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City life Thursday, March 29, 2007

Your comments:
What do you think about life in the city? Do things move too fast? Is living in a big city stressful or exciting? Does being in a city make people behave differently? Would you rather live in the countryside or in a city?

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Ahamad, Pakistan
i think living in big city is very importan to know about each frieds and relatives .

Bunly, Cambodia
Life in the city is both interesting and boring. I live in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, where most activities happen. It provides chances for people to improve their lives'quality. People can get good education, health system, good employment. It is a place where most people find their dreams and hopes. However, everything is not always good when repeations come to poeple's lives. They get stress with surrounding environments and with their routine jobs. It is also not a good place to live when people do not get what they dream about. Unemployment in the city is one of the main crisis for lives in the city. Living in the countryside is a better option for this.

Maggie, China
It is nice to read people from all around the world talking about life.I am inspired by all of your comments. I guess we are here not just talking about how different a slow life in the countryside or a stessful and exciting one in a big city,despite of what might have more thoughts about the topic,I believe that it rings a bell that we human being are searching for a peaceful and spirituality satisfied lifeso keep searching for it...

Hanh, Vietnam
I was born in a village,a wonderful village called Tien Dien.I love it very much and i only like to live here quietly and leisurely .

Felipe, Bogotá
Hi. Some people here have said that it's better to live in a city if you want to get a good job, but I think that, actually, it depends on the kind of job you want: It isn't easy to be a farmer living downtown. So, it's natural that people in cities behave different to the people in smaller towns: different worries, different interests, different ways to understand life. In a certain way, it's the people who make cities behave differently.

Ntungi, Tanzania.
Being an African, born in Africa not in a city, but in the country side. I spent fifteen years of my childhood in the village, in the very poor area where there was no basic aminities no utilities and roads to there were almost impassable round the year.For me living in a big city is not only exciting, but it is so satisfying and very enjoyable, because in the city you have got almost everything you need in life provided you work hard and your pockets is full of money. Well, despite of being the life in the cities is so stressful but it is worth living.Life in the country side is good to be there only just to have a rest for a while, otherwise it is too boring. Boring in such a way you have very few things to do there, and mostly you have one type of work to do (eg. working in a farm) and that keeps on repeating year after year and therefore no challenge gets in your life, your brain goes to sleep.May be, I say may be, in Africa this might be the reason as to why many youths run away from the country side to big cities, where they think they could make better life, just to end up in the streets and suffer even more.For the rest of my life I have been living in the city and so I may say, "go West or East city life is best" so I would rather live in a city than in a country side.

Ela, Poland
I would say that I'd rather live in a small city than in a big one. It's because Im' a bit shy person, and not easy to get along with strangers. But the truth is that big cities have many goog points, I mean there are much more opportunieties for example it's much easier to find or change a place of work.

Eugen, Germany
In my opinion it doesn't matter where you live whether in a big city or in a village. It depends on the type, character of a person. I think some young people prefer to live in a city because of many advantages of the city living like clubbing, cinemas, travel sevices, etc... Older people who wish some serenity prefer to live in a village.

Jamee, Jordan
Some people argue that life in the city have many disadvantages, i.e. fast life, stress, pollution, etc. In my opinion, I believe that the disadvantages in living in a village are equal to those of living in the city.To start with, a city is very crowded, wherever you go, you find a lot of people, in restaurants, buses, shops. As a result, one has to stand minutes and even hours waiting in a queue, or struggling to find a seat at a bus. More over, life is too fast that a person can not have time to know about his family, relatives, and friends. Finally, the pollution rate in the city is very high due to cars fumes, plants, factories, etc. which makes it hard for one to have clean air. On the other hand, life in village also lacks some important things. Not all services are available, for example a doctor clinic, a pharmacy, a club, a bakery, a theatre - those missing things differ from one village to another-. as a result, one have to travel to the neighbor towns to buy his goods or have his order executed. Moreover, people living in a city always have transportation available any where and any time. But transportation to and fro a village is too hard, where you have limited number of transport vehicles. Moreover, what are the jobs available in a village? Absolutely nothing, most people in a village have their work places outside the village, which means having to spend big time to go and come from work. Finally, it is true that one in the village has a lot of friends and relatives, and every body knows every body. However, this can have a negative aspect, and that is having all people interfering in your life and knowing all things you do!To sum up, it seems that the disadvantages of living in a city equal those of living in a village. Where should one go? It all depends on his age and circumstances, especially financially.

Jesus, Brazil
I think life in the city is wonderful. I live in a big city, where the things move too fast, night and day, it don't sleep, and the life is stressful through the day and exciting trough the night. I'd rather live in a city.

