacher, I also try to educate my students about the problem of the global warming.

Ntungi, Tanzania
First of all I believe global warming is the result of human activities and the technology of modern civilization which cause environmental damage threatens the whole of civilazation. I think the main two activities which cause global warming are firstly, deforestation (cutting down or burning of trees) which this is predominantly found in less developed countries such as in Africa. They do so for their economic development activities (farming and timber) and they cut down trees as the source of energy (charcoal, firewood etc) for cooking and other domestic undertakings, which generally cause massive environmental degradation beyond repair. as we can see the barren land is increasing especially in Africa. Secondly enviromental harmful gas emmission that pollute the earth, this is happening as the result of fossil fuel used as the source of energy in industries,aircrafts, motor vehicles and what have you, which produces carbondioxide that affect enormaously the environment and this is the major cause of the global warming. I think I don't need to go looking for more explanations, that we all know. I suggest stringent measures should now be taken by gorvernments, International organisations, national organisations and individuals to first of all sensitize people about the pending danger of global warming, most people are not aware. Second let us strive hard to find an alternative or reduce the use of fossil fuel as a source of energy. Third, developed countries should deliberately take necessaly measures to help underdeveloped countries to stop cutting down trees for their economic activities and assist them to have a new source of energy (cheaper one). For electricity and gas is very expensive in Tanzania and Africa at large. What I have been doing personally, so far, frankly speaking, it is planting trees, which I see myself what I am doing as like a drop of water in an ocean. Normally I plant three to four trees in a year. Because planting a tree is one thing and mantaining a tree is another thing. Mantaining a trees is very expensive in a dry land like ours. The problem is, I am using more trees in a year than what I plant, that's why I call it a drop in an ocean. My call to all people who are living on this planet today to work hard to protect our future planet. we can, if we wish.

Christian, Austria
Global warming is super! We can make holidays at home, because it?s very warm and dry. Normaly in austria we have a lot of snow in winter and much rain in sommer. But not in the future. I think it will be the same as now in middle Italy

Marianna, Slovakia
In my country, which has got sixteen years political and economic freedom, I don`t see that people would be much aware about what to do to prevent global warming. In the past, factories produced emission and young people went to the camps planting trees on demaged areas. Maybe that wasn`t good solution. Today, I see very young people, boys and girls as well, driving their big land-rover cars. I can meet them driving in it or on motorcycles not only in towns but through forest paths too. There they make parties around the fire and lovely forests and meadows around my town are dirtier and dirtier each comming year as the amount of car owners rises speedily up. When I spoke to young people they said that they would plant trees when they would have fown by a plane in future. So I hope that they won`t forget good resolution. But economic iterests of new gowernments until now weren`t such an example which could people folow in order improving their own behaviour. The result is that we threat our nearest environment in bad selfish manner.

Peter, S.Korea
Climate changing is just one of the warning that world is going insane!What are we doing now? What we are only interested in is just building, war etc. It's time to focus on NATURE !and I'd like to say developted countries have to feel a great sense of responsibility and guilty. They must help many backward nations.. cause you know they are innosent!

Zhan, China
The most important thing we can do is to do some easy thing .and i think global warming is really a senrious need all of us to protect our planet .

Lukas, Poland
Hello everybody. When I was young I used to attend ecology club. During our meetings my teacher assured me that human activitities had really bad influence on our planet. However when I was yesterday at the conference on international security in XXI century, one of the lecturer said that human activities had very small influnece on enviroment in comparison with nature forces. So I wonder who is right. Are our individual efforts are pointless? Can goverments tell nature what to do?These are my reflections on global watming.

Gons, Spain
Global warming is a difficult item to check by oneself. How do you know if it rains more or less nowadays than it used to twenty or thirty days ago? or how do you experience the fact that summertime is hotter than then?.Tere's no way to check it unless you have a long term statistic study.There's one thing I'm sure it has changed since then ( since my childhood, for instance): the way the sun burns. When I was a teen I could sumbathe one hour whitout any protection, and I didn't get burned. Nowadays I can't sunbathe more than 15 minutes without getting burnt. This is an effect of another climate change item, that is the destruction of the ozone layer, that leaves an increasingly source of dangerous rays for the skin.

Lawrence, Hong Kong
I feel the climate is getting warmer and warmer year after year. As this trend continues, disaster will no doubt occur. The government of every country, particularly the developed nations, should take tougher measures to improve the situation, such as to curb the emission of CO2 from cars, and electricity generators. With the governments taking the lead, ordinary people would follow suit.

Lawrence, Hong Kong
I feel the climate is getting warmer and warmer year after year. As this trend continues, disaster will not not doubt occur. The government of every country, particularly the developed nations, should take tougher measures to improve the situation, such as to curb the emission of CO2 from cars, and electricity generators. With the governments taking the lead, ordinary people would have follow suit.

Leecoo, China
TO Maggie: if you do want to see the snow,just come to the north of china in'll get what you want.

Paco, Spain
No one has to drive in town,instead of it, we should walk or take the bus. When driving, not do it very fast. We have to recycle as much as possible. Try to be an example to follow. One can change their closest environment,all the rest is out of reach for ordinary people like us.

Aliraza, Pakistan
The rules and regulations for companies producing harmful gases for environment should be same for everyone and every country. These rules should be strictly implemented specially on countries like United States which is the largest producer of toxic gases and still not agreed for accepting any restriction on its harmful factories and productions. I dont know without proper implementation of these laws to everyone how we could be able to save ourselves from future natural disasters?Maybe you'll think that I'm one of the extremist people who always blame America for everything... sorry I'm also againt of those people...? but facts cannot be denied.

