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Every country has its customs. Most of Kazakh customs are perfomed especially at wedding. For example, one of them, Betashar - opening ceremony of bride's face (showing the bride and groom's relatives guests) must be accompanied by a traditional song.Another interesting ceremony is called Zholdyk. On the wedding night the wife of the oldest son prepares a bed for the newlyweds, in joking manner gives advice for the wedding night and wish happiness to young. Such a mission entrusted to an exemplary, highly respected, educated woman who has large family. Performing duties daughter in-law looks forward next morning to ask a gift. The groom should thank the daughter-in-law in full and meet the first morning of living with a smile. "Zholdyk" special gift, so the gift must be valuable. There are a lot of traditions, customs. But I gave few of them and It was interesting to me to share it with you. Bye-Bye!


Waiting for the bridal couple

This photo has been taken in Gibellina itself, a town within the Sicilian province of Trapani, Italy. I shot the photo in the afternoon, on July 24th, 2010. It shows the Cathedral of the city, and people waiting for the bride and the groom to come out.

Domenico Modica, Italy


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