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Sunrises and sunsets


Sunset in Indiana, USA

This photograph was taken in the city of Lafayette in Indiana, United States. I was there for a trip. Earlier that day, my friend and I braved a terrifying spring storm on the highway. Moments later, the sun peeped before setting with a golden glow.



Sunset on Föhr Island in Germany

I send you one of my sunset photos. I took it at the end of a walk across the mudflats in August 2009. The location is the North Frisian island of Föhr in Germany. The (January calendar) photo from Farshad is amazing. It reminds me of the sight to the Mount Kilimanjaro caught in 2005. The gleaming sun behind the volcano and the beams of light in the silver lined clouds are fascinating.

Reiner Bergmann, Germany


I just would like to share with you this picture I took in July 2009. It is sunrise at Seliger Lake, Russia.

Konstantin Tsvetkov, Russia


Sunrise from near an oil processing rig off the coast of Brazil

I work on an off-shore installation established in Brazil. This picture was taken at 06.40 a.m., on the left you can see a fixed platform. I was on board the unit in which the oil is processed and stored till the offloading. During summer we usually have more than 13 hours of daylight, I love living in Brazil!

Edson de Carvalho, Brazil


When I get vacation, I go off for travel and enjoy the magnificant beauty of nature around me. Sometime I journey on trains and buses. This photograph was taken at the time of my journey from Dhaka to Chandpur. Click the numbers below to see more of my photos.

Anwarul Islam, Bangladesh


Sunset at Punta del Este, Uruguay.

This picture was taken in a wonderful and mistic place: Casapueblo, Punta del Este, Uruguay. I really enjoyed seeing the sunset, this place is magic, you can breathe the armony and the peace of the universe there.

Maria Julia Magallanes Gonzalez, Uruguay.


Here we can see the last ray of sunlight on the pyramids and the first lights on the town of La Grande-Motte in Languedoc Rousillon, France. La Grande-Motte is a new city for people from all countries who likes to be beside the seaside... it's a paradise for photographers.

Anne-Marie Valat, France


This is the wonderful vision that I have in front of my window every afternoon. I really love to watch the sunset and I'm always with the camera making new photos. I live in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil and this is the sunset on the field.

Ana Paula Batista, Lupércio - São Paulo, Brazil


Photo of the sun in the sky taken through the window of a plane

I'd like to share one of my photographs with you. I took it early in the morning when I was over Chile on my way to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in December 2010.

Miguel, Colombia


sunrise in Ukraine

That's the sunrise of my birthday. The meadow is next to the river Desna not far from the town of Chernihiv, Ukraine. The combination of morning mist, unceasingly changing skies and the rising sun of a warm summer day made gorgeous unforgettable pictures I was happy to take, seeing them as the best present for my birthday and a good sign for my destiny.

Larisa Leonova, Ukraine

Turkey (Türkiye)

My photograph was taken when I was doing blue cruise between Marmaris- Fethiye. It was rainy day. We saw sunrises and sunsets during the week.

Suna Erkoç

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