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Reading 3: Informal vocabulary

Section one: relationship status

Look at the relationship status updates below. Can you tell whether these people have boyfriends, girlfriends or are married?

Take romantic status updates


Who is going to get married?

Maria Goldie

Who has a very informal, relaxed relationship?


Who is in a serious relationship?


Who has a boyfriend / girlfriend?


Who isn't in a relationship?


Some flowers

Section two: a text message exchange

Click on the buttons below to read an SMS exchange. Then answer the questions underneath.

A text message exchange

Questions about the conversation

What is Sarah's relationship to Brian?

He used to be her boyfriend or husband.

Does Mark want Sarah to have fun with Brian?

No. That's what he writes, but he doesn't mean it.

What phrase means, 'We have talked about this before and we don't need to discuss it again'?

'We've been over this.'

Look at the words used in the conversation. What are some affectionate names for a boyfriend or girlfriend?

babe, darling, sweetheart, honey

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