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The issues
From the radio series "On The Pitch", we look at the issues in world football through the words of players, fans, and officials.


Ajax Capetown

BusinessEven the most famous players had to start at the bottom - and every club tries to find young players who will become the next Pele, George Best or Johann Cruyff.

Some clubs are now looking far and wide, even to different continents for young talent. One big European club, Ajax Amsterdam has started a youth training scheme in South Africa to train and educate young African players with the aim of bringing the best ones to Holland.

In Africa the players have good facilities as well as receiving a good general education. It’s a chance for them to escape poverty and gives them an opportunity for a dream career in European football.

But not every club is so careful. Some writers accuse some big European clubs of exploiting young black players. They believe the players are sometimes chosen too casually and they can have big problems if they are taken to Europe and are not successful.

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Ajax Amsterdam

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