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Calendar 2012: Colours: February

The photo

Mushroom, Russia

I went mushrooming in the woods in September 2011. The Moscow region was full of mushrooms in September and October this year.

Nevertheless, a fly-agaric by far the most attractive for taking a photos. One of the most toxic and at the same time one of the most beautiful toadstool.

It is bright and red. So, if you are in the forest, you have not a chance to ignore such a sight!

Olga Torgasheva

Your comments

Tell us what you think about this photo. Each month throughout 2012 we'll be focussing on a different colour. This month our colour is red. What English idioms do you know that contain the word red? You should be able to find some on our website. We'll publish our favourite comments and give you some "red" idioms later this month.

The colour for March is green and for April, yellow. Do you have any green or yellow photos? You can email us your green photos or email us your yellow photos. You should also send us a few lines about your photo. Please note that you should only send us your own photos and we can't guarantee to publish all photos submitted.


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