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Pantomime: Cinderella: Part Three

The ugly sisters try on the slipper.

The BBC Learning English team have been acting out a special pantomime for you. It's the story of Cinderella and now you can enjoy the final part.

The story so far... Cinderella's dream, to dance with Prince Stephen, has finally come true. But as midnight struck she had to dash home before the Fairy Godmother's magic ran out. In the rush, she left one of her glass slippers behind and now the Prince is searching the land to find the foot that fits it.

He plans to marry the owner of this slipper, so does that mean Cinderella can start planning for her wedding day or will her ugly sisters steel the show?


Pantomime: Cinderella: Part Three

Listen out to see if you can identify these idioms that the characters use:


Two peas in a pod

Very similar people.

To tie the knot

To marry someone.

To keep an eye on something

To monitor someone or something closely.

The Pantomime Dame

Pantomime is a mix of music, dance, slapstick and buffoonery. There are colourful and outrageous costumes. It is a fun, family feast of entertainment. In the UK the pantomime has become an annual treat for the family around Christmas time.

Recently it has become popular to have a famous film or TV celebrity to perform the leading roles in these colourful plays. It has always been a tradition for the leading male character to be played by a woman. And to add some magic there is always a fairy or a genie. There are no dames in our BBC Learning English pantomime but Derm and Finn do try their best to act as women!

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