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Fashion, brands and shopping Thursday, March 15, 2007

Your comments:
When you are shopping do you prefer to buy well known brands or is that not important to you?

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Peter, China
For me, fashion is nothing. Fashion could represent one's social status and wealth, but it could not represent one's mind or inner beauty. To judge one's character, fashion does not count whatsoever.

Zolkepli, Malaysia
Well known brands is ok for well off people. Ordinary people don't really care about this. As long as they look good in it is the most important.

Aman, India
definatly,brands matters for me coz a good brand is always having a gud quality of fabric and all. and i also my own feel relax nd satisfied aftar purchasing a good brand.i always belive in brabded things. no doubt these r some costly other than . but once u use ur money upon abeabded th make sure it will give you best out put.nd surly to having a good brand matters in socity. a good brand always having a long life

Jesus, Brazil
Hello, I'm come back to website.About the today's subjet, when I go to shopping, I don't buy known brands, I buy products that I like, brands isn't important for me. bye

Regi, Brazil
I usually don´t buy well know brands because they cost a lot. However, I agree that paying a low price for the product can also mean a bad quality product. So, I try to combine both low price and good quality.

Dmitry, Ukraine
Well known brand is very important for the position in society. I try to buy branded things in shops but not always I can do it, so as usual I buy just good things.

Gina, China
i choose famous brands and i trust them generally speaking they have better quality,special design and even reasonable price. But now a lot of brands have their copies in the market and i do not know which one is real, that is my concern.

Swapna, India
Yes,brand name product is important to me. Those are always consider to be good quality product.Those are very reliable.We don't have to worry about it after the thing.So,in that way it is more satisfied and gives relax. Sometimes I use own brand products too because more or less they feel like same quality product as those of brand name product and they are cheaper.Sometimes I don't get satisfied,sometime I get satisfied.I just give a try to own product and if I find it good,I continue to buy it & save my money.Everybody wants to spend their money wisely,right?

Helen, China
my bf think well known brands is very importentfor him,thoug his salary is not high, he likes to buy brands things ,such as clothes,shoes,and so on.perhaps he influn me,i start to pay attention to brands ,i believe that high price means high quality, but the first thing is that you must make sure you buy the right brands things,because there are a lot of frank things !

Koorosh, Iran
That is an interesting topic. I’m going to start with famous expression: I’m not rich enough to buy cheaper things. The more money you pay the better thing you buy.

That is true. I always try to buy well-known brands. The philosophy behind it is really clear. In my opinion, well-known companies always almost produce high quality product. They do not want to destroy their success with low quality things. In fact, they usually choose the best raw material, the best designer, and so on. Their products are prepared with the best outcome. In addition, they do not need to spend a lot of money on advertising their products. The brand is doing for them. Basically, nowadays there are close competition among famous old company and new company. You have to pay more money if you want to choose the brands thing. This is negative aspect of well-know brands. People usually can not afford to pay their price, so that, they prefer to buy unknown things. Conversely, ironically, we must be fashion conscious. In fact, even though, you can find new product which their companies are at the beginning of track. If they produce good product, they will win the competition later. Generally, I do not like spending my money on just appearance of things.

In conclusion, people are intelligent and companies can not deceive them simply. If they want to be at top, they should guarantee their product’s quality. If they lose their popularity, they have to spend a lot of money on advertising and also perhaps, they never win again. If they do best, their products would have been captured market.

James, Japan
I do not normally buy the brand names. I just buy stuff that is one colour or something like that.

Ishtar, China
I only buy brands when I need them indeed and I can afford them. But I Know some people buy brands just because brands can make them feel proud. I don't agree with this motivation of buying brands.

Doris, Germany
I perfer to look about the style and the price, than I look about the quality. I don't choose the well known brands immediately.

hello everyone.before starting my comment,i should say, it is so real topic to me because unconsciously i in volve with it in my life . as a matter of fact buying a well known brands dress with high quality is cool to me, but if i wanna buy, i will prefer to wear it for some important events like a wedding party , eve or a great meeting...etc . in this case it is not so important for me .but for something like food or cleaning material which are used for bathing or washing.....i really care about their brands and i try to buy the best one and the price doesnt matter to me.but whenever i pay a high cost for somethings with good quality it never makes me regret for buy them.thx

Ehsernta, Hong Kong
Actually brands does not make much difference to me. Why did we want brands right from the start? For now, it's just that it's kind of fashion but for years ago, people concerned about the quality of the goods, and so brands would be more identified and with a guarentee. So brands don't make much differences, it's just for the quality. Anyway, not much brands in Hong Kong are really reliable now!

Cartier, China
NO.It's OK for me.I don't care about brands very mush.As long as it reallysuits me,that'll be fine.And ,in fact,becaude I am still a student,I can't afford to buy too expensive things.

