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Overwork Thursday, April 12, 2007

Your comments:
Do you feel overworked? How could you improve your work/life balance?

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Koorosh, Iran
I’m 36 years old. I have been working as an anesthesiologist for about 8 years. I’m working in three hospitals and I have to be on call for 20 days in each month. I sometimes have to wake up ay midnight and go to hospital for an emergency surgery. Unsurprisingly, I always feel tired and exhausted. When I’m off I try to be with my family, particularly, at weekends, I never let them alone. We usually go out to gather. There are lots of amenities in my town such as park, forest, restaurants and shops, so that, we could spend on our past time in there. I strongly recommend to other friend here that we should learn how to live simply, culturally, and wisely. I think one of the clearest ways to this address is learning English through this site and be friend with all stuff and members. Birds of feathers flock together

Kevin, China
I am not feel overworked.because I have the fixed eight-hours time in my job and make a rational schedule so as to not leave piles of task finished within a day.In the spare time,i usually play football with some friends .sometimes,i enjoy a cup of tea .

Whay are we working please nobody should forget that our working'aim is better life that's why everbody stop overworking

Giangvan, Vietnam
I'm still a student now, so don't know a lots about overwork. However, I still recognize that it is a big problem in modern age. And I hope we may have more dicussion on this problem to suggest some effective solution or way to help not only employees but also students to have a balance day working

Fakhri, Libya
Yes, I am usually overworked particularly in overwork. It is not easy to improve work/life balance the reason for that is the life expenditure has getting more expensive. so, we need much money to do everything however It is necessary to make balance between them until enjoy in our life however

Jameel, Kerak, Jordan
I do not work at the current time since I am still a student. However, if I was to give an advice on how to improve work/life balance, I would say: A working person can have a precise time table of his own, in which he should put a precise time for work and ordinary life. i.e. a person can put a time -at least once a week- to going out on a small walk with his children. What is more, he can define a certain time in each day in which he must have a little talk with his children – how was your day? What is your marks like? Do you have any homework you want me to help you with... To sum up, I believe that each one working should put a special time table, in which he can then have a road map during the whole week. Eventually, he could have a work/life balance.

Helen, Iran
hi every one . i never feel overworked at all .of course my job is part -time and luckly ,there is always enough time to do everythings that i want. but i think when u work hard you never feel how time passes soon and that time your job will surronud yourlife and makes you slave. it is extremly bad and if i had this siutation i would quit it soon.because it isnot worth doing.

Lark, Iran
Working 12 hours a day every day of the week makes me really devastated. This seems to be inevitable, since I've got to eat. I share some readers' opinions that we need entertainment. But there is another choice: How about "voluntary simplicity"? I think we should try it.

Prakash, India
Sure! overwork will take out our energy.Overworking depends on the people interests and pressure from the heigher level.

Aliya, Kazakhstan
Hello, I work 5 days a week seven hours per day it's normal and don't feel myself overworked. I like my work. I always try to make a balance between work and rest.Thank for BBC Learning English I really happy that we have such kind of opportuninty of studing English, new vocabulary.

BTC, Viet Nam
Yes, this time I'm really overworked. I have to finish my graduation design in June. Oh my god. It's more difficult than what I think. But I always think everything can be solved if we try our best. Playing football or listening a song may help me reduce stress from my work!

Gumma Fakhri, Libya
In my opinion I think the overwork sometime it is naseceray for some people on ther other hand it can be destroy relax of time which we need in our life

Prakash, India
Overwork can be done by the pressure from the heads and other thing by the involvement or interest in the work. Mostly I overwork because I love the work which I do.

Elmira, Iran
yes, after 5 days work I really feel tired, I always think that part-time work will help me to have more hours for myself but as Dan said we need much money to do our hobbies, that means we should work harder!