LiYong JiangSu, China
I think life in the city is a very pleasure thing.Firstly,I live in a small town,but my wief live in a city.So I hope we can live together.Even though things of the city move too fast and living in a big city is stressful.Secondly,the salaries between city and town are big diferent,the number of the salary in town is ususly very small. Thirdly , living in a big city can make childern study in a good school,they can learn more things. According to those above, I would rather live in a city!

Abderahmane, Mauritania
Hello All and thank you very match.I have just a question what's the best way to learn English quickly and may be going to Uk from France in English family to accelerate that? Thank you in advance.

Olanddo, Mozambique
It is very good life in the city.Life is made of challenges, plans and goals, this are the kind of things one have to meet living in the city.Country side is much more for holidys, and holidays of couse meas doing nothing or rest and we cannot stay doing nothing or resting for long.

Derek, Hong Kong
I think it is so fast that everyone can hardly have a second or more to stop, to enjoy the life - they are fighting whenever. To me, as a student in a secondary school, I really think that things move too fast indeed. I have a lot of work to do everyday I back home. My studies occupied all my schedule, Maths, Biology, Literiture... and so on.No wonder it is stressful to live in big cities. People work in a fast pace in those cities.

Rasel, Bangladesh
I think, life in city never can be exciting. I can not get vechile in the office time for over crowded. Trafic jam lose enough time. Polluted air,Noisy Environment,high price of goods laid the human life in hell.

Falsteen, Amman
There is advantage to live at city . all service avaliable . and still continue for all world . but countryside boring . am talking about myself . not all my family but some time i like to go countryside .

Kamal, Dhaka
I dont think to live in countryside.Because there is a wide saying that IF YOU ARE IN PRESSURE. YOU CAN LEARN SOMETHING. So if you live in big city you may under pressure, learn something which buid up your mind, life. It is of course to say that the city things move so fast, people behave like a selfish, but I thik it is a learning point.

Miguel Andrés, Perú.
I think that life in the city is great.Definitely you must to move fast there to do your things. I don't believe that to live in a great city is stressful. I prefer to live in the city than in the cointryside. But the best holidays and vacations are in the countryside.

Alberto, Basque Country
Hi. Although living in the city could be sometimes quite stressing, the city offers you a cultural way you don´t have in the countryside. But to take a rest the best is a small village.

Chao, Japan
I've lived in Tokyo since I was born. I love it and I've never felt any stress in living in this city. We have a wide range of choice, and that's what I want. Stress, that I sometimes feel, is in my job to do, not in my place to live.

Kevin, China
Hi , I think it is very nice life in the city ,as a nomal resident I have a lot of chance to make friends and get a job which suitable for me .However air pollution is big issue ,which influence our life and health .This is my view .

ATK, Vietnam
Well, I was brought up in the countryside, but now i live in Hanoi - the crowded capital of Vietnam. In my opinion, life in big city is exciting, there is so much more to enjoy. In the other hand, I have to face a high presure work. The environment is also polluted and uncomfortable. So I love the countryside where I can hear birdsongs, breath the fresh air, talk to my neibours..huh..what a wonderful life.

Helen, Iran
hello all.i think most of the time people would rather live in the big cities to have modern life.obviously this life will make people behave diffrently.but same situation sometimes stimulates them to leave the big cities for everyone does in my country.of coures i prefer to live in the countryside because i cant handle the stressful life in the big cities .even sometimes we can see that the life is easier and moves faster in my idea living in the countryside can be wounderful and exciting.

Ghada, Jordan
I live in a small city . It is better than big in a big city is exciting and tressful.every thing move fast and are busy all time.Don't have enough time to relax.Aso there is always traffic have to get up early to go work,always worried about the time.Yes there are many advantages such as getting a good job.I strongly beleive that living in a big citty make people behave differently. I would like to live in a countryside to have a quite life and good health.

Mane'a, Yemen
In my opinion living in a big city is so excitting,however;it makes you busy all the time .Any way living in a big city is better than living outside cities.that you can find any thing you want fast and in easy way,but outside the cities it's alitile bit diffecult to find what you want easily.

