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Costumes and celebrations: July

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Mongolian wedding celebrations

I'm from Mongolia. My name is Erdenesuvd Enhkhtaivan. The traditional costume of the Mongols has a rich history spanning many centuries. The costumes are used in different situations, for example: somebody rides on horseback over the steppe, or he dances at a national festival. The conditions of climate influence on the kind of dress, with different costumes for the seasons of the year.
This picture is of my father and brother on my wedding day. My home is behind them: we call our traditional dwelling place a Ger. My father and brother are dressed our traditional clothes too.


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There are two kinds of important wedding ceremonies in Mongolia. One of them is the traditional wedding ceremony. The couple wears traditional clothes called "Deel". The Deel is made from cotton and silk with patterns Another one kind of the wedding ceremony is modern wedding ceremony. The groom dresses in a dark coloured suit and the bride wears a white coloured gown. The weddings are celebrated in the restaurants, the wedding palace and at home. In this picture my father is blessing us at the Wedding Palace.

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    • 1. At 5:27pm on 02 Jul 