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Calendar 2012: Colours: May

The photo


I took this picture on 19 March 2012 in the Garden of Prince, in Aranjuez.
It represents spring is here, a small way where even the sound of wind cannot be heard.
This picture represents an explosion of colour at this moment in the year, and even, seeing them, bring back audible memories like “Spring” 1st concerto of the masterpiece “The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi.

Finally, it arrived the season of life, hope and love.

Natalia Kachmar, Spain

Your comments

Tell us what you think about this photo. Each month throughout 2012 we'll be focussing on a different colour. This month our colour is pink. What English idioms or phrases do you know that contain the word pink? You should be able to find some on our website. We'll publish our favourite comments and give you some "pink" idioms and phrases later this month.

The colour for June is bronze or brown. Do you have any bronze or brown photos? You can email us your bronze or brown photos. You should also send us a few lines about your photo. Please note that you should only send us your own photos and we can't guarantee to publish all photos submitted. The colour for July is silver or grey and for August is gold!


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