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The Art Toast Project

The Art Toast Project presents: Magritte

Magritte 'The Son of Man'

Ida Frosk is a food artist based in Oslo, Norway. Her 'Art Toast Project' creates copies of famous works of art, using toast as the canvas.

The Art Toast Project presents: Kahlo (Self Portrait)

Kahlo 'Self Portrait'

"The idea was based on the literal interpretation of 'food art' and the desire to make art more accessible," says Ida.

The Art Toast Project presents: Rothko


"I've been very inspired by word play, so after a while I wanted to explore the literal meaning of 'food art' through this series of modern art remakes."

The Art Toast Project presents: Matisse (Icarus)

Matisse 'Icarus'

Ida started to play around with food in June 2012 with the intention of making healthy breakfasts fun. She puts pictures of food art on her website with brief explanations so that they are easy to copy.

The Art Toast Project presents: Munch (The Scream)

Munch 'The Scream'

Fifteen 'art toasts' have been completed so so far, three of which feature artworks by Munch: 'Girls On A Jetty', 'Madonna' and 'The Scream'.

The Art Toast Project presents: Monet (Water Lillies)

Monet 'Water Lillies'

This toast was "inspired by the beautiful water lilies by the French painter Claude Monet. The green colour was captured well by using pistachio butter as the background... The lilies and bridge were cut out of apple pieces, and the water lily leaves are made of kiwi."

The Art Toast Project presents: Pollock (Convergence)

Pollock 'Convergence'

"When it comes to modern art, there's often the thought that "I could have done that". Well, in fact, you didn't and it's usually not as easy as it appears. So was the case when I attempted to recreate the painting Convergence by the abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock," says Ida on her blog.

The Art Toast Project presents: Dali (The Persistence of Memory)

Dali 'The Persistence of Memory'

A remake of 'The Persistence of Memory' by Salvador Dalí also features. "He was a famous surrealist painter, and his 'melting clocks' have become iconic. To emphasize this I did two versions of the toast, one 'before' and one 'after' baking to make the cheese melt for real."

The Art Toast Project presents: Van Gogh (Sunflowers)

Van Gogh 'Sunflowers'

"The Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh, did two sunflower series, one of the flowers lying on the ground (the Paris series) and a later set with the flowers in a vase (the Arles series)," explains Ida. "I prefer the latter and used the above image as my starting point when creating the toast version. The sunflowers are made by apricots and raisins, in a fig vase. The background is yoghurt and passion fruit curd."

The Art Toast Project presents: Picasso


And of course, no art series would be complete without a Picasso! To see more 'art toasts' in the series go to:

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