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Week 32: Emily Seebohm 2

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Emily Seebohm is a top swimmer from Australia but 2011 was a tough year for her.

Emily suffered many illnesses that stopped her training.

The good news is that Emily's health is back and she is still aiming to compete in this Olympics.

Join Natalie in this week's video to hear from Emily and learn the word 'form'.

Learning point

Vocabulary: Form


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    • 1. At 2:26pm on 28 Feb 2012, Juan wrote:

      I like to practice exercise. I like jogging, walk, and go to the gym. I´m not someone with a huge muscles but I think I´m in form and most important, I feel healthy.

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    • 2. At 9:28pm on 28 Feb 2012, FRANZ wrote:

      Listening music from Frank Zappa, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan helps my spirit be in form.

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    • 3. At 11:20pm on 28 Feb 2012, arabaldo wrote:

      I’m trying to get in form updated my English
      Can we use the word form on the context above?

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    • 4. At 09:55am on 29 Feb 2012, narrosgirl wrote:

      I like walking, riding a bicycle, swimming, yoga... However, I'm not on top form, because I'm undergoing medicat treatment and I must be moderate.

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    • 5. At 11:42am on 29 Feb 2012, Leonid199rus wrote:

      Dear Collegues, what does Relay in this taxt mean ?

      [Moderator says] a relay race is a race between teams in which each member of the team runs or swims one section of the race.

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    • 6. At 8:48pm on 29 Feb 2012, alex wrote:

      I have the same situation as Emily - I was ill and I had no to go to a gym, but now I feel much better, so I hope I return to my best physical form soon.

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    • 7. At 7:31pm on 01 Mar 2012, Din Islam wrote:

      To me 'Form' is a word that is always related to practice and with good health. If you have good health you have the chance to regain your lost form by practicing and to maintain it for a long time otherwise its too difficult to maintain or keeping up your form with weak health. When someone is in good form it means that he/she could perform well in a particular sector. Form is a kind of word which is extensively used in sports arena. It is intensively involved with sportsmen. When you're fit you might get the opportunity to play in the team otherwise you might not. So its very important for a professional player of any game. You have to work hard with your body to keep it fit which would provide you good form. When you're in pick point of your career it means that your form is in highest point. Its a matter of hard work and passion. So practice regulary to keep your ongoing form. Exercise is main point in this case. Exercise regularly. Wish your mental form be up all the time. :)

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    • 8. At 09:32am on 02 Mar 2012, gem wrote:

      I rarely been in good form but i love to be in form for that i have started to do exercise though sadly not regular.

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    • 9. At 09:35am on 12 Mar 2012, Lalit wrote:

      According to my knowledge 'Form' mean: I'm not good in English so that I'm not good form in English. I will have to try good form of English.

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    • 10. At 09:00am on 13 Mar 2012, Mie wrote:

      My favourite form of exercise is swimming.

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