Architect ,Turkey
of course , I prefer to buy well known brands due to quality..It's significant because you can use brands much longer than others

When I do shopping I prefer to buy well known brands

Icha, Indonesia
thanks BBC program, this is my first time listen to BBC Talk about English webcast online from the internet.I am directly falling in love. I like this program because I am as English learner, I need to improve my English skills. By the way, talking about Brands is nice topic because almost peole in the world usually pay attention to famous brands when they go shopping.for me Brands is important because brands show the quality, right?? But famous brands usually are very high prices. So,Brands if I can afford!!!

Pilar, Spain
Hello! I would like to add another expresion that I think is true, and I try to follow in everyday expenses: "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves". So, it's good take care not to waste small amounts of money and you will save more capital. Cherio!

Callum says:
Hi Pilar, yes this is another good expression using pennies and pounds, thanks for adding it!

Brands if i can afford ~

Maggie, China
Thank you BBC program, I like this program very much. To talk about the brand, I know in English there is an expression " penny wise, pound foolish" I think it relates to the situation that you are wise to pay something with good price and quality,however,in contrary,you are not wise to pay something more than it worth.This describe the situation that you choose a brand but it doesn't meet your needs, just costing you more money.

Callum says:
Hello Maggie, thanks for sending a comment. Yes indeed, you are right about that expression "penny wise, pound foolish". In Britain a penny is a small amount of money (100 pennies = 1 pound) This expression is used for people who are careful with small amounts of money but careless with large amounts of money. I have to say that's a little like me. I save moeny on small things then spend a lot of money on big things. Not very wise I suppose!

Monica, Italy
When I go shopping, I usually prefer to buy second-hand or vintage stuff. That's for two main reasons: above all, I can find things- for instance a jacket or a shirt- which are even well known brands with a proper style, without paying them through a nose1. I also very much like the idea of having a book or wearing clothing which has its own hidden story within...I would also say, however, that I like the Italian fashion and all the well known Italian brands, and I wish I could afford to buy something brand new from them...Unfortunately, I cannot pay an eye for a jacket or even only a shirt....

Callum says:
Hello Monica, thanks for your comment. I'm really pleased that you used the language from this programme. There were lots of good uses of the word 'brand' in various expressions. Well done. One suggestion about the expression - to pay through the nose. If I can make a small correction to the sentence marked above, it would be better like this - "without paying through the nose for them".

Silvia, Italy
I look for quality and design and it often means brands... but not always!

Iryna, France
Hallo! As for me it's very important quality at first and only than I pay attention to the brand. But I could agree with Mike according the mowing of companies to the foreign countries with the cheaper workforce. It's not a solution, because they will loose their clients. I pay much attention to the origin of the product. As for me the best products having an excellent quality are origin of Germany, France, Japan, but anyway China or other Asian countries. I can't trust! The brand today doesn't mean much, because even the most successful companies move to Asia and it's a big disappointment for its customers. Good luck our world brands!

Bahk Jun Hyun
i pursue the well known brand clothes, so i used to buy them. but whenever i buy the things, a good scolding is given to me by my parents, they always receive the scolding with saying " If a crow-tit tries to walk like a stork, he will break his legs"

Callum says:
Hello, thank you for your comment, that's a very dramatic and clear image in that expression. It's not one that I've heard before, so thank you for sharing it with us.

Hong Kong
I prefer to buy well known brands if I have money:) It is because the design and quality better than other. If I haven't money, nothing to say!

Bilge, Turkey
It really depends on the situation.If it is about dresses brand does not matter to me.Because brand can be illusive.I prefer dresses that suit me.So i dont have to pay too much for a brand.There are many other good quality products which are not well-known but are very stylish.However when it comes to food we should consider brand.

Pilar, Spain
I usually don't care about brands when I go to buy clothes, but as the quality of garments made by well known brands are better, I end up buying well known brands.

Paulraj, India
I would like to get a branded shirt when I do shopping. At the same time I think of cost also. When we compare with ordinary one, the branded ones' are good on quality wise. Fashion makes even an ordinary people to purchase a branded on even if it is expensive one.

Feng, China
I really don't care brands when I'm shopping. It is very important for me if the clothes is fit for me.

Mike Dnistrenko, Ukraine
Hello, everybody! As for me BBC offered us an interesting live theme. I respect the different brands whose products bind me with quality, proper service of warranty, pleasure and proud feeling from use. If it's possible to say here I'll bring you some famous and my respected brand's names such as Siemens, Bosch, Nikon. The most important thing for me is that each brand must associate me with country where this brand appeared and was born. I mean that before purchasing I prefer to check name country on the box or label with bar-code. If it's an expensive electronic equipment (for example from Siemens) and it was made in China instead Germany I'll refuse my choice because It's very important for me having original brand from coutry of origin. Unfortunately, last time world brands change their plants' loacation because of cheaper human work in Asian countries than native country. In my view those brands in chase of money lose their brand's name, level of trust and usual level of quality ! I've just expressed not only my personal view for this general trend and my opinion shares and supports almost all my friends.

