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Calendar 2012: Colours: June

The photo


This photo was taken on 31 December 2011 in Bird Park, Foz do Iguaçu City, Parana State, Brazil.

When I read at BBC Learning English web site that the color of June calendar will be bonze I immediately remember this photo shot. When I was at the Bird Park looking at the cage I took almost twenty minutes do realize that there was a lizard in the branch.

The lizard was resting hidden in a perfect stage of camouflaged. A perfect nature expression.

There days which I would pay billions of dollars to stay camouflaged, just staring at the sky, the sun, the life. Just as the lizard.

Juliana Ugarelli, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Your comments

Tell us what you think about this photo. Each month throughout 2012 we'll be focussing on a different colour. This month our colour is brown or bronze.

The colour for July is silver or grey. Do you have any silver or grey photos? You can email us your silver or grey photos. You should also send us a few lines about your photo. Please note that you should only send us your own photos and we can't guarantee to publish all photos submitted. The colour for August is gold!


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    • 1. At 6:54pm on 11 Jun 2012, Viktoriia wrote:

      I did not understand from first sight what about this photo is, but when I looked closer I saw. Nice shot^) Sometimes I would like to be invisible like this lizard.

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    • 2. At 11:24pm on 11 Jun 2012, sonia durao wrote:

      A nice picture! I loved it. Two times I had been in Iguazu National Park. It's a wonderful place. The "Cataratas (=waterfall) do Iguaçu", for me is the most beautiful waterfall in the world. I had been in Niagara Falls, it's beautiful, but it isn't so pretty like Iguazu Waterfalls.
      There is a great place to take photos on nature themes.
      Juliana congratulations on the photo and to disclose our beauties on the BBC.
      sonia durao from Brazil

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    • 3. At 00:46am on 12 Jun 2012, Remi wrote:

      I wonder whether the lizard has the elegance of favouring
      beautiful red flowers. By the way, why would you pay a lot of money for staying what you aren't really?

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    • 4. At 04:38am on 12 Jun 2012, adelin jenny wrote:

      it's beautiful, my country also has a camouflaged lizard.i usually see them in the next forest, i like the time they change from the color to thhe other color

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    • 5. At 06:55am on 12 Jun 2012, jwan wrote:

      in iraq, my country, and most of the middle east countries, we have a dusty atmosphere, which makes the dusty color of sky,brown color. sometimes its be terrifying atmosphere.
      actually its a very frightening atmosphere, which makes me feel that the crack of the doom is very close.this feeling motivates me to do the statutes of god.

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    • 6. At 08:45am on 12 Jun 2012, yaseminpelin wrote:

      ı havent noticed that there was a lizard in the photo since you said :)

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    • 7. At 5:57pm on 13 Jun 2012, danitricy wrote:

      This photo lead us to think "how is amazing our planet!".

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    • 8. At 12:12pm on 15 Jun 2012, Luiz Carlos de Almeida Fonseca wrote:

      I'm brazilian and... Foz do Iguaçi it's really beautiful!! Worth knowing!

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    • 9. At 9:56pm on 16 Jun 2012, Anaxi wrote:

      I agree with Jaseminpelin, first I was watching at the colourful flowers impressed by the idea of a brasilian photo as I do like to see the country one day and then recognised your lizard by reading it.

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    • 10. At 5:39pm on 18 Jun 2012, Tereza wrote:

      The lizard is so nice! And the picture at all is beautiful, I like the shape of the wood and the flowers. I would like to be there and see it in person.

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    • 11. At 9:51pm on 18 Jun 2012, shik wrote:

      First when i saw this picture i didn't realise that it was a lizard. My fous was more on flowers and leaves then later on i realised oh my god there was a lizard. which didn't like it at all. However it lizard is also a part of nature as we are. So i accepted. I also scared of sankes and this creature alson belong from the same family but still this picture has some nature element which make this image beautiful. Thanks

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    • 12. At 1:33pm on 20 Jun 2012, alhareth wrote:

      i dont know why this happened to you, but the first thing i saw was the lizard. is this mean that i hate the flowers?!

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    • 13. At 2:54pm on 20 Jun 2012, shymaa166 wrote:

      what a lovely shot! I do like observing the natural places like this in which the display of a natural harmony among its's a beautiful result of talented artist's picture.. nothing is much better :)

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    • 14. At 7:10pm on 25 Jun 2012, keti wrote:

      It's claimed that the colour of June is grey and silver. Yet, I can't understand why someone made up his mind that such a dull and gloomy colour as grey was just suitable to any summer month. In my opinion, it more corresponds to last autumn month- November, when the trees are already bare, the cold piercing wind blows and the sun is often hidden behind clouds. Bats, rats, and mice are grey too. I was wondering if there is somebody, who likes them. The dull, boring, and unremarkable person is called grey here. As for silver, despite the fact that in very deed it's grey, a little shine changes feeling which it causes. People adore silver home appliances, silver cars, and silver jewelry. They are even willing to pay more only due to colour. However, even considering my good attitude to silver, I must admit that it's more suitable to winter month, not to June.

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    • 15. At 10:14pm on 28 Jun 2012, Rose Araujo wrote:

      Nature is fascinating. When you think you saw all you could, it shows you more and more. So, it's worth to spend some time observing. Besides learning we have fun.

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    • 16. At 11:31pm on 02 Jul 2012, goyotech wrote:

      Dear friends, wich are the colours for next month to send my pictures.


      [BBC Learning English says: August=gold, September=purple, October=blue]

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