Chindonghui, Malaysia
yeah,i always feel exhausted... Therefore,i do exercising or taking a shower to reduce some stress

Wisarut, Thailand
Hello.For me, working around seven hours per day usually become a normal life in Thailand . As I know when I have an opportunity to practical course works in this summer or my parents do. Evidently,after work , everybody really seem to be grumpy and solemn about lots of documents that they finished or not . Yet there are a variety of ways to improve work/life balance. Interestingly , leaving piles of tasks at the office or perhape finished jobs make me feel settle down or claim down much more . Thus I make a plan in orderto drinking coffee , chatting with my virtual friends , watching television or even going to bed early rather than drawing attention on tremdous tasks. Moreover ,I am consuming sorted of nutrient foods enough to use in many parts of body including carbohydrate ,vitamins ,fiber ,lipid or even trace element . These compunent are so vital so that keeping your effective body function .

Miguel Andrés, Perú.
I don't feel overworked.

Duc, Vietnam
thank for BBC improving ENGLISH for VietNamese people . We will understand more one an other if we can speak a same language. I'm not overworked frequency but sometime , sometime it's terible for me , I fell that all things are over my controll ability , It's lucky for me I can cross them by my friends.

Min, Vietnam
Hi,I feel overworked, too. I have to work six days of a week. I work in finance so i am tired mental more than physical. After work at office, I spend the rest time for my family and my pet, but I feel I don't still balance between work/relax yet because I have not enough time. I wish I only have to work 5 days of a week. And you?

Sue, Taiwan
Overwork could be a kind of burden. Still, If you treat them as a way to learn something new or a way to keep up you in your society. Then, you might enjoy your life form your work. However, I would like to say that the work or the job which you would like most or you enjoy very much.

I don't feel overworked. I am working minimum amount of work with maximum amount of happiness.In the office, i am the loyal visitor of " BBC Learning English". I get a lot of fun through visiting your website.

Marilsa, Brazil
You guys are so good!I love all you work. Congratulation!

Rose, Brazil
I am a teacher and my work is stressful because I work long hours(including weekends),with different kind of people and behaviours and I am underpaid.However, I love my work and I try to do it with happiness and love.

Hi, I work in a chemistry lab. I don’t overwork now but earlier I did. My workday lasts for 7 hours because of harmfulness of the job, however it’s very intensive. I stayed long at the work, up to 9 hours. I wanted to do a lot of interesting and useful things but was very tired. Now I almost always finish my workday in time. I know that I cannot fulfill all the task within a day; in other words the work will still be there (in Russian we say (literal translation of our proverb): The work is not a wolf and won’t run away in the forest).I also escape thinking of the job when I’m not at work. So I try not to bear it in my mind.

Maricarmenq, Spain
most of the times I feel overworked as Iam a teacher and a housewife so I must work during the whole day. I¨d like to have time to finish a book I began reading two mounths ago or walking peacefully without the feeling there´s someting else I should be doing.

Emily, China
I always feel tired after work six days of a week.five days work has implemented for a long time in China,but there's still many workers have to work six days,especially the manufactural co.And I think work six days will make me exhausted a lot.

Liz Sanchez, Venezuela
Yes, I feel overworked,and underpaid too. I work as a doctor in a public hospital, so I have very long hours of work.Two times a week I work all the night, and when I work the day is from 7:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m.Fortunately, I am on my way to improve my work/life balance. I am preparing myself for a better job in a better place. A change is what I need, I am sure I will get a job with better schedule and payment. That way I will enjoy my job and personal life at the same time.

Leszek, Poland
Hi.Since I finished my studies and I have started work for the one Polish company, a time runs faster than it used to run when I studied at the University. I am not tired phisicaly but I am tired mentally. The best way to improve our work/life balance is to use each free time which we have for a relax (e.g. soccer, grill).Best reagrds,Leszek

Bouchra, Morocco
because i'm woman i don't like to be overworked i need time for myself, my house, and my expecting baby. so i'm looking for part time job to have life balance between my work and doing what i want.

Guthemberg, Brazil
No, I don't, but I have some problems to organize my time. Consequently, sometime I feel so tired at doing boring tasks. Whatever, I prefer being overworked han unemployed. On the other hand, I believe that I could improve my work/life balance organizing my duties and my social life.

Gulzar Ahmad, Pakistan
improvement of any thang in life requred hard work only hard work man canimprove himself.

Lee, Vietnam
I'm not overworked but my mother is. I would say some of her tips help balancing her life. In the evening after work, she always relaxes by watching TV and going for a walk (or going jogging)rather than concerning with her unfinished works. So she always save a period of time each day for other things than work.