Yuliya, Ukraine
Hi, well, to be honest I prefer clothes to be of high-quality, I cannot wear awful shirt even if it is from Armani. I adore French brand (Promod), I like everything they produce and I don't buy their clothes just because they are famous, but because their production is really stylish, fashionable and really good. So why not buying it? But I know some people who cannot buy jeans in an ordinary shop, they want to buy it from famous brands, even if those jeans don't differ from ones that cost less, I think it is stupid.

Hello. I believe that when I bay something, the first thing it is if looks nice and if I feel comfortable with it, after that I look the brand.

Justeezhia, India
Defenetly i'll choose well known brands.But i'm not consious about brand names i'm consious about the quality May be branded things have more value but we can trust it.

Ramesh, INDIA
Only if the price is afford for me means i will prefer branded items. Most of the times i prefer to buy the branded products and also it depends on things. If the thing is a kind of Asset means I DEFNLY buy the branded products. For me the things are based on product price and my economy and the worth of the product. Thanks for BBC for giving this opportunity to comment on this gud topic.

Mary, China
I don't think the brand is very important to me. In China many people think the well known brands means good qualities so they spend a lot of money on the well known brands. But in my opinion the qulity is not equal to the price. And many well known brands in China have a foreign name as if they are imported from U.S or EU, bur they are actually made in China. I won't have blind faith in well known brands.

Yinan in Japan
It is not important for me to buy well known brand.But it is very important for me to buy goods where are they from.

Kiki, China
If I have enough money ,I want to buy things which have well known brand.

Chien, Vietnam
I always think in my mind what I will buy before going shopping so I prefer to buy well known brands. Those are things I learn from friends, newspaper.... Actualy, I dont have much time to choice goods, to compare them. However, in case well known brands are too expensive, I will look around and choice something suit my pocket.

Miguel Andrés, Perú.
To buy well known brands isn´t important to me. But when is about my health yes for example I prefer to go jogging with a well known sport shoes because I have a knee´s surgery and I must to take care of it.

I scarcely go shopping these day,but i used to just after i got paid every month.I like to buy shoes and clothes,especially loads of snacks,you know girls.I do prefer to buy well known brands which is important to me.Because famous brands have a higher quality despite the killing price.Although i have to pay a lot on a piece of coat,it is really worthy of showing off in front of your friends,at least they look you in a different eye.I know it is a bit loud,but i tell you most of the girls'thoughts.

Ana Paula, Brazil
Even though the appeal to buy well known brands is almost irresistable, I buy clouths because of the quality that their offer me, and not because their well known name.We always have in mind that quality is related to well know brands, however this is not even a true. For instance here in Brazil you can go to Oscar Freire Street and buy a dress of a famous brand for R$ 1500,00 reais or go to Brás and find out a similar dress that has the same quality for R$50,00 reais. I mean what is the purpose to spend such amount of money in a dress when you can have one with the same quality for less money? I think some people do that just because is fancy and they want to show that they are very sophisticated due they are wearing this well know brands.

Roberto, Brazil
It's not important for me buy well known brands. When I go shopping I look for products not brands.

Anya, Ukraine
I can say that its not very important for me to have brand things.I prefer a quality thats true but its not necessarily to be brand.

Eunjung Seo, South Korea
I usually buy well known brands, particularly when I do online shopping. But I don't buy the closthes with a big brand logo on it.

Zeynep, Turkey
I prefer well known brands. but I don't prefer to lose much money.

Christophe, France
When I was younger (twenty) I prefered tu buy known brands because I thought it was best quality. Today it doesn't matter perhaps because I've reached maturity (?). When I see clothes or shoes which seem well and pretty I buy it, that's all !

Slavko Mali, Ukraine
The first thing i'm looking for is that the clothes i want to buy suits me. I just take a look in a glass. Am I smart wearing that? :) And i don't really care if it's a brand or not. Who knows may be it suits me so much that it would become a brand after i wore it. ;) Regards. + BBC! You're supper!

Patricia, Portugal
When I'm shopping I look for quality and price. Sometimes this means brands.

Alfredo, Argentina
Hi people! Today mayor brands use smart marketing techniques to influence people decision. But the reality is the high price that you pay for a brand product. In most cases mayor brands must invest much money in advertising space. And that put up the product price. Another aspect is quality but in most cases brand products are not better and cheaper options offers the same quality. For example in my country the mayor supermarkets chains reduce the production cost offering cheaper products manufacturer by themselves and save money reducing costly advertising programs. Additionally the production chain are more direct and more cheaper. The competitive advantage are in favor because the products offered are lower in price with the same outstanding quality. In my shopping decision I always evaluate the best price-quality for a product.