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A lake in Moscow

This was taken on April 30 2011 in Izmaylovskiy Park. It is the old but huge park in the east of Moscow, where I live. The photo was taken at about 10-11am, there were not so many people yet, the water was still and nature just wakening up from winter sleep.

Alina, Russia

Domenico Modica, Italy


A lake in China

I am living in Hong Kong, I would like to share the photo to you I took from 'Shilong' where is a small town in Guangdong, China.
It is a quiet moment at a Saturday afternoon in October 2010, there have a small small house on the beach, with a lake flat as a mirror.

Michael, China


A lake in Siberia

This is a lake situated in Siberian taiga near the city of Eniseysk. Some people consider this 'Monastery lake' as a holy one. I really like the place.



Another entertainment here is a trip on a catamaran. With best wishes, Tatiana


a lake at Soc Son district

This is a lake at Soc Son district (30 kilometres away from Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam) in 2010.

Mai Duc Quynh, Vietnam


A Brazilian lake

This is the Lago Negro (Black Lake), in Gramado. The city is located on Rio Grande do Sul, the South part of Brazil.

Patricia, Brazil

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