HC, Taiwan
i think that setting the air conditional at higher temperature like 26 degree or even turnning air conditional off is the first we should do. try to go to work by taking public transportation like bus. old energy wasting habit should reevaluate.

Maggie, China
I live in the south of China, so I have never seen snow, It's one of my dream to see snowing in the earth. I think it is amazing.Please don't destory the weather, otherwise there may be no snow... I think the best way to protect the future of the planet is that people understand the importance of doing that, it's a matter of attitudes. Thank you

David Chen
To save energy economically and plan more forest in the unfarmed areas such as the both sides of roads etc.

Lawrence, Hong Kong
It seems that the people over the world are talking about the global warming. However, the governments of the big countries, such as the US, China, India and UK are reluctant to do any thing that actually improve the situation. I am very sad about that.

Hklo, China
It's time to get 'planing'out of the way .It's time to act while other man just talk it.

Adriana, Brazil
I used to take 3 or 4 baths per day. Now I take only 2 and I try to moderate the use of water here.I use ethanol in my car. I keep a huge island in my land with a forest there untouched and try not to pollute the river nearby. I'm also planting many, many trees in another land. In my work, when I'm processing the x-ray film, I don't spill the developer liquid or any other chemical agent in the sink, avoiding, in this way, polution in the river. I'm cutting the use of conditioning air. I use to buy things only from factories which have these worries. When I'm fishing, I let the little fishes in its environment and I don't pollute the water. I try not to buy many things made of wood. I respect the animals and the indigenous because they are good in protecting the forest. I teach my son how to respect our environment.

Lury, Brazil
In fact, people are not doing much to reduce global warming, I mean, people should do more. We do not see that we are destroying the unique place of the universe that we can live: the Earth. In my opinion, why do we not see it? Because the capitalist system is interested in consumption, I mean, its interest is to produce more and more, it does not care if the industries will throw polluted gases in the atmosphere or if they will cut many trees to build a multinational company. The people all over the world have to get together to protect the environment or the human being will be extinct. It is shameful! I love trees. So, my father and I plant trees. But, unfortunately, we can not replace the car by a bycicle, because ,in my city, everything is very far. So it is impossible to do that. But if we could, we would.

Anita, Hungary
I prefer public transport, and I often go to work by bike. Why can't people leave there car at home sometimes? I think recycling is very important. I don't want my children live in a rubbish bin!

Darci, Brazil
I think we should to walk more, if you need to buy something in the supermarket, it's interesting you go on feet instead of by car or by motorcycle. We should use the mean of transportation or share the car with others friends. Unfortunately we aren't doing a lot of things to protect our planet. I think that's important to recycle our garbage and to plant some trees. Sorry for my English.

Gisel, Brazil
stopping flying is not the solution. I think We should spare energy, and try to walk to closest places to our houses and use colletive transportation. I think We should recycle, because exploration of natural resources detroys florests. We have to fix our cars and convert gas to other a less polutting fuel.

Rodrigo de Abreu, Brazil
Here in my conutry, just as in the whole world, drive a car is a prestige. Most of people classify your for what your drive or riding and not for what you are. This assumption has been constructed by car´s propaganda, maybe if we could crumple this status of being a driver the world would not be so shallow.

Guthemberg, Brazil
Hi folks, I think that to reduce global warming it's essencial to use renewable fuel, such as sun light. I have paid attention to turn off the lights on my flat and using just the necessary amount of water to do my houseworks. Besides, to reduce my own carbon footprint, I have used rechargeable batteries without lithium instead of common ones. I have tried to do my best in terms of carbon offsetting. Bye.

Yong, Korea
We need to reduce the emissions of Carbon-dioxide(CO2) because it is one of the main factors that cause global warming.I feel taking public transport rather than driving our own car is a good way to reduce the emissions of CO2.

Essen, Taiwan
Because of global warming the weather is getting more strange. I seldom feel cold these years and don't have to put my summer clothes back to clothespress. We have to use alternative energy like solar power and plant more trees. We also need you protect the tropical rainforest which is sharply destoried.

Pilar, Spain
I'm aware of human hand in the Earth, and, in my everyday life, I try to have the less harmful habits to the environment. But I don't think climate change is something that we can control or influence so much as mass media want to make us believe. The history of climate in our planet is CHANGE, during its 4,600 millons of existence: oxygen atmosphere, ice age, animals extinctions...So obviously, the natural development of Earth has to have an important influence, and maybe we will have to adapt to these changes in the future instead of trying to fight against them.

Jacky Nong, China
Do not destroy any of the plant or vegetation!!!

Eunjung, South Korea
I am afraid that I haven't really done something to reduce global warming. Only thing I can say is that I use public transport but it's not what I choose just because I haven't got my own car. I hope the expert in the webcast can tell me what I can do in everyday life. Then, I'll try to do it just after the programme. Thank you!

Elena, Mexico
We can help share our car with friends, less use of air condioner also void all kinds of sprays

First, if my english is not good, sorry because I do not know much about it. Well, here in Brazil we are working on it as we can. But, in my opinion the governments should do the things faster than they are doing now. The global warm today is a big problem, however in a near future the situation is going to be like a chaos.We cannot stop it, although all the people can do something to delay it, an example: If all of planted a tree, it would be really effective...

Lark, Iran
The earth seems to be dying. This is caused by irresponsible governments and citizens. There are a number of different possible ways to reduce global warming:- using renewable energy forms- preserving the nature- recycling paper, plastics and so on- educating people - saving energyI myself try to use less eletricity, not to pollute the environment and to educate some to care for the nature.