Koorosh, Iran
Location is every thing. Our distant ancestors led pretty simple lives. All humans were hunter-gatherers and lived a nomadic life, searching endlessly for food. After developing agriculture that enable human to settle down and live and so on create villages and following on cities. Life in cities is very exciting and has many advantages such as more universities, more entertainment such as cinema, theatre, sport centre, more private life. They also have many disadvantages such is more crime, higher pollution, and traffic congestion, more stressful and increasing pace of life. I would like to concentrate on the latter factor. Although, there are more opportunity for anyone who lives in cities in any kind of matter. For instance, they can do everything in their spare time. Life is not absolutely boring. On the other hand, they must be more careful. According to governmental report, criminal records are higher; air pollution in big cities causes many respiratory diseases for their inhabitant. People suffer from lack of fresh air. More over, higher level of stress which people encounter in cities bring them impatient, stress-related illness, and they are in chronic rush, short-tempered behavior and even violence. It seems that people no longer have time to enjoy anything. Time is more compressed. If you want to live in big cities, you have to accept their rules .we have good expression in English do ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’. This disease called hurry sickness which is damaging not only to our social lives, but also to our physical health. According to scientist, humans are not designed for prolonged, high-speed activity. We really need to have a balance in our lives. We usually move to country to escape from stresses in our every day life. To sum up, even though, we have to live in hurry situation in cities but it worth to use all opportunity which it brings for us. We can control ourselves with many ways. In my opinion, if you do a survey about living in big cities or country sides. Majority of respondent answer you they prefer to live in big cities but they like spending their weekends in country sides.

Jean Ni
Sometimes it's good for us to speed up so we can get more jobs done in the same amount of time. However, we still need to have a rest. I Love the suggestion about eating slowly, because I can relax myself and enjoy the taste of the food.

Good morning everyone.I am Nhung.I live in the capital of a developing country,Viet Nam.Although my country is just a developing one,life here is quite fast and busy.Everywhere is too crowded.And we are always facing the tracfic jam.It is really terrible! But for me the thing I hate most in big cities is the NOISE.Everywhere is noisy,sometimes even when I am in a library,the noise in the street is still noisy.I can not find anyone peaceful place to read and think.I must admit that living in a big cities is very,very convenient but I'd prefer to live in a peaceful countryside than in a big cities.

Roman, Russia
To my mind living in countryside is better for your health, because you have a chance to enjoy with nice views, having more rest time, and less subjected to stress respects to big city life, I can't say exactly, because I live in small tomn, but I suspect every day you are in crowd of people running to some where in the morning and came back home, and all over again daily.

Sérgio de Castro, Brazil
Living in cities and towns in Brazil has become more and more difficult now due to crime rate which has been going up each day. Everyday life in big cities is naturally stressful: we have lots of things to do on a regular business day. But now, it seems that 24 hours a day aren't enough. In my case, I'd rather live in the countryside because it is still relaxing, but I need to live in a big city here because of my job.

Guido, Italy
I'm living in a small city in the north-east of Italy. I think living in the countryside could be a litte boring.I prefer to live in a small city and to visit the big cities on holidays.

Rafal, UK
So, life in the country side is much comfortable than in a city - true, but it's often not our choice at all...I think because of XXI century pace, life tend to being faster and faster... all the time.

Justeezhia, India
I think city life is more fast and stressfull too. For some extened city people are diffrent from villagers in thoughts,behaviour and in dress code. But i think a city can't show the real picture of a country, if you want to know the clear picture about a nation you just go through the villages there you will find the soul of a country. From there you will get more information about the nation,all about its culture,the beauty; everything you will find from there. I belongs to countryside and i love to be there but for fast movment in life i'll choose a city.

Samri, Eritrea
Hi, First of all i would like to thank you for this chance. To come up to my opinion, i like living in the city for a time being that's to work and born my children in a city which is modern but when i m retired and my children are inn their oun i ll go to a country side. That's my plan if it's God's wishes.

Soheila, Iran
I rather live in countryside,but I have to live in the city.I l'd like to have a farm . In the countryside we have really fresh air and maybe I could have a studio.

Wuhan, China
I think the city is not very fast contrast to many big cities such as BeiJing ,ShangHai all in China.I am studying in the institute of tecnology in Wuhan .sometimes i think people should slow down their life to enjoy it.At last I am very appreciate to BBC give me such a opportunity to learn english.thanks very much again

A/samad , Somalia
Hello everyone,if i talk about alittle about this topic , i think that living in a big city is stressful and noisy.Everything goes on so fast ,you will never feel enough time, rushing to works ,pollution and everthing is really stressful. For example at the moment i live in CAIRO EGYPT ,I always prefer living in countryside because it's convenient for me and quiet after all. I wish i'd go back to my home to live in the countryside. And that's all.Bye

Pedro, Brazil
To live in the country side has some advantages and disadvantages also, the advantages is to family life is easier to follow up your kids groing as a safety life , but for sure in the cities the kids can be more prepared for the world better.

Jane, USA
I think like in a city is hectic. Things move fast and people are too involved in the city and less involved in each other. For me, the country is best - fresh air and kind folk.

