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The return of Talk about English - new programme, new features!

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Fashion Thursday, March 1, 2007

Your comments:
Are you a fashion victim or are you fashion conscious? Perhaps you are not interested in following the latest fashions. Tell us what you think about the subject of fashion.

Thank you for sending in your comments. This topic is now closed.

Amanda Hoellenbach-Ottoni, Brazil
Fashion is highly addictive. Even when you are a a victim to it, when you hate being a slave to it, you can't help being seduced. You spend lots of money on designer clothes and accessories, you live in constant anxiety, you feel like you never have enough, look good enough, but every attempt to free yourself takes you deeper in. You feel guilty, you feel stupid, you feel depressed, but the effects of this addiction to fashion is like that of a drug addiction, you try to drown out the bad effects with the immediate relief that the use of the drug brings, and you plunge in a vicious circle in which you are never slim enough, your clothes are never expensive and fashionable enough, in a constant contest where there are no winners. I think we are not exactly fashion victims, we are victims to teh values of a consumer society where you are rated according to your image, and we we are held to ransom by an image of ourselves that we want to show. Nobody wants to be a loser. Nay, nobody wants to look like a loser.

Callum says:
Hello Amanda, thank you for your comment. I have to say this is an excellent piece of writing. There are so many good phrases which make your points clearly and accurately. I can't tell whether you are an English learner or a native speaker - whichever, it is an extremely well-expressed point!

Mara, Bulgaria
Hi from Bulgaria.Thank you for the chance you give us to listen to spoken English. Is there anything more beautiful than well dressed women and men on the street,at the office and so on.I cant say that people love to wear good clothes are victims or conscious.They just have respect to themselves and all other people.The good appearance gives a good confidence and make you feel nice and happy.

Jose, Spain
I have just listened to the programme and although it is shorter, I think it is well-designed to fix concepts and vocabulary. Thank you very much.

Callum says:
You're welcome Jose! Thank you.

Miguel Andrés, Perú.
Yes Callum Gamarra was well known like "a cheap shopping street" in Lima there are a lot of shops chothes to choose where you can see since the cheaper ones to the expensive ones brands. Was well known like " " but now has grown a lot and is known like a street that moves a lot of money diary selling the cheaper ones and the expensive ones brands. And is known too like the place where some rich and silly people have a shame to say that they bougth his clothes there and go camouflaged to buy them.

Callum says:
Thanks Miguel for writing back!

Laura Tsen, Taiwan
I should say that i'm not a fashion conscious, nor am i a fashion victim. That's because i'm not very addicted to fashion which is easy to get out of fashion. What i really mean is that fashion is trend and nice-looking stuff. But, look back on the fashion show, there are lots of new styles in a season fashion show. And then, the next season, the clothes syle is changed very constantly. If you were a fashion conscious or fashion victim, how can you imagine that you have to spend plenty of money on those fashionale clothes? That's one part of my reasons. The other reason is that fashion clothes are not always good, are not always suitable for one person. So, why not try clothes that are suitable for you? Why not find clothes that are really for your own style?

Kemal, Turkey
Hello Mr. Callum I want to learn as a new member of your forms How many times can you publish the webcast in a month. Can you answer me Thanks a lot

Callum says:
Hello Kemal, thank you for your question. There will be a new webcast available every week on a Thursday.

RaMeSh, India
Fashion, its an art. The person who likes fashion, really addicted to them. Iam a fashion conscious. But todays fashion trend not suited for me. My body image not too adapt for that fashionable Dresses. I like fashion. But im sometimes really feel bad about the guys who is fashion conscious. Because, instead of fashion conscious some guys are to be fashion victims. They didnt follow their own style. Their passion is entirely different when they change their behaviours,passions and try to be others. This makes the persons fashion victims. Another reason they think they are in a stylish manner and try to make changes which is a clumsy one. Thank you for making comment for this wonderful topic.

Simin, Iran
Webcast is an ideal program for English learners, which I tried in your site recently. What I want to say is, you can find everything in it to help you improve yourself such as: listening, spelling, stresses on words which I had always problem on it and these sort of stuff. Even by answering your questions verbally I felt I am talking to you. Also in quiz section you would be able to test yourself, if you want to. But it would be more practical if it was a little bit shorter. That’s all. Thank you.

Callum says:
Hello Simin, thank you for supportive comments! Best wishes.

Salaheddin, Palestine
Hello everybody iam fashion conscious because when i wear new clothes i feel more comfortable and would be in better mood At the same time i do wear proper clothes for every occassion and choose suitable clothes during work ithink mylook is very important because it reflects your first impression If someone can buy brand cloth and shoes so do it whenever u think u need that shirt or shoes regardless it is new fashion or not the important thing is u need it and have no problem buying it I think cars and ferniture not related to fashion but what new opptions in the car and do i need it or not

Peace, Lebanon
I cannot say that I am a fashion victim or a fashion conscious. I have a style. I choose what suits me. I find it weird to spend lots of money and I think that people who do this have a lack of confidence.

Koorosh, Iran
First, we should define our terms of reference. Let me begin by taking the meaning of the word ‘fashion’. It means a style that is popular at a particular time such as cloth, hair style, car, even manner. I’m going to explain the popular word. I think, you couldn’t find anybody who has never heard that.

Nowadays, people, especially, the young one are capturing by fashion. In addition, women are more prone to be invaded by fashions. We have many company that spend a lot of money to create new style of everything, following that they earn a lot of profits. A fashion victims, When they want to buy a cloth, car, shoes, at first they have to answer one question’ is it new fashion’. If they decide to buy something at hot time they should pay a lot of money for it. Sometimes it is a habit. In deed, they are following fashion. Conversely, Fortunately, I am not fashion-conscious, I prefer to older things, for example I’d rather have antique furniture than modern. In my opinion, ‘the older, the better’.

In conclusion, we are not able to escape from fashion. We should see that the past does have influence on our lives and is generally valued. Without doubt people value the past.

Dan, Switzerland
I agree with Christopher, Being in fashion is often a good way to sparkle in the society for those who haven't no brain ;-) -Hum-

Juanma, Spain
Hello from Spain: This is my first message because I discovered this site a few time. Fashion isn't interesting for me; I'm listening to Victoria B. in your intervies and I belive that she's a superficial woman; this world has a lot of problems more importants than fashion, I think. Well, excuse-me the mistakes, but I'm English learning yet. Regards.

Mauricio Ramalho, São Paulo, Brazil
Hello everybody!!!

First of all, congratulations for this page and for the space to help us develop ourselves! About this issue I'd like to say there are many different kind of styles of fashion, of course some people are not concerned abaut it and wear what they can buy or what they think is better for them. Personally, I think it's almost impossible to follow all the tendencies of the fashion. But the truth is all the time and wherever you are you'll find people paying attention in your look, because your look makes part of you and also can say something of your personality. So, I to use your creativity and sensibility when you wear something, so you feel comfortable and happy in your clothes, then probably other people around you should feel your positive energy.

John, Holland
I was fashion victim in the past. But nowadays I've kept in mind that it's better wearing, behaving in a way that suits you. No copy then. Nowadays I strongly that I'm fashion conscious. Thank you very much for your unrelenting effort in bringing to us new English topics. John, Holland.

Axmyn, Maldives
First of all, i would like thank u for ur programme. in my opinion, fashion is nt so important to life. when i buy clothes, i used to see whether it is suitable for me or not. if its suitable, i used to buy.

Ania. Poland
Firstly I would like to thank You for your excellent bbc learning english.I think it is great! I am writing because I have a question about the word Jackie had used in the programm, I mean the kind of stage models walk on it. I don't know how this word shuld be written because I can't find it in my dictionary. Could You write it, please? Thank You in advance and best wishes.

Callum says:
Hello Ania, thanks for writing. The word you are looking for is 'catwalk'.

Ruthy Yi
Fashion is a hot topic and also it's welcomed by most young people among all Countries . Especially, the fly by night fashions in clothes are quite attracted by them. I’m pound of the repid development of fashion. However, I don't addict myself to the fashion clothes, i just like the clothes that fit me and with good quality and design as well. I’m not a fashion victim , however, I’m impressed by the speed of fashion development, just like my favorite English expression “ASAP”. Even fast speed is my habit, I work fast , speak fast, walk fast, even change my mind fast (joke). Hope our programmed goes better and better, just the same speed of fashion development.

Koeh, Taiwan
Hi,I like to see the fastion to know the trend designer clothes,But I buy only I need according to my image,for I don`t want to tast the pains of waste money.

Ghazal, Australia
I see the fashion as art of appearance. It is an artistic way to decorate body. Some designs are stunnig and some are foolish, but the point is, this is the way that a designer express inside of him/herself. Personally, I enjoy observing the artistic aspect of this industry rather than involving myslf as a victim or the conscious.

Swapna, India
To me fashion should be reasonable.It should not be exaggerated as we see in movies.Individual should do fashion which is socially acceptable and which suits him/her.

Raul, Spain
I used to buy clothes only to fit in with the others but now I don't mind that very much. I just put on what I have and I only buy new clothes when I need them.

Kemal, Turkey
Hello Firstly I want to thank you for making this programmes. I am a new memmber of your communitee. I will try to watch and listen to you. about to question asked from you, fashion is not important for me, If clothes are suitable for me, and if I like the clothes I will buy them . otherwise If you want to follow the fashion you must have a lot of money , in that I can say I am a conscious fashion. see you next webcast.

Cheng Yen Yun, Taiwan
I'm not fashion victim ,but I'm very appreciate some of classic and simply design . If you found a good looking ,why don't try it ?!

Wallace, Brazil
Firs of all, I would like to congratulate both of you guys and also BBC for providing us with such a quality programme. It is spectacular to listen to you as if we were on a actual talk, and better than that, we learn great new things. I do have to say that I am fashion conscious because being in fashion in my country is quite expensive. However, we can see that this is a subject matter which affects most of the people who surround us, not only for the fashion itself, but also for the status that it brings when you are in or out of it. That's all for now, Thank you for such a great time!

Mike, Ukraine (Donetsk)
Hello everybody! In my opinion each person has to solve own preferences of fashion and modern clothes and don't keep any rules of the latest fashion without an own wish definitely. I meant that world of fashion and advertisement are always dictate to people last tendence of fashion. If people understand a simple conclusion that fashion is an usual business which must earn enough money for keepers they will be more careful in own choices to waste own money for latest clothes. As for me I think that there are more important things in human life than latest fashion clothes and fashion as a whole. I prefer to buy and wearing the comfortable clothes in my usual life and process of choices new clothes is an exhausting and uninteresting thing for me. Certainly my choice depends from money also. I can't stand those men who are spending their time selecting the new clothes suiting it and discuss about quality and fashion with shop assistance during a long time. Such male behaviour reminds me female behaviour. As for me it calls only disgusting feeling. Regarding my job, place where I work people don't keep a strict rules of dress code (fortunately) though there are some dandy who are following for the last fashion. It's funny to look after those people how they're appearing and making impressions every day. When strength of attention decreases they are changing their motley clothes immediately but anyway it's their decision.

Justeezhia, India
I'm least botherd about fashion. But i like new trends in fashion. I like to wear Jeans and short tops. I'm very fond of Indian culture thatswhy i prefer indian dresses like Saree,Salwar khameez etc.

Luis Chamorro, Chile.
First of all, I would like to say that yuor programme was and is very insteresting. I will became a follower of this programme. About the questions, I don´t care about the fashion, because my wife always buy my clothes. However if we talk about sport fashion I wuold say I am concious fashion, because I like to do any kind of sports with the best in the market )of course acoording with the money). Thank you.

Robertino, Italy
I would say that I usually do not do case to the fashion when I get dressed, in as I buy only comfortable things, so I don't Think I am a fashion victim.

I think i'm a bit fashion conscious, rather than being fashion victim. It's really interesting seeing that fashion changes from time to time, just like English language, new words and expressions are emerging everyday while new style and clothes are coming out all the time.

Helen, Iran
Hi. I think this is my favourite subject ,because i can sew and i really like to follow the latest fashion for learnig new modles.of course i am not a fashion victim but some people involve with it.i think some fashions are so wounderful and if i really like a modle i sew it .but most of the time i prefer to get dress so is better.thx and good luck

Melody, China
Fashion always attract me,and i am the one that easy to get crazy when it comes to fashion.But i dont put on very fashionable clothes on me.

Ana Paula, Brazil
I´m not a fashion victim. I choose clothes that make me feel confortable. Nowadays, the fashion doesn´t value confortable, you must wear what fashion stylists say you have to wear it even if the trendy it´s a utter failure. I think it´s almost a dictatorship. If you don´t follow the latest fashion probably people will label you as a old fashioned person however you a just a kind of person that doesn´t give such importance to latest fashion.

Miguel Andrés
I'm a fashion conscious but I could say that I'm not interested in following all the latest fashions and styles because some of they don't like me at all, I don't care if all people are using it at that moment even less felt influenced by a celebrity. I prefer to use some sport style for my dailys hours. And for a party for example I like to fit in a classic way. The problem is that always i like expensive things rether than the cheaper ones but of course sometimes I buy the cheaper ones and I've no problem to use them. Is really funny when you travel to another country with your cheaper ones because people keep seeing you and wandering what is that mark?? or it must be very expensive, if they realize that I bought them in Gamarra street hehe..

Callum says:
Hi Miguel, I enjoyed reading your comment, thanks. Where is Gamarra street? Is it a famous cheap shopping street where you live? When you use the word 'mark', I think 'brand' would be a better word. We use that when we are talking about which company has made a particular product.

Jakub, Czech Republic, EU
Hi!! Welcome back!!! I am so glad that after such a long time you're back :) But unfortunatelly as I expected, Talk about English is now downloable only via your webpage. May I ask you if you could launch downloading your programme via Podcast channel (like another programmes on BBC, like In Business). It is much more comfortable, quicker and easier of course. But on the other hand, I am very delighted that you publish Talk about English at least in MP3 file format, instead of nearly unusable Real Media (*.ram)!! So it still a big step forward! Thanks a lot!!!

Callum says:
Hi Jakub, thanks for your comment. We would looooove to podcast but at the moment we are waiting to see if the current BBC trial will be expanded. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

Abel, Ethiopia
Change is the spice of life, fashion is life so for me fashion is viwed from the direction of go along with rapidly changing world, being persute of fashion mean you are important

Giorgio, Italy
Actually I think age and environment influence people to be interested more or less in following fashions. So the young and those who live together with others for job reasons (white-collar workers)give them a considerable importance. Cheers Giorgio

I'd say I'm more like Jackie, I have my own style and just go for things that suit me and make me feel comfortable. However, down deep, I do believe that we are all passive fashion victims cause, whether we like it or not, the shops are fashion followers and we end up relying on them to choose our clothes. Even though I'm not an active fashion victim, I find this fashion world quite appealing: full of glamour, beautiful, eccentric ans sophisticated people and I also enjoy the creativity that is involved to design the clothes. It strikes me as an art to be appreciated really!

Rafael, México
Well I think the magazines and t.V. got a lot of influence in many people around the world because they know how to reach them. In my viewpoint, I´m not follow the trend´s fashion for two reasons: first of all, fashion is not for all people, second of all, to be a fashion conscious can lead me into a bankrupcy.

Christophe, France
Fashion is probably a way to those who are addicted getting some spirit. (Thanks for your correction !). It was a pleasure to listen Jackie and Callum. Thanks a lot.

Callum says:
Fashion is probably a way for those who are addicted to getting some spirit. (Though I'm not sure what you mean by 'getting some spirit')

Glad you enjoyed listening, thanks.