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Learning English - Wimbledon


The game is designed to be played on computers with at least a 400Mhz processor and users with slower machines may experience performance problems.

Mac users with OS X will also experience performance problems. If the game appears to be running slowly try closing down any other applications you may be running.

If the game becomes unresponsive click anywhere within the game area. If that fails to work, try refreshing the page.

Click here to go to our help page if you have any questions or problems about using the Flash plug-in.
Tardis Tennis is serving up a special version as 'The King' comes onto court to take on time-travelling Great Britons in the ultimate Grand Slam.

Play against a friend or go solo by choosing your character for a best-of-three game match.

If you make it to the final, you'll have to beat our new character to be crowned champion. It's now or never...

(Player 2 in brackets):

Up = E or cursor up (T)
Down = D/cursor down (G)
Left = Y or cursor left (F)
Right = U or cursor right (H)
Hit = Press spacebar (Z)
Shift for Player 1
Pause = P
Quit = Q

Top tip:
Move into position first, then press spacebar when the ball is there to be hit!