Malgosia, Poland
I live in Cracow. This is one of the biggest city in Poland. And I must admit that I couldnt't even imagine that I might live in small village or in the country.I like going to the countryside for the weekend or for several days during me free time, but I love the feeling that I am in the centre. In Poland we usually say that "The point of view depends on the point of seating" This means that everybody's opinion is different depends on the place of living,financial status,the amount of money, hobbies etc. Thus I think that, if You like the countryside, don't hear anybody but enjoy living among the nature. And If You prefer big cities enjoy this busy and lively surroundings. Everything are up to You. Best wishes.

Julia, Ukraine
Hello! My name is Julia and I am from Ukraine. I was born in Kiev, it/s a capital of Ukraine.My city is really admirable! I am 34 and I have been leaving there the hole my life. I have never had any relatives to the country, and when I was young, think the life to the county was boring and uninteresting… I was proud of Kiev and of my belongings to this ancient city. Now I am adult. And I understand clear, I don/t want to live in a big city. I hate crowd of people, rush hours, traffic jams and so on….I am sure, the life in a huge city makes people crazy and aggressive. Of course, there are vast opportunities in city but it captures you completely…

Bilge, Turkey
Hello ; Thank you Jackie,Thanks Yvonne!I really enjoy listening to you.I live in the crowdest city of Turkey-Istanbul.Life in big cities can be quite exciting.As you have already mentioned we really need to take a break regulary.Because it is also tiring.People cant help finding themselves caught in their busy routine.But we might try to change as to make our lives more valuable.

Sriramulu K, India
yes, life in cities is in fact stressful. given the chance, i would rather live in countryside. interested in farming.

Christophe, New Caledonia
I like when the things move fast as in a city but i think it is better to live in a countryside and go to the city sometimes when you need some exciting things should be stressful to live in a big city. Yes, i think living in a big city make people behave differently, they do not take care to the other people living near is sad..

Robet, China
I would rather like staying in coutry than big city.For the people living in the big city seems lack a thusiatic between person .

Yuanyuan, Shaoxing
In fact,I enjoy living in the city.Yes,things move a bit fast,but it makes us learn more.It's both stressful an exciting living in a big city,and also it makes people behave differently than people who live in the countryside because of the living conditions of the big city.I wouldn't like the life in the countryside rather than living in a city.Because I love living in a big city!

Jathin, Malaysia
I would like to give my opinion regarding life in the city. I think lif e in the city is too fast. Everybody busy and always moving without border any other people doing. people to wake early in the morning when live in the city. I you wake up late you will trap in the traffic jam. This will cause stress to people.this scenario is differnt when we live in countryard or small town. Life is so nice and slow moving. Everybody know each other, talk and have chat together. there is no traffic jam and you manage to get enough sleep because there is no rushing to go to work.personally, I love live in the small city. Unfortunately, I must work in the big city because in the big city is available to find good job.

Ana Paula, Brazil
I think living in the city is very stressful, we are always in a hurry to get the bus to work, worryed about arrive early to the movie theatre to get a better seat. We never admire the beauty around, because we are "slaves of time" in big cities, everything we do is in function of time. In the other hand, in the countryside the air is fresh, there isn´t noise and people aren´t slave of time. There is quality of life there. Although living in countryside seems to be much better, I think is in the city where the job opportunities are bigger. However if I colud choose I would live in the countryside, in a house near of a stream where I could smell the flowers perfum and hear the birds singing when I woke up.

Amin, Egypt
i tkink that living in big cities will fascinate u as u fill more civilised (as in case of egypt ) but u will suffer being in a case of (restlessness)due 2 high speed of life

Maria, Spain
Well, if you are young,full of bens, energy, you want to eat the word so living in a city can be exciting.

Karina, Argentina
the life in the city is stressful !!! If i'd have to choose i'd prefer living in the countryside!!!

Linn Iren, Norway
The life's also fast in the country side if you have something to do:-)

Laura, Italy
I live in a small city, but it offer many comodity...i think that it's better lives in a small city because you can speak with people on street, walking and listening the silence...big city is good only for work, infact it's difficult find a good job. i live in a countryside but only 3 minuts and i can go in the city. i live in an ideal place.. i love italy

Sandy_xie, China
i have no sense in thinking how my life is going on in our big city that is the capital of china. withoutdoubt, everything move fast and fast. and you would image all the happened to you that is no exciting, just being full of stressful. you should have to work hard and keep up with the development of the city. so the behave of the citizen is more different than other small city. in fact, in order to live well and comfortablely, i have no choice to stay in the big city and work or study hard.