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Are you a teacher?
Do you face the daily challenge of large classes, a lack of resources and little professional support? Would you like to hear the views and suggestions of other teachers and educators who are working to improve the education of their learners?.

Let Teachers in Action come to the rescue
BBC World Service Education and the Open Learning Systems Education Trust (OLSET) of South Africa are working together, with support from the British Council, on this project for teachers. Teachers in Action captures the perspectives, views and suggestions of teachers from as far apart as Africa, Asia and Latin America. The project, which is still in development, includes radio programmes, print support materials for teachers and these introductory web pages. The intention of Teachers in Action is to stimulate discussion of a wide range of issues confronting teachers in under-resourced communities. By considering the concerns and ideas of their colleagues around the world, it is hoped teachers will be encouraged to reflect on their own professional practices.

Teachers talking to teachers

This project was initiated with Primary Teachers in mind but is relevant to all teachers and anyone concerned with education or teacher development will find the materials useful. On these web pages you will find 12 topics. Click on each one to find a brief summary and a listening symbol. If your computer has a sound card you can listen to the supporting radio programme via the Internet.

A further 12 topics are currently being prepared and will include downloadable support materials for teachers. This will be available by the end of April 2002 on this site.

We would very much welcome feedback and comments from you on the project: please send them to Teachers in Action.

Click here to find out more about the 12 topics.

Click here to go to the OLSET website.
The BBC is not responsible for the content of external web sites.

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