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Meals with friends


A meal at an English class in Turkey

This picture was taken today (21 February). We are learning English (Conversation class). My friends are very friendly and hard workers. We are in break time, we prefer to drink a tea and eat simit (Turkish speciality).

Suna Erko, Turkey


The people who live in  the  neighborhood of villas of the Grande Motte organise a meal

Every summer, almost all the people who live in the neighborhood of villas of the Grande Motte organise a meal with their neighbours, their friends and family to have a good time. It's very friendly....

Anne-Marie, France


A Brazilian BBQ

This picture was taken at my Brazilian friend's home, in Healdsburg, California, USA. I and my friends were doing an internship in Sonoma County, then my boyfriend and his family had gone there to visit us. We made a barbecue Brazilian style to remind us of home.

Natália Santos, Brazil


These photographs were taken at the time of my Bridal occasion on 18 June, 2010. While I was being having a piece of goat meat that was very funny for me.
Anwarul Islam, Bangladesh

Siberia, Russia

A meal with a four legged friend

This is a picture of my four-legged friend and me :-)
Best wishes,

Irina Puzikova, Russia


Meal after a mountain walk

I´m in a mountain group. We usually go to the mountains at the weekend. After climbing we have a meal, a beer .... This photo was taken on the 13th of november in a tasca in a little village in the north of Madrid. We enjoy being together a lot.

Natividad Expósito García, Spain

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