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For teachers - Grammar challenge
Grammar challenge is the programme where we help language learners use tricky grammatical structures like question tags, present perfect, articles and conditionals. Every programme is downloadable as an mp3 and features an expert commentary on that week's grammar. The website contains fun interactive quizzes, grammar tables and an area for students practise using the structures.

We've created lots of worksheets related to individual episodes of Grammar Challenge. We've also written a handy list of 12 ideas for classroom activities that you can use with pretty much any episode you like! Here's a couple to get you started:

1. Prediction before listening - Give the students the title of the episode, and ask them to predict what the Grammar Expert will say, and what mistakes the student will make. Then play the programme so that students can check their ideas.

2. Gapfill - Give students the text of the Grammar Expert's explanation, with key words blanked out. Students try to work out what the missing words should be, then listen / read and check their answers.

Teaching ideas (37 K)

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Here is a collection of individual worksheets, which are designed to give your students help in understanding and using the target language from various episodes of Grammar challenge accurately and appropriately: