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August: your photos



The photo was taken in August 2009 on a folk-dance festival with participant from all over the world. The photo shows the traditional footwear of men and a bottle of wine which is typical of Hungary and the national colours.

Ágnes Kristó



"A hut is a holy place of the Earth"

It is a regional festivity held with programm "Life and culture of the Russian North". The venue of the festivity was Byryakovo, Sokol district, on the 16th of August, 2009.

It is not only the walls that make the living quarters hospitable - but it is also pies, beverages, folk dishes of the dwellers and ritual kasha Salamat.

There is ceremony of the opening of craft competition.Then a tour round the village and "hut's seeing". Also a lot of competitions between villagers and visitors (involving household utensils, rituals, associated with decoration and izba).

The festivity is held for the first time in our region and it is devoted to the traditional folk wood architecture of the Russian North and in particular to a traditional Russian peasant's wooden hut and ritual ceremonies. A dwelling place includes three main aspects "Human being - his Home - Cosmos"

Alena A

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