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Week 10: Alistair Brownlee

Follow sporting stories and learn English along the way.


Alistair Brownlee

Welcome to Talking Sport!

This week we meet the current World Champion triathlete, Alistair Brownlee.

The triathlon involves three sports: swimming, cycling and running.

Alistair now wants to win gold at the Olympics.

So how is he preparing for London 2012?

Join Natalie in this week's video to find out what Alistair is doing and learn about the phrases 'focusing on' and 'works for me'.

Learning point

Vocabulary: 'Focusing on' and 'works for me'.


Now tell us what you think

What works for you?

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    • 1. At 4:28pm on 27 Sep 2011, Bacira wrote:

      I think a long sleep works for me, especially one day before the day I have to seat for an exam. Besides, I think a short walk in the fresh air also works well for me.

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    • 2. At 6:40pm on 27 Sep 2011, tiziana wrote:

      I'm still learning english. I'm focusing on Talking Sports every week and I post a simple comment. It's works for me.

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    • 3. At 7:53pm on 27 Sep 2011, Fábio wrote:

      Hi everbody...uou many things works for me ..hum..I think one of them is Study. It realy works for me.

      best wishes.

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    • 4. At 11:27pm on 27 Sep 2011, Loan Le wrote:

      Dear BBC Team.

      I would appreciate if you upload an mp3 file and add quizzes to each lesson to help us cheching our understanding. Many thanks for your great efforts. Loan

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    • 5. At 00:13am on 28 Sep 2011, beatriz wrote:

      A good shower and a better breakfast work for me everyday.

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    • 6. At 02:43am on 28 Sep 2011, Duc Phan wrote:

      Starting a new day with a cup of coffee and a nice breakfast is always works for me. It’s also good for your health if you spend your precious time for a light exercise such as walking, bicycling or even laugher yoga. I think about an easy way for exercise that everybody can do it every day and it is laughing. It’s just an exercise for your face. Around 25 muscles in your face keep moving when you smile. Furthermore, your brain will transfer for your body a useful substance which helps you live longer.

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    • 7. At 04:52am on 28 Sep 2011, GOVINDAY wrote:

      Doing daily physical exercise works for me.

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    • 8. At 07:23am on 28 Sep 2011, melodysj wrote:

      joining the sport everyday works for me really.

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    • 9. At 08:57am on 28 Sep 2011, Noah wrote:

      Getting up early to go jogging three times a week works for me.

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    • 10. At 09:43am on 28 Sep 2011, alicianoia wrote:

      Being steadfast in my ambicious works for me.

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    • 11. At 09:54am on 28 Sep 2011, muluca wrote:

      ıf ı will find a job,it's gonna be works for me.

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    • 12. At 11:38am on 28 Sep 2011, haibarajinichi wrote:

      I am focusing on learning English and being a good person.It is not easy to achieve the above goals,so I need an inspiration(the word I learnt in your previous programme ^_^),and maybe the hope for improving myself works for me.And I think when we put "focusing on" and something "works for" us together ,we can make success,that's my words for all.

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    • 13. At 12:51pm on 28 Sep 2011, candy wrote:

      making a plan in advance works for me, since I without it I often hardly find what to do and in a result may waste a lot of time.

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    • 14. At 1:30pm on 28 Sep 2011, francesca wrote:

      i'm focus on being a good person and on doing every day somenthing for to be happy.

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    • 15. At 7:36pm on 28 Sep 2011, Vera_Kuzub wrote:

      Good dream, cup of tea and chocolate are works for me.

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    • 16. At 10:09pm on 28 Sep 2011, Juan wrote:

      Be motivated to do something, that's work for me. I visualize the objective and put all my efforts and strenghts to achieve it. Be healthy and in good conditions it's other important factor.

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    • 17. At 03:17am on 29 Sep 2011, Raj wrote:

      I'm focusing on learing english and improving Vocabulary on Talking Sports every week. In the everyday morning watching BBC improving (English) myself works for me.

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    • 18. At 4:06pm on 29 Sep 2011, paba wrote:

      This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

    • 19. At 4:09pm on 29 Sep 2011, paba wrote:

      This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

    • 20. At 4:35pm on 30 Sep 2011, Ramon wrote:

      I´m focusing on learning English, and watching and listening to bbclearningenglist works for me.

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    • 21. At 03:09am on 01 Oct 2011, hungks008 wrote:

      I am focusing on watching talking sport everyday and it works wonders on my english. I am really finding out what works for me.

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    • 22. At 11:12am on 01 Oct 2011, FRANZ wrote:

      Plan what I'm doing works for me.

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    • 23. At 00:33am on 02 Oct 2011, tomo_st wrote:

      I watch BBC Leaning English almost every day. It's fun and useful for me.Studying English works on me.
      Also, spending my time with my cat, cheese, really works on me.

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    • 24. At 6:48pm on 02 Oct 2011, Soler wrote:

      To eat oats every morning works for me.

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