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Calendar 2011: Me and my country now

The photo


This picture was taken on 31 October 2010 in the afternoon at Tawangmangu District, Karanganyar Residence, Central Java.
It is about a man lives in a mountain area and having a horse, along with his horse he earns money for his life and his family. He hires his horse to people and visitors of a hotel who are interest of riding it, that's how he earns his Rupiah.

'Alone in this never ending road, I'll find my way back home' is what this man says to himself.

Farida, Surabaya, East Java Province, Indonesia

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    • 1. At 04:28am on 05 Oct 2011, GOVINDAY wrote:

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    • 2. At 04:29am on 05 Oct 2011, GOVINDAY wrote:

      What a beautiful environment, Riding horse is very exiting experience.

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    • 3. At 11:39pm on 05 Oct 2011, beatriz wrote:

      Beautiful photograph! Congratulations, Farida!

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    • 4. At 6:11pm on 06 Oct 2011, wong yung ying wrote:

      If I have money,I would like to go there.But I don't think I am going to make it.

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    • 5. At 6:42pm on 06 Oct 2011, afef wrote:

      it is a very beautiful picture and the place is wonderful. However,I don't like animals at all.I feel nervous and panic when I get closer to them

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    • 6. At 8:42pm on 06 Oct 2011, Tereza wrote:

      Nice photo! I can even smell the fresh air!

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    • 7. At 8:53pm on 06 Oct 2011, Vito wrote:

      To watch this picture remind me how we are lucky living in our countries with a lot of services.

      Anyway he has a family and to earn money for them made him happy to live.

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    • 8. At 02:47am on 08 Oct 2011, Remi wrote:

      I felt a kind of precariousness for his life, earning his living depending on his valuable horse which is all of his means for making money. Probably, the horse is treated with much affection and care just as one of his family members, among which a little child or children might be, and the child believe the horse as his only friend or brother, like Patrasche was treated carefully by Nello and his grandfather in a movie or a novel of "A Dog of Flanders", by Marie Louise de la Ramée.

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    • 9. At 8:48pm on 09 Oct 2011, Consol wrote:

      Life is hard. But in some places harder than others. So, life is unfair.

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    • 10. At 3:38pm on 11 Oct 2011, VO THI THANH THAO wrote:

      the scene is quite blue and it has somethings like the countryside in Vietnam: quiet and vaporous, specially in raining days because there is much fog and the weather is cool. But in Vietnam, there are no more people riding horse. A man is alone in the never ending road, i like this. Is it in Indonesia?

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    • 11. At 6:53pm on 11 Oct 2011, aquesio wrote:

      Lonely with his thoughts........

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    • 12. At 02:55am on 13 Oct 2011, Farida Arum wrote:

      Hi, everybody.. Thanks for any comments. I am so surprise knowing that my picture is chosen for this month's calendar.

      And yes, it is in Central Java, Indonesia. The place is kind of mountain area with the fresh air and beautiful scenery. It's just so wonderful what that man is doing with his horse.

      I believe, one photograph leads you to many thinking on your mind. Hope you enjoy my snapshot..

      Warmest regards,
      Farida (Indonesia)

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    • 13. At 1:32pm on 14 Oct 2011, candy wrote:

      i can't imagine if i live there like that, but i do think everyone will be happy if they satisfied what they have got.

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    • 14. At 11:54pm on 15 Oct 2011, Maiara Freitas wrote:

      This photo and this place is very beautiful. I love animals. I never having a horse before, but I hope do it soon. This place brings to us some peace.

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