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For teachers - Words in the news
With hundreds of stories in our Words in the news archives, you'll always be able to find a story to interest your students. If you have any suggestions for ways to use Words in the news in class – get in touch with us at - we'd love to publish your ideas!
Words in the news
Go to our News pages to find the latest stories and our archive of previous stories.
Lesson plans

Teaching ideas

We've compiled a list of 18 ideas to help you exploit the stories in class. Here are just three of them:

Before Reading / Listening
Prediction – Give your students the title of the news story, and ask them to predict 10 words or phrases they think will be in the story. Students then read and / or listen to the news story to check their ideas.

While Reading / Listening
Find the mistakes – Create a text version of the story with some mistakes in it. The mistakes can be factual or linguistic, or even a mixture of both. Students read the story while listening to the audio, and mark the mistakes on their written version.

After Reading / Listening
Roving reporters – Students work in pairs or small groups. One or two students play the role of reporter, the other(s) are characters who feature in the news story. Together they plan and roleplay an interview to follow up on issues mentioned in the story.

Download complete list (39 K)