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September: your photos



In this picture, my brothers and sister clad in traditional dress called as 'baju melayu' for male and 'baju kurung' for female and was taken during Eid-al-fitri celebration. This picture is captured at my mother's village where we go celebrate the Eid by visiting our relatives which is only once a year. In the picture, they found a few caterpillars and watching them since it is unique and rarely found in a busy city, where we currently lived now.

Nur Atiqa,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



I send you a picture of Lithuanian true mushrooms.
It's very tipical for Lithuanians to go mushrooming in the fall, when you can find a lot of varies mushrooms in the forests. In September in small south town of Lithuania - Varena, which is known as "Capital of Mushrooms", the Mushroom Festival sets up.

Yours faithfully,

Aldona Paulauskiene, Lithuania



Ganesh chaturuthi is one of India's biggest Hindu festivals celebrated for 10 days all over India; it is the birthday of Lord Ganesha (Son of Lord Shiva). Statues of Ganesh are sculptured and installed in colourful decorated homes and specially erected temporary structures called Mantapas in every locality. After 10 days the idols are immersed in river or lakes. The picture is take in one of the places in Hyderabad, India called Khairatabad, every year the biggest statue in Andhra Pradesh, India is prepared and installed here, the height of the statue is around 40 feet.


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