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For teachers - How to ... an immensely practical series of programmes which presents and practices useful language for everyday situations like conversations, discussions, requests, offers and invitations. Each programme features downloadable practice activities, but you can find even more suggestions, teaching ideas and downloadable worksheets on these pages.
How to ...
How to ...
Here are a couple of ideas for ways to exploit How to... programmes in class:

1. Prediction: Tell the students the topic of the programme (disagreeing, asking for directions etc.). Get them to write down some words and phrases they use to perform this function (you can do this as a class and write the words and phrases on the board. Play the programme and see which of the words and phrases were mentioned.

2. Test-teach-test: students do the practice activity either online or as a downloadable worksheet before they listen. Then they check their answers by listening to the programme; they can repeat the practice activity after listening, if necessary.

You can download these and more ideas for classroom activities:

Teaching ideas (48 K)

We've also created a selection of downloadable worksheets related to specific episodes of How to... Please do send your feedback and comments to us at And why not send us some worksheets of your own?