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Calendar 2011: Me and my country now

The photo

An Italian wedding

I'm Luisa and I got married with Emilio 2 years ago!

Our meeting was an unexpected gift fallen from heaven! Since than every day looks like a dream!

We got married in Conegliano (50 Km from Venice): it's an old and small medioeval city with the ruins of its castle in a hilly landscape. It is important and known for its wine growing, above all for 'The Prosecco'. The city has the oldest Wine School of Italy.

About our special day?
Our wedding-day was planned after I dreamtabout it. First, we followed the instructions of my dream: ...walking along a medieval street with my bridesmaids and friends....wearing a beautiful red dress...sax music...a lovely poem read during the ceremony... wedding breakfast on our hills...
Second, we tried to plan everything in our simple and natural way of life: no stress for anything, not much money got spent (with the exception of my red dress!). We used part of our gift for a small child-project in Congo, prepared with a friend that is working since 20 years, she goes and comes back from Bondo and Conegliano frequently.
...we received a special handmade gift from Bondo-Congo, another beautiful handmade tablecloth from Burundi...a gift from Australia, another from Bolivia...
a special day with our friends!

Bye Bye
Luisa and Emilio, Italy

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