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Calendar 2011: Me and my country now

The photo

Clouds of smoke overhead a snowy landscape in winter in Poland

There was a beautiful morning during our short winter holiday in the most charming place I know. It's name is Radocyna - the forsaken country in the south of Poland where only a few people live and where cellphones are useless. I went for a short walk before breakfast.

Luckily I had got my camera with me so I could to stop this beautiful view. There was nobody I could inquire about these fumes. I guess it was a charcoal burning. We can wonder what that was for. Maybe they produced charcoal for cooking in their kitchens, for us to barbecueing, for purifications liquids, or for artist to sketching. Regardless of what was the answer the fumes wonderfully compose themselves in this winter landscape. Aren't they?

Best regards
Marek Mieszkowski, Poland

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