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Audio Slideshow: London Street Photography

In this special audio slideshow programme, we hear from the curator of a photography exhibition at the Museum of London, and see fascinating pictures of life in London.

Listening challenge

Play the slideshow below and see if you can answer the following two questions:

1. What characterises street photography?

2. How many years of street photography does this exhibition cover?

Answers are at the bottom of the page

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With thanks to the Museum of London. Featured images are copyrighted to Adrian Fisk, Angus Bolton, Bob Tapper, Arthur Eason, John Thomson, Valentine Blanchard, Paul Martin, Cyril Arapoff, Henry Grant, Henry Grant, Bob Colllins, Paul Trevor, Roger Mayne, David Solomons, Stephen McLaren, David Gibson, Mike Seaborne and the Museum of London. The exhibition runs until 4 September 2011.

Vocabulary and definitions

  • characterises - is typical of, or is a big feature of
  • an element of chance- an aspect of luck or coincidence
  • break down ... into chunks - take apart or separate ... into pieces
  • instantaneous photographs - photographs which are taken on a camera which is capable of printing out the image immediately (e.g. Polaroid instant camera)
  • monochrome - here, black and white
  • sepia - deep brown colour
  • old-fashioned glass plates - large pieces of glass which were used in early cameras to take photographs, but are now considered out-of-date in style and design

Answers to the questions

1.What characterises street photography?

Answer: What characterises street photography is an element of chance.

2.How many years of history of street photography does this exhibition cover?

Answer: 170 years.


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