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Speakers' Corner

The third of May is World Press Freedom Day. We went to Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, London and asked people what press freedom and freedom in general means to them.

Speakers' Corner is a famous place where people go to speak freely on any subject.

In this video, we'll introduce you to the language used to express opinions in English.

If you need help, there is a transcript below, but try watching without reading the first time!



Speaker 1.

In my view, I believe in this society we live in freedom. I can go out, I can wear what I like and I can say what I like.

Speaker 2.

As I see it without freedom we have no life.

Speaker 3.

The way I see it, freedom is being able to do what you want, where you want, say what you want, have your own opinions and not being limited by what people might think of you.

Speaker 4.

If you ask me about freedom, freedom is about being yourself. Being free to speak. Freedom of speech.

Speaker 5.

It seems to me that in the media today it's not as free as it will come across. I believe that some things are censored and that some things are exaggerated so it's not as free as it comes across to the public eye.

Your Comments

What are your feelings about press freedom? We asked you to send in your comments. This topic is now closed.


Jeremiah, from India:
In my opinion, freedom is the ability or right to act freely in a right manner.

Hind, from Algeria:
It seems to me that the press isn't free, because each media is associated with a political agenda, and it tell just the facts which serve the interests of this agenda.

Joseph, from United Arab Emirates:
Press freedom is the freedom of a person to express his ideas and reports without fear or favour. My freedom should not exceed to hurt the freedom of my friend to live, grow and expand in legal and just ways.

Revathy, from India:
I'd say that, press freedom is all about free to say what you want, how you want, whomever you want to and the list is endless. It allows the press to express themselves as how they are which is really awesome. Nobody can question them as it's their right but some of them misuse this special right by presenting exaggerated version of the news, though this is the only con I see regarding press freedom. Apart from this, so many good things including Anna Hazare's fast for Rising corruption in India was brought to light by the media and created great awareness among all the Indian citizens, thereby thousands of people supporting the movement. Press also plays a great great role in creating awareness and uniting people from all over the world! I can't imagine a world without Press!!

Clinton, from Hong Kong:
In my point of view, freedom is a human right. For instance, you can express your thought freely, journalists write newspaper without censureship.

Deisus, from Mexico:
As the way I see press freedom is a power for media to express what happened around the world.

Gary, from France:
Press freedom is a sign of democracy but when a journalist or an anchor tells false news or when he lies, he should be punished and sacked.

Bana, from Pakistan:
In my view press freedom is actually means that media is fully independent and publishing, issuing, or printing news without being censored, scared, threats and without having any ambiguity or punishment. In Pakistan media is not as such free as this is in European and others countries. And freedom in general means that someone has his rights to live, speak and work freely.

Rachid Chahoub, from Morocco:
I guess the press freedom is very important for us. Press-men-women must be responsible of what they says. But also they must respect the conditions of this job and must tell us the truth as it is. But but we must not let their comment or researches with no observation??

Marco, from Italy:
The way I see it the press is not free as it could be; too much economic interests influence the most important media. It's important to maintain public media and to take some news from the blogs r free press on Internet.

Anders, from Denmark:
I think that press freedom is a very good thing. The idea of press freedom is quite amazing. You can say what you want, isn't that extraordinary?

Abdulahi, from Somalia:
Freedom is a gift given to every by Allah, within but under roof specified.

Alexander, from Russia:
From my point of view press freedom an important component of citizen life of any state. But, unfortunately, not in all countries rights of freedom speech are equal. So in Russia still there is an influence of the authorities on work of mass media, but the situation changes every year to the best.

I think freedom of speech can be both beneficial and destroying, depending on how you use it and what you use it for. USA is considered the freest nation in the world but they keep destroying the world.

Amy, from China:
The way i see it, press freedom sometimes is bad for us because there is a saying in china that is disaster comes from mouth, so press freedom should be used properly.

Stephanie Ramirez, from Chile:
In my opinion freedom is be able to enjoy your life but it finish when you invade the space of other person.

Ali, from Somaliland:
Freedom is to give people every thing they needed without pressure.

Jam, from China:
The way I see is that freedome can not built on somebody's suffering, not only freedom in language but also need concern to others.

Slavica, from Montenegro:
The way I see it being completly free to say what one think is still risk, in lot of places over the world. The word can make you free or kill you. We are still in process of reaching freedom of press.

Abel Barbosa Pinzon, from Colombia:
As a matter of fact freedom is important thing, if is handle with responsability.

Christopher, from Poland:
In my opinion, Freedom means to be able to express yourself in any area of life without concern of what other people maight think. Moreover we should appriciate what we have right now because this freedom we can enjoy thanks to our grandparents. So thank you.

Marcela from Colombia:
It seems to me that press is not as free as we think. In my country it is dangerous to say what we want to say, or what we think about something. Sometimes it's no possible to give our own opinions, because one can be punished!

Doga, from Turkey:
Freedom is given us by God from the first moments of our lifes. Everbody is free to choose what he /she likes, to say whatever he /she thinks is true/false. We can censor a book, an article, a film but can we censor or stop our thoughts or feelings about something even for while?

Miona from China:
Free speech is the most important right to be free for everyone.

Kang Myoung Soo, from R.F Korea:
Press Freedom of Korea is partly free and is ranked 70th in the world. I feel that fact when i watch the tv news program because all news program is same format and same contents. In my view, I believe that someone control press and broadcasting.

Hsiu Yun, from Taiwan:
Freedom, not only to do what you want, but have concern about others. Don't make your happiness on people's suffering. Everyone wants freedom, and not violation! What you don't like, do not do it to others.

Takurou Hayahara, from Japan:
I think the press freedom is very important, however, we have to understand the press opinion is the reflection within the limitation of public people's rules.

Lee, from China:
Freedom is being yourself: free to speak - freedom of speech. One of the general values in the world is freedom. Freedom is part of human rights.

Alexander, from Ukraine:
My point of view toward freedom is that everybody involved in it has equal rights in society and has free possibilities to say and think what they want without being limited.

Wang, from China:
Press freedom in China is always being overlooked, and we accept it naturally.

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