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New Pope is elected

Gavin Hewitt looks at the life and work of the new Pope.


14 March 2013

Pope Francis has begun his first day as leader of the Catholic Church, talking about his plans for his papacy. The Argentine faces a series of tough challenges.

He will lead cardinals in his first Mass, begin appointing senior Vatican staff and may visit the last pope, Benedict, Pope Emeritus.

The first Latin American and Jesuit pope has received many goodwill messages from around the world.

Pope Francis I waving at the crowds

Pope Francis I waving at the crowds


in the modern era

in recent or present times


severe or strict

a man of simple tastes

he has uncomplicated interests

a conservative

has traditional views of society that he may not want to change


not thinking he is better than other people



a Vatican outsider

not connected with important people inside the Vatican

to take on

to challenge

victory for the reformers

success for people who are trying to improve the system or the rules

the moral authority

the quality of being respected and a source of guidance

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