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Calendar 2012: Colours: October

The photo


January is the snowiest and frostiest month in winter especially in Russia. It was a frosty morning when I had a walk in the forest and took the picture . All trees were white: there was snow on the branches and hoarfrost on the tops of trees.

Nail Gimaev, Russia, Chistopol

Your comments

Tell us what you think about this photo. Each month throughout 2012 we'll be focussing on a different colour. This month our colour is blue. What English idioms or phrases do you know that contain the word blue? You should be able to find some on our website. We'll publish our favourite comments and give you some "blue" idioms and phrases later this month.

The colour for November is orange. Do you have any orange photos? You can email us your orange photos. You should also send us a few lines about your photo. Please note that you should only send us your own photos and we can't guarantee to publish all photos submitted. December is multicoloured month!


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    • 1. At 07:36am on 02 Oct 2012, Sergei wrote:

      A wonderful photo!
      The trees and the snow look so natural that we can even feel the fresh winter air which comes from the picture.!

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    • 2. At 10:05pm on 02 Oct 2012, dongan wrote:

      This photo is very nice.
      The scenery is beautiful, natural .

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    • 3. At 04:56am on 03 Oct 2012, zoloo wrote:

      Yeah, this photo is beautiful! It reminds me the first day of Canada's winter when i lied down on the snow with my love in last year. As soon as snow fell down, we went to the nearest forest and looking at the branches of the tree were covered snow and hoarfrost and felt the fresh air of winter, which was one of the beautiful memory in my life. So thanks for this awesome picture.
      i would like to comment the colour of this month, i have been believed that i do know more idioms which included the word blue. but in reality i do remember only one of them that is the FEELING BLUE. it means you fell not so good or upset etc, caused many reason health, work or may somebody's bad behaviour which makes you feel unhappy.

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    • 4. At 07:45am on 03 Oct 2012, saeed wrote:

      This picture reminds me of the cold days when I was a child.Nowadays we can hardly see such a this scenes in our country.It sounds like a far dream.It seems to me that the trees are thanking the blue sky!

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    • 5. At 03:25am on 04 Oct 2012, white horse wrote:

      the world is so large, there are so many places I wanna go! I like white color, I like snow, it seems clear! I feel like that I can smell them: trees, snow...fresh air. haizzzzzz

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    • 6. At 2:33pm on 04 Oct 2012, Mary wrote:

      This beautiful picture is an exact illustration to the poem of Alexandr Pushkin - "Winter morning":

      Cold frost and sunshine: day of wonder!
      The snow below the bluish skies,
      Like a majestic carpet lies,
      And in the light of day it shimmers.
      The woods are dusky. Through the frost
      The greenish fir-trees are exposed;
      And under ice, a river glitters.

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    • 7. At 7:25pm on 04 Oct 2012, amane wrote:

      This photo is wonderful and the idea of taking it from under is so good , it reminds me about winter coming soon and makes me cold . winter here in Medea , the city where i work , is snowy and frosty .

      The blue colour represents calm and peace , like my name "Amane " in Arabic , it means safe .

      In my country , Algeria , we usually say "blue one" ,which means the person who is new in a job or academey and doesn't know more about his new experience , so his collegues laugh at him and call him blue , like our new collegue here "Redhouane " .

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    • 8. At 1:20pm on 09 Oct 2012, suresh wrote:

      Nice photograph, defines Russian winter conditions perfectly, snow colour trees on the background of blue sky shows a perfect winter. A fine theme indeed.

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    • 9. At 10:11pm on 10 Oct 2012, veda76 wrote:

      I'd love to travel to these place under those
      towering trees and feel the freshness on my face.

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    • 10. At 06:41am on 12 Oct 2012, lagmayc wrote:

      The photo above is absolutely stunning. The colors of the trees follows the climate wherein white symbolizes freshness and coolness of the air. The sturdy and peak trees signifies our ambitions in life, that one must not stop aiming high and should not cease trying to reach our goals in life.

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    • 11. At 08:57am on 12 Oct 2012, laura wrote:

      This photo make to go me on the top the world, with an feeling of freedom and relax.

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    • 12. At 10:04am on 16 Oct 2012, amin wrote:

      This photo is so beautiful,in this picture trees and snow a great scene

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    • 13. At 08:51am on 17 Oct 2012, Karen wrote:

      WoW.... earth is wonderful world... I am existing that winter is coming

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    • 14. At 7:06pm on 17 Oct 2012, tangerine mouse wrote:

      This picture is very nice. I like these trees who seem to want to touch the sky. Winter in Russia should be beautiful

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    • 15. At 4:18pm on 22 Oct 2012, Ngo Thao wrote:

      So beautiful. I wish I could be there!

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    • 16. At 2:25pm on 24 Oct 2012, Rebekita wrote:

      This photo is beatiful. In my town, Valencia, doesn´t snow very often. I hope go to Germany next Christmas, and have a White Christmas this year.

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    • 17. At 1:30pm on 25 Oct 2012, birthday_bun wrote:

      It make me more relax. I know there are many beautiful nature in Russia

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    • 18. At 10:12am on 03 Nov 2012, ramze wrote:

      actually it's such a nice view. I think we can use it to treat who feels blue.

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    • 19. At 6:29pm on 03 Nov 2012, Sandy wrote:

      The photo is very beautiful. The nature is very nice too. I like photos about nature. This picture reminds me of the cold, the snow and the cold fresh air. I wanted to walk through the wood, because I think this is a fascinating feeling.

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    • 20. At 1:42pm on 04 Nov 2012, zl_bbc wrote:

      This photo reminds me of the Russian movie "Morozko" ("Jack Frost").

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    • 21. At 08:27am on 06 Nov 2012, jwan wrote:

      nice view,express the blue color in a beautiful shot.

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