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Express your opinion in English

Speakers expressing their opinions on press freedom

Try using these phrases yourself to express your opinion

Listen to this audio programme for a more in-depth look at the language used in our Speakers' Corner video.


Try to answer these questions:


Which speaker says without freedom we have no life?

Speaker 2.

Which speaker says that in this society we have freedom to wear what we like?

Speaker 1.

Which speaker says freedom is about freedom of speech?

Speaker 3.

After you've listened, you can download the audio and script on the right of this page.

Get together with some friends and have a conversation about freedom. Try using some of these expressions.

Your Comments

We asked you to send us your comments using one of the expressions in the programme. This topic is now closed.


Redwana Samy, from Egypt:
In my view Humans have been created to live in free atmosphere. Freedom should not be reduced in "wearing what I want or to say what I want", those are some personal needs. Nowadays, as I see it, press should respect our mind, no brain washing, no prejudice, no war on minds, freedom is the right of all Human beings, without looking at their religion, their colours, their ages, their nationalities...

Natalia, from Brazil:
In my view, freedom is essential to development.

S.A. Malik, from Sri Lanka:
In my view, freedom is being allowed to get one's legitimate share in every situation without any obstruction from another one.

Alka Sharma, from India:
In my view freedom of press does not mean that you have the liberty to do whatever you want or you have the power to manipulate whatever you like. Freedom of press comes along with moral and social responsibilities which would go further in making a better tommorrow for our future generations to come.

Hind, from Algeria:
In my view, press freedom is very important to fighting corruption.

Aarab, from Maroc:
In my view, freedom means to do what you want without any limitations.

Dasha, from Russia:
In my view, freedom is when there are no restrictions in any action, no censorship, and everyone can talk and think and express their views without fear of punishment.

Taleb, from Mauritania:
In my view, freedom is not only saying what you want or doing what you want, but the real freedom is when everbody enjoys his freedom without limiting the freedom of others.

Emilia, from Italy:
In my view press freedom is the highest form of democracy. A country is really democratic only when everybody can express their opinions openly without fear.

Helio Sacone, from Brazil:
In my view the society will be more sensible if the people could say what they think.

Huda, from Yemmen:
If you ask me freedom is when you can change what you don't like.

Wendy, from China:
In my view there is not absolute press freedom. But generally, people should be able to express their opinion, in private or public.

Siham Abdoh, Egypt:
In my view freedom is the most important thing that humans can have, but from where we can buy it. Freedom is being yourself.

Carlos Bedon, from Ecuador:
In my view, currently there isn't press freedom in my country.
actually some media was censured and the president sues journalists. it's a pity.

Alberto Tavora, from Brazil:
In my view, we are living in the middle of a the globalization culture. Distance is something of the past. There is no space to lack of knowledge. There is no how to hide subjects or news about anything. If you ask me about freedom, the internet is a proof. Press freedom is a powerful tool to become people more strong, more prepared to face problems or then simply accept them.

Yoko Matsunaga, from Japan:
If you ask me about press freedom, it is one of the right that people have. But as I see it, it always should be with the consideration about its effect and that sometimes may produce some harm to someone.

Antonio Pla, from Spain:
Well, in my view, freedom is based on the will to live the way you choose but being aware all the people are entitled to this right.

Barbara, from Greece:
In my view freedom is a basic precondition to live a life with dignity.

Lisa Gritzmann, from Germany:
In my view freedom means to accept different opinions, especially about the most important subjects as religion, education, politics, the arts and so on. There has to be the possibility to discuss, to publish, to exhibit, to perform, to learn, to participate socially.

Anderson Quaglio, from Brazil:
I have liked very much the BBC Learning English, specially last poster called "Express your Opinion in English". In my opinion it is very helpful to introduce a discourse.

Sergio, from Italy:
In my view nowadays freedom and press freedom are in danger, everywhere. As I see it, we must gain them every day. It fortunately seems people all around the world are really freedom-aholic!!

Sonia Castro, from Brazil:
In my view I can't imagine to live without freedom. Freedom is one of the most important thing in the life.

JH, from Republic of Korea:
In my view, freedom is the best present given to us.

Razieh, from Iran:
In my view, freedom means doing whatever you want without bothering other people.

Guilherme, from Brazil:
As I see it, press freedom is essential part for any democracy.

Parmi, from Italy:
In my view, I think you ought to propose more exercises like this one. Thank you, Parmi.

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