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Costumes and celebrations: August

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Puquio, Ayacucho celebrations

In Puquio - Ayacucho - Perú, people celebrate a festival in February. Most of them are people of older people: they dance all along the city and go around the population. They celebrate the arrival of the rainy season in order to grow fields and provide food to the community.

Of course they speak Qechua the native language of the Incas in The Tawantinsuyo empire.


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    • 1. At 00:00am on 25 Aug 2010, ines rocio wrote:

      HI! Peru is beautiful and interesting... he costumes of Peru are emotions.

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    • 2. At 04:16am on 27 Aug 2010, Gisela von Brunn wrote:

      Just two comments to the quote below:

      In Puquio - Ayacucho - Perú, people celebrate a festival
      in February. Most of them are people of older people...

      - In Bolivia and Peru the rainy time starts in November, not February. (There may be a feast in February, but with a different purpose.)
      - "People of older people..." has to be reformulated.

      Nice photographs!!

      And - we wish the rains would start soon, 8 out of 9 departments in Bolivia are under the smoke from the Amazon wildfires!

      Gisela von Brunn

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    • 3. At 08:38am on 27 Aug 2010, sero_03 wrote:

      Costumes and celebration in Peru are very impressive, I love looking at people having fun in what they do or singing or dancing even if it is just having fun with each other. at first sight, as a tourist you may confuse with some protest action (not uncommon in Peru) and may try to get all your stuff in safe as much as possible, but then when you find out that it is a local party you will probably be amazed by the colorful of their dresses or simply by the way they dance, the music can be lively or by some occasion can sound sad. adults are active in local celebrations as well. finally, when you don't understand the language and may be chilly and loud it promises loads of fun ... that`s PERU

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    • 4. At 7:17pm on 29 Aug 2010, yeanetteal wrote:

      Probably this is one of thousands of celebrations in Perú, The most famous are the Inti Raimi in Cuzo, The Vendimia en Ica and there are another interesting in Kuelap, it´s rather important to know the dates of celebrations for having a great moment.

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    • 5. At 5:26pm on 30 Aug 2010, Marta wrote:

      Hello, i´m Marta. Perú is my second hometown and i had lived in Arequipa that is second city in Perú 2 month ago. i remeber that Arequipa have traditional Festival on 15 August, Independence day. At that time, all people of Arequipa dance in centre with parade. That is amazing and especial scene like a movie. They are pleasant and nice people.

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    • 6. At 1:43pm on 08 Sep 2010, Cristiane de Souza da Silva wrote:

      It's a great photo and a beautiful festival. Congratulations for keeping this celebration.

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    • 7. At 6:56pm on 09 Sep 2010, YuliaG wrote:

      Hello, I'm Yulia from Russia.
      The photos fully show the originality of Peruvians. I think the festival is a good economic measure to raise harvest in the country. Why not?
      Perhaps somebody knows about summer forest and peat-bog fires in Russia. All the Russians waited pouring rain for almost 2 months. Maybe such a timely festival could speed up the arrival the rainy season in my country. (I must thank the wise Peruvians for a good idea).
      Now we assess damages due to the fires and hope that such hot summer will never happen again.

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