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Getting a job


Getting a job

What do you think is the most important skill for students who are job-hunting in an English-speaking country?

  1. Understanding job advertisements
  2. Filling in application forms correctly
  3. Writing a good C.V.
  4. Writing a good covering letter
  5. Good interview technique

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What do you think is the best way to improve students' job-hunting skills in English?

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Shirlei, Brazil
First of all, a good C.V. can give you a chance for an interview and then, you have the oppotunity to show your qualifications and why you are able to develope that work. Furthermore, I think that appearance is very important nowadays, so be well dressed too.

Renan Rangel, Brazil
I believe that good interview techinique, specially role-played, is essential for good performance in an interview alongside a very good oral and written skills

Naeem, Pakistan:
The applicant must be clear about the main duties to be performed and the basic needs of the job which he is applying for. Good command over English language is the most important factor. After that the style and contents of the resume greatly affect the mind of the employer. The true potential of the job seeker must be backed by the high level of confidence during the interview.

Rodrigo, Brazil.
In my view, it's really important understanding and communicating in a good way in English and to get to know how to behave properly in an interview.

First is the CV for going to the interview part. Then, the interview skills. I think the key is understanding what you will do, know your ability, be confident and calm, and be honest ('cause I think they have experiences about that) show your interviewers your ambition and what you can do for the organization, why you this job.

Norbert Asongwe, Cameroon
To me writing a captivating C.V and a good interview is the best.Thus the mastery of English language is very important too.

Lisa, Canada
Role playing has the same important impact as it does on native English speakers. It allows students to iron out any difficult spots, get rid of some nervous habits. They say that practice makes perfect!

Alexandr, Russia
To my mind writing a good C.V. and a good covering leeter are the best ways to find a job. But on the other hand perfect English knowledge is also very important!!!

Daniel, Mexico
I personally believe that what is most important is a good interview technique and to fill all the requirements for the job you are applying for.If you don't fill all required skills at least you should have an idea what they are about, because most of the times the interviewers have no idea what they are asking an example could be high degree in electronics design, you may not be an expert but you could have some background be confident and the interviewer will get the impression that you know what are you talking about and once in you could learn only what you need, cause all companies give training.

Les H, China
I've found that role-play is the most effective way of improving student's job-hunting skills. It's something akin to a dress rehearsal and gives them much needed confidence. Students assume the role of job applicants and the better English speakers are the recruiters. They all compete with each other to find a limited number of positions. If nothing else, it reminds them of what awaits them after they graduate, especially in light of today's global recession.

Eme, Belgium
I think, the most important thing is the speaking, so it would be better to have oral preparation to be prepared for a job interwiew.

Victor C. Sovichea, Cambodia
All of the 5 bullets are very important for job applicants. With my own experience, you have to find the job which is matched with your skill and experience. Expressing your knowledge, strength, commitment, and opinion to the applicant choosers via CV, cover letter, and interview is the only way to get the good job. (Don't forget to show them that YOU ARE THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THEM). But BE SURE THAT IT IS THE RIGHT JOB FOR YOU" and ask yourself "ARE YOU THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THAT JOB?" .. Good luck to you..

Alice, France
Talk to a native speaker about your work experiences, in order to feel more at ease to talk and answer questions in English.

Tai, Vietnam
We should remember the verb "understand" when referring to improving job hunting skills. Understand the job, its requirements, its challenges... next we should understand ourselves. Then practice makes perfect.

Kiluku, India
Everything is important, to be an icon in the industry that he/she picks. The job is something specific you do, so the applicant must be perfect in that skill-set. English is medium by which all we are connected and communicated- meaning that even though one got expertise in his/her skills they must be able to market their skills using English language in both the ways 1- Practically(ex. they way applicant answers interview questions) 2.Theoretically(understanding the requirement or advertisement well before proceeding to the next step). Above all applicant attitude(this measurement helps employers to predict your interest/responsibilities/dedication,etc) is measured in variety of ways apart from your specific skills that you posses & your impressive communicating skills.

Graciela Barboza, Argentina
As far as I am concerned, the best way is to make them work in all the skills, and it is much more important that they develop the skill of THINKING, which they are not used to.WRITING,READING,LISTENING,SPEAKING,THINKING in this century, in which everything is made for them, and even their hand writing is even awful, the teacher is unable to understand it.

Karima, Algeria
No, I'm not surprised about the scores because it is more logical. It is evident that the interview techniques are scoring the highest. It is true that the other skills have an importance but when you pass the job interview you'll be tested on everything,for example; the way you are speaking(fluency, behaviour...etc). The interviewer asks you also about many things and you don't have to take much time to respond, for instance; your points of weakness, straightness, and fears. You can be asked about your hobbies and about the opposite things you can offer to the company. So,we can say that a job interview is like doing advertisment for yourself. If it is well done it opens you the right doors, but if it is not the doors will be closed.

Saleem khan Momand, Afghanistan
In my point of view, for the fresh students who want to join any jobs is to prepare a impressive CV and cover letter. SOme of my friends may ask How?Let me tell you, Without preparing a impresive CV and Cover letter a fresh student can not find a job to start his new life, the person who has experience doesn't need to prepare a impressive CV and Cover Letter. further more, a fresh employee should not focus on slaray during the interview which the interviewer may ask about. he must ask about training for the capacity building that shows his interest for the job.

Gurjit, Canada
I will vote for all because each skill has its own importance.Altogether these skills are essential steps/tools for your job search/hunting.

Julio, Spain
Don`t forget, recruiment is a process. So you won´t be called for a job interview if your C.V and covering letter doesn´t atrract the recruiter attention previously. Each step is really important and all of them must be practised.

Ammar, Yemen
In my opinion, as long as a student posseses the skill of writing a good CV and a cover letter, his application will stand a good chance of being on the top of the pile. Thus, the applicant would be able to get a job of his choice. Furtheremore, a job applicant should know how to answer smartly, if an interview was secured with him. Improvement on the skills mentioned above, students shouldn't worry about finding an employment.

Kate Irving, UK
I am so surprised that interview techniques are scoring the highest. If you take job seeking process step by step, then in my view, being able to understand job adverts is really important - for example in the UK we usually put a salary or salary band in the advert - whereas in many other countries the salary is only discussed at the interview - or even later. Correct completion of the application form is paramount - and often this takes the place of the CV. I always recommend my students to have a CV - even if it's only a referral document to help them fill in the application form (which is often on line these days). Many employers prefer applicants to fill in the application form with evidence to meet the employer's requirements for specific competences such as Customer Service, IT, Finance, Team Working, Management etc.. A covering letter is required in some countries but certainly not in all, and obviously, being able to survive and impress at an interview is one of the most essential skills. However, if you can't complete the application form correctly or if you don't understand what the job is about then the next stages become irrelevant - because you won't get to experience that very important interview.I also discuss the actual interview with my students, because in the UK we stopped asking hypothetical questions many years ago - interviewees are likely to be asked about their real experiences and how they responded - and this is because many interviewers believe that evidence of past behaviour is a good indication of future behaviour or performance. So - to conclude - the interview is certainly key - but you do need to be excellent in all the other job hunting skills which will pave your path to that all important interview.

Cal_, Malaysia
Interviewing a student with a highly educated qualification may result in a perfect answer of knowing about him/her first impression & initiation on a job offered. If the student has possessed a good quality in manner, answering well in English during the interview, he/she may be given more chances to be employed.

Zenab Shabbir, Pakistan
well, I think communication strategy and style really matters during the interview! also the depiction of subject content makes the difference..

Pimonpan, RMUTSB-Thailand
In my opinion, students must be well-prepared in several aspects. In the country that English is treated as a foreign language as in Thailand, students must work hard to have a good command in English. Then the need good reading ability to understand the job ad in order to match themselves with the job requirements. They have to practce writing skill for a good application letter, form and personal data as well. An application letter is crutial because it serves as a personal sales letter-- the applicant is like a product. Next,once the application letter is sent by post or by email, students need to prepare about interview-- communication skills are necessary. They have to know about the company they want a job. They should plan the questions that might be asked and how to make good answers. Lastly,the appearance and personality are also important. Don't forget to be good looking and smart on the day of interview.

Gladys Morales, Holland
Working abroad mean a fantastic moment to move on. In my opinion as a second language, would be useful to help students'job - hunting skills in English by learning about culture, lifestyle, and of course improve the technique of Job Interview. Besides that, fluency and pronuntiation are important as well.

Jackson, Vietnam
I think the firt thing make the employer impressive is the C.V. If your C.V doesn't have anything special, you will never attend the interview. And the second is the preparation before taking a interview. Good interview technique is very necessary.

Svetlana, Ukrain
To get a first job is a very important period in student's life. We have to work because we need to earn a salary but money is not the only motivasion or reason why students need their first job. We want get job satisfaction from different factors such as social interaction with colleagues,status and achievement. We have to improve our knowledges all the time: read books about language, culture and business in order to be a hige-qualified spicialist and work by profession.

Eda Daim, Norway
You can understand all job advertisements but this doesn't prove your qualification. Everybody can fill in forms or write perfect C.V./covering letters in this or that way but these well prepared papers don't mean that you're qualified. Interviewing is the only way to see if someone is qualified or not...

Djahida, Algeria
I think that the best way to improve student'sjob-hunting skills in English is to improve the interview technique by reading a lot about the topic as well as learning about culture included the way of dealing with people in an international environment for example. Besides, fluency is important too because it makes us feel self confident to face all kinds of situations.

Carlos Santana, Chile
Personally, I think the job interview must be our main concern when applying for a position. In fact, some techniques and skills will help us to answer all questions in a better and more secure way. People should consider all kinds of possible inquiries and questions to be answered when taking part in a panel interview such as cultural knowledge, breaking news and to be updated in all that is going on.

Isabel, Brazil
Besides, the skills for the job itself, the students must improve their knowledge of the (i) language and (ii) culture of the city where they intend to work/live.

Amy, China
If you want to improve your English level in short time, the best way is find a private native English teacher. You should ask the teacher to do oral practice with you, especially in commercial and business. It will improve your English level very quickly.

Isabelle Saric, France
It is important to have students brainstorm around prospective jobs and think of the competences suitable for the occupation. They shouldn't dream too much about a job ad. It is essential for them to understand very precisely what it implies working in an english-speaking environment. A great deal of students don't realise the importance of accuracy.

Archana, India
First of all they should have good command on English language.They should develop communication skills as well as writing skills.They can judge themselves by thinking if somebody from other country comes to them for a job what perfection they want to see in that particular person.Keeping this in their mind they can improve everywhere whether it is art of writing a covering letter or preparing for an interview.

Pascal Djagbe Om, Benin
First of all, one must really be qualified for the job he is looking for. Secondly, he must duly fill in the form. Thirdly he must not show off his qualities in the eyes of the head of the enterprise, he rather needs to be humble and honest and give the time for people to find his qualities out themselves. He needs to address people in a respectful and professional manner during the interview.

Endar, Indonesia
The first impression gives the best picture of how someone is. It is the best moment for the interviewee to show up all he has. 50% of interview answers are big lies. The interviewers are often tricked by a convincing answers of the interviewee.

Bappaditya Bhattacharya, India
In an interview you need all sorts of skills, which include a good command over English an all its aspects. Speaking skill as important as reading because in Indian context it has been found that the focus is neither in speaking nor in reading skills. To develop a good command over the language it will be better if one starts with reading loudly, which can be termed as reading-speaking. Before applying for the job developing other skills should go hand in hand.

Kate Wong, Trinidad, West Indies
As an employer, I find that too many young people subscribe to an overly confident manner in letters of application, purporting to have skills and experience beyond their years, often with minimal qualifications, and try to 'sell' themselves too much. Modesty and realism seem to have disappeared! Therefore, what applicants say in their covering letter, and their CV's is very important. False claims simply don't work. Honesty does.As far as teaching is concerned, there is no better basis than a sound qualification in general English at the appropriate level, with specialization in the particular area in question. This clearly involves competence in all skills.Exam preparation for the IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC clearly help in this regard, and positive results impress employers, as these exams have trusted, internationally recognized standards.I think it is important to say that there are no short cuts. Students need to have a very good, recognized, standard of communicative English in all skills, and to be gramatically accurate. In this regard, a course which includes oral presentations, interaction with native speakers, simulations,the importance of body language and presentation, attention to pronunciation and the use of English appropriate to specific needs is indespensable.The approaches which teachers adopt to achieve these aims will differ according to the cultural norms of their particular situation. However, adjusting approaches and methodoligies so that students benefit most from all the ideas available is very important. Teachers should keep an open mind. and keep abreast of the different approaches available, especially through these pages.Job-hunting is not easy, and much depends on the commiment of individual students, and their will to succeed.

Christian Ferreira, Brazil
In my opinion a good interview is the most important way to get a good job. During an interview you can show yourself, talking about your skills, personal life and of course what do you really expect from the company that you are applying for a job.

Abdul Majid Mohamed Din, Malaysia
Students have to improve their language skills and communication skills. To possess the soft skills (communicative skills)using English language is important. Students need to practice role-playing exercises in answering and asking questions related to the jobs they apply. This will improve their language skills and also develop their confidence in interviews. Language instructors need to prepare situations and activities related to job-hunting skills in English. Instructors can also show videos on attending interviews and get students to watch and comment. While students role play make-believe interviews sessions instructors can record the sessions and playback and comment and guide the students on the strengths and weaknesses of the session. Students will surely improve their language skills and also the interview skills.

T. Paulpandian, India
First and foremost is the need to improve the skills in Spoken English which is the most neglected one in the Indian Educational system.Though spoken English forms an essential unit in all General English syllabi,unfortunately neither the university authorities nor the teachers are serious about imparting this skill.There must be a structural change both in the component and the method of English teaching for effecting the desired results in Spoken English.Once this is done,the question of job hunting skills gets addressed;for,communicative competence is the staple feature in all job markets.

As far as I am concerned a good interview tecnique is always useful when applying for a job. The point is to know what to say and the correct time to express it. Calm down is the advice.

Mauro ,Italy
To me, people who's job-hunting in a english speaker country it's important to know the formal language of English because when you take an interview, you can't talk to the headoffice or a boss of a company as you talk to a friend of yours.cheers!

Tumbul Drammeh
The best way is to prepare students with a good comand of the English language and interview techniques.To have personal confidence to face and answer questions precisely during interviews. This preparation has to be done at different levels and the job hunter also have to know the type of job he/she has to hunt.

Arden, L. France
When I read some of the comments sent by English teachers (!?), I can't help thinking that quality teaching might go a long way towards increasing our students' chances.

C/Qaadir M Adam Dhancade, U.S.A
I think the way you dress and the way you look is very important job-hunting in an English-speaking country.

Sandrine Dubois, France
I do think that the preparation of the interview is the most important thing to do ie gathering relevant information on the company. Believing in what you say is another point, in fact the stronger you believe in what you are saying, the more persuasive you are.

Usha, India
I think we should start with reading and understanging adverts. This is first step. Then train students to write good cvs which shows them to the best advantage high lighting strenghts. After cvs are screened then it is interviews. So we train them for speaking well. I tell my students to bring sheets of advertisements for various jobs to the English class. Then I conduct a reading test. Then I ask them to prepare cvs according to jobs they have selected. Then we all go throgh them and have mock interviews and group discussions in the class. My students love these classes best which they find very useful for real life situations.

Andreas Lechner, Germany
I think a good interview technique is one of the most important points for job-hunting, because the employer gets the best impression and could see how somebody reacts on questions. So it is important to think about what an employer might ask you before the interview.

Elvis, China
I think training is most vital to improve students's ability of both speaking and writing in English.After different kinds of practice, students will be more confident to hunt jobs. As a matter of fact, no one can hunt a job without confidence.

Leeyoungjoon, S.Korea
First of all, the students have get accustomed to use Engish properly. Without becoming proficient in English, they cannot expect to get a decent job. That is the very fundamantal. Moreover, the global echonomic downturn is terribly affecting the businesses over the world. So even for a native people its getting harder and harder to get a job. So speaking English in a very proficient way should be placed on the top most of all for the foreign students who are hunting jobs in English speaking countries.

Mohamed Qalaf , Somali
Understanding carefully the jobs advertisments will help students to determaine the targets of the jobs. Also, a professional covering letter is the first step to persuade employers that your skills meet the job requirments, so you will get a chance to be in the short list candidates .

Anwer Khan, Pakistan

Stefano Mariotti, Italy
I think is useful to get some practice in software development and financial account knowledge.

E. Akilan, India
In India, the reading and writing skills of many students are taken care of by the education system, whereas, the spoken skills get neglected. Most of the students get exposed to only the formal varieties of English language. They are not aware of the informal varieties of English. Nor are they very much aware of the different dialects in English. They worry much about nuances of grammar and as a result, don't gain confidence to speak English fluently. In order to improve their job hunting skills, a course in functional English should be prescribed in the curriculum. The archaic missionary English and the regal English should be dispensed with immediately. Listening and speaking skills should be given due importance in the syllabi.They should also be trained well in soft skills. Thanks for the opportunity you have provided for me to express my views.Akilan

My idea is that there should be english institute and tuition centre for them to develop their language skills and under this institution they learn better and can improve their jobhunting skills.

Mohamed, Sudan
It is the ability to present his or herself through a well constructed interview.

Valeria, Argentina
I think all the previous skills are highly important during the different stages of the job hunt. In my view, students should be trained in all of these skills through real examples and a lot of practice!

Ricardo, Brazil
I think you have to understand the job you are going to apply for and make a good first impression, and that´s all!

Saint Cyr Andrice , Haiti
I think the most important thing for hunting a job is be friends with the employer concerning my country, and in many others underdeveloped country. Convince the employer, writing a covering letter after that being good at interview, writing a good C.V. , have much experience etc.. but I SAY IT AGAIN the best is to be friends with the employer, your qualifications can be poor, and you can have no work experience but if your have a godmother you can even be the Director of this enterprise.

Golnaz, Iran
I think it's good to have virtual learning programs for them, e.g while working on the internet they can have that program to work on like a real situation and at the end that program assesses their abilities and say their mistakes or ways to improve their skills.

Saurav, Nepal
The best way to improve students' job-hunting skills in English is to built good English. Having good command in written and spoken English is the top soft skill employers are searching in the applicant searching job in English-speaking country.

Jules Simplice, Kembou
I thing the most important thing is to provide them with CDs containing somes perfect recruitement interviews and also advices of a good interview technique

Morteza Nari, Iran
In my opinion the first thing that is so important for hunting a job is writting a covering letter after that being good at interview.

Panono, Haiti
I think that good interview technique is very very important because the applicant could demonstrate to the employer his capacity by talking ( to convince the employer ) even though he / she doesn't have too much experience.

Yumi, Japan
I believe that good interview technique is the most important because in the interview an applicant can show how enthusiastic and positive he/she is. If the employer gets good impression of the applicant, the applicant may be hired even though he/she doesn't have enough experience.

Emma, Brazil
I think writing a good C.V. is the most important thing, it's the first they look at!if it's not well written, they will assume that your english isn't that good and you're automatically out...

Rodrigo, Brazil
In my oppinion, role playing a job interview after having gone through all the possible expressions and vocabulary applied in the interviews, is the best way of getting students prepared for a job interview. They would feel much more confident and relaxed when time comes for the real situation.

Eid Ramadan, Egypt
I think having good interview technique is the most important as it reveals so many sides of the applicant more than a written document.

Tsengel, Mongolia
I think filling in application forms correctly and good interview technique.

Raufun Yasir, Bangladesh
I think writing a good CV, knowing job features, showing a positive attitude at the time of the interview and also fluency in english all together are important for facing an interview.

M. Alam
There are so many ways for a job hunt. Once you come to know about a job you wish to have, you should be mentally prepared to present yourself for a winning interview. Understand what the job is about and be well prepared. Both knowledge and confidence are the prerequisites to earn the job you have eye on.

Ndesanjo Adeline, Tanzania
Job Hunters,especially students should put much efforts on the issue of confidence,during the interview. The other thing is preparation before the interview.

Tuyet, Vietnam
I think having the good interview skill is good but other things also affect the result like appearance (the first impression) gesture and the most important thing is knowledge of the company and the position you apply to.

Beilin, China
I think the confidence is the most important quality for the interviewee. I suppose the interviewee should be calm and confident enough to take everything under control.

Elisha, China
Making proper preparation, familiarize oneself with the interview circumstance and most of the potential questions. Beside,review his/her work experiences, because most of the question asked in the interview is based on your C.V..Most of all, truth is first.

Lindsay, England
I work on employability programmes and have worked with young people's programmes too with schools and in EFL teaching. My advice is always get your cv checked by native speakers, preferably someone you know has very good spelling. Use the web by all means, but network like mad and find out what support is available for free from your job centre,library or local learning centre or college(if in England)and don't rely on your dictionary too much. Also ask recruitment consultants for their suggestions to improve your cv. Be positive and confident!

Dinesh, Nepal
Now a days job is becoming very precious things because there are more chance to losing instead of getting job. However for students' need to know the technique of facing interview as well as good drafting C. V. Generally, in job advertisement, we will not find vacancy for fresh. So fresher have to give more attention to employer by their documents. It has to prove capable person for this job before reaching interview. Finally, Job hunting students should have good CV and covering letter along with interview technique. If they have strong knowledge for the specific job, they will get a chance for interview. At that students need to show their ability.

Filling in application forms correctly

Sandro Nogueira, Brazil
First of all, you should be acquainted with the features of the position you´re applying for and check if you´re able to go for it. Then, fluency in English, good experience background, professional skills as well as self confidence certainly would make things straight.

Lunawang, China
I think dressing appropriately is as important as answering the questions in a job interview.

Neha, India
I think its practice ..face interviews as much as you can and at the same time learn new things from your previous one. It is very important to have a positive attitude because if you are not selected for the job you don't need to feel like a failure, because some skills you have learnt from your experience, but it is very important to be very clear what you really want.

Ibrahim, Turkey
I deeply believe that if you have a good CV and strong referance, you will probably be able to get the job you want.

I think that the best way to improve your skills is to practice the interview as much as you can. You can make a list of the possible questions interviewers may ask you. It is better not to improvise because although questions seem silly, interviewers are assessing you through them.

Gentleman_BA, Vietnam
I think Understanding job advertisements is the most important skill for students to get a good job because it help they know do they suit their profession.

Shun, Japan
I think it depends on how well you are able to respond to the questions and to make positive replies even when asked some confusing questions. So try to be positive and be confident!

Jie, Canada
I think the best way to improve job-hunting skills in English is doing mock interview as many as you can.

Simuzar, Azerbaijan
I think the most important is to fill the application form correctly and write a good cover letter.I think these are the most important because if the application form and cover letter draw attention of the employers they would call the student to the interview.Only then he/she can reveal his/her interview techniques.

Mostafa Kamal, Egypt
I think that one should prepare himself well and be ready at any time.

Hussein, Italy
I think the best way to get a job is a good interview technique.

Jorge Campos, Mexico
It is important students shall study the Company´s website.It is important students get familiar with the mision, vision, goals, policies and development of the company in the industry it belongs, in their native country and the company headquarter´s country, this means to have a global vision of the company. This background is basic to adapt the resume to the job interview and read with the interviewer if the candidate suits to the profile is being required. Besides, this will help the job hunter feel more confident and have more empathy with the interviewer.

Amitha, India
First impression is always a last impression. The first thing that a recruited would get to see about the job hunter is, his/her resume and covering letter. Unless until the resume gets picked, interview call is impossible to get. Suffient amount of time should be spent on highlighting the key skills and strenth possessed by a candidate. Once the resume is ready, covering letter takes next step. As per my knowledge, the interview preparation period should be utilized in getting knowlegde, and then narrowing the whole bunch of information into a key points. During interview time, candidate should concentrate on 'what' rather than 'how'. The candidate's preparation effort should allow him/her to frame the sentences as you go on thinking about the matter as what he wants to say. All the best and take care, Amitha

Gianluca, Italy
I think the best way is to stay calm paying attention to every particular undertone in order to the questions which you are being asked during the interview; it is needed to reply with determination and feeling free of every hesitation.I believe that is the key to succeed in passing all exams of the life and a job interview as well.

Muhammad Raza, Pakistan
A good interview technique is the most important skill for student who are on job-hunting in an english speaking country

Khaled, Gaza
understanding carefully the jobs advertisments will help students to dertermaine the targets of the jobs. also , a professional covering letter is the first step to persuade employers that, your skills meets the job requirments, so you will get a chance to be in the short list candidates .

Nguyenkevinh, Vietnam
I think good interview techniques are the most important for students who want to get a job.

Hussain Tariq, Pakistan
First thing first, the most obvious thing is to be able to understand the features of the job, and it may only be possible provided students comprehends the language adequately. This enables candidates know the requirement of the position he/she plans to embark on.

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