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Students in class

Quiet students

A vote and discussion for teachers on dealing with quiet students in the classroom

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  • Academic skills

    A discussion on the topic of academic skills and how students can improve their listening ability in lectures
  • Getting a job

    A discussion and vote on the topic of helping learners prepare for job-hunting in English speaking countries and companies.
  • What are the main problems that students face when speaking in business situations? What can you do to help students cope with these challenges?
  • What are the hardest challenges that students face when preparing for and taking English exams? What can you do to help students cope with these challenges?
  • Teaching business English has its own special challenges - what are your experiences?
  • As a teacher, how much importance do you place on grammar compared to other skills such as speaking, listening and vocabulary? What are your top tips for improving learners' grammar?
  • Have you got a favourite technique or activity that you like to use with your students for teaching or practising phrasal verbs?
  • Do you think it is possible to prepare somebody properly for the experience of working abroad, or are culture shock and language problems inevitable? How can you as an English teacher help your learners with this?
  • Do you find debates are a useful classroom activity? Do you have any tips for arranging and managing a classroom debate?
  • A good listener needs to be able to draw on a range of skills. Is listening important for your students? What aspects of listening do you think are the most difficult to teach? What are your top tips for listening classes?
  • What kind of speaking activities work well in your lessons? - Role plays? Drills? Discussions? Mingling activities? Something else? How do you help your students get the most out of speaking activities?
  • Using video in class Is video a useful teaching aid? How have you used video with your students?

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