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Sports Words Monthly
February 2002
Vocabulary from the sporting news
  Irina Slutskaya
Winter Olympics - Salt Lake City
Snowboarding is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among women athletes. As it has become more popular, the participants are having to become more professional in their preparation. This report from BBC Sport Online's Anna Thompson :

Snowboarding is the only snow sport at the Winter Olympics that does not differentiate between men and women.

In the half-pipe, the women riders use exactly the same equipment, perform on the same track and attempt similar tricks to their male counterparts. It is a very physical sport and Britain's Lesley McKenna led the way in improving the training techniques.

Her coach John Clark told BBC Sport Online: "Lesley was one of the first to incorporate a proper training schedule in the gym. It wasn't long before the other girls started doing the same.

"At the beginning, keeping fit was a very relaxed affair but as the sport has become more professional so have the attitudes. People don't realise how fit you need to be to compete at the highest level. Riders have to have the fitness of an athlete, be prepared to take the knocks of a rugby player while performing like a ballerina."

The WordsListen
  does not differentiate between
does not make a difference between

a snowboarding event where the competitor performs special tricks on a curved track

  male counterparts
men who take part in the same sport

led the way
was the first person to do something and become a model for other people to follow


to incorporate
to include

  to compete at the highest level
to be in competitions with the best in the world
  to take the knocks
to experience the pain of falls and not give up
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