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Sheep in Shetland

I would like to send you a photo of my new home in Whalsay/Shetland . I have moved from Germany to Shetland to work as a GP and I really enjoy Shetland and so do the animals!

Dr. Heike Braun, Scotland


Charlie the dog

This is my lovely dog Charlie on the beach by sunset. We are from Denmark. The photos had I taken in Hornbæk this is a summercity on the north coast.

Marianne Simonsen, Denmark


A robin in Italy

This is my photo taken in my country house garden in Italy near Rome in winter. I'm an eighty-seven year old man with the passion of English and photography.
This robin is singing and dreaming spring time. It is winter now.

Giovanni Sermasi, Italy


A dog in an autumnal park

This picture was taken at the beginning of October in Oranienbaum, a nice suburb of St. Petersburg. It's just an autumnal landscape with a running dog. Though there are no tourists in this photo a lot of them walk around. The place is popular due to the small baroque palace which belonged to the assistant of Peter I, Alexander Menshikov. Also they are attracted by the charming China palace built by oder of Catherine the Great.

All the best,
Tatiana, Russia



This is in Lahic.This place is one of the historical places which is related to eleventh century and it is very famous for handcraft.

Seymur Baloglanov, Azerbaijan

My dog by the river


This is my dog, we are on the river Tagliamento in the north east of Italy.
We close to San Daniele del Friuli not far to Udine.
This shot shows the natural side of our contry.
It's important to me because I love my dog and also the river.
The river represent a beatiful place all the year. In the summer you
can go to swim or only to get fresh and in the other season you can
jogging or walking.

Best wishes,

De Giorgi Valentino, Italy

A cold winter's afternoon

A cold winter's afternoon

It was a cold winter afternoon. The dog was sitting on the freezing porch of this district post-office and its little body was so vehemently trembling, its eyes were so eagerly looking at each opening of the door that I couldn’t but take the picture of such a faithful and stoic waiting.

Larfei, Chernigov, Ukraine

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