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Innovations in Teaching
A six part radio series from the BBC World Service. This series was produced and broadcast in 2004.

What is meant by innovation in teaching? Are there some genuinely new ways of teaching language? Are there new technologies - e.g.: the interactive white board - that have revolutionised how we learn and the way we teach? What innovative methodologies are of interest to the classroom teacher or educationalist working around the world?

Innovations in Teaching comes up with the answers as we look at challenges and changes in the world of ELT and find ideas for teachers to take away.

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Programme 1 - New Directions
We begin the series by thinking about what 'innovation' really means - ELT materials writer, Jeremy Harmer, offers some insights. We also hear about the British Council's ELTON Awards for Innovation; and well-known writer and teacher-trainer Scott Thornbury reveals his latest corpus-based approach to teaching grammar.

You can find out more about the British Council's ELTON Awards for Innovation on

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Programme 1 (6.3 MB )
Programme 2 - Interactive Whiteboards
This time the spotlight's on technology as we hear how interactive whiteboard can transform the ELT classroom. But even with an ultimate techno-tool like this, we discover that methodology remains all important. The British Council's teachers in Malaysia tell the story of how they switched from the old to the new overnight!

Programme 2 (6.6 MB)
Programme 3 - Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) - Part 1
Now we turn to Europe and focus on methodology, for an increasingly popular way of putting content and language learning together. Find out how learning about Rockets and Robots in Germany, and teaching Biology in Bulgaria are changing the way we teach English!

For more information and ideas about cross-curriculum teaching try these websites: (the Forum for Across the Curriculum Teaching) and (the Science Across the World site)

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Programme 3 (6.5 MB)
Programme 4 - Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) - Part 2
Team teaching, talking about volcanoes, and making presentations on Geometry - all happening in Italy, and all showing new ways of teaching English. Warrill Grindrod goes to Milan to continue our look at Content and Language Integrated Learning - or 'CLIL' for short.

Programme 4 (6.7 MB)
Programme 5 - Let's Get Talking
We look at both hi-tech and low-tech approaches to the challenge of spoken communication. How can a simple game of chance can improve students' speaking skills? And how can the latest technology help decode fast authentic speech?

If you want to know more about Streaming Speech go to this website:

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Programme 5 (6.6 MB)
Programme 6 - Reference Revolution
How often do you use a dictionary? Probably lots. And how often do you think about what goes into it? Probably not much. Well time to think again as we discover why English language dictionaries are at the forefront of the Reference Revolution.

Programme 6 (7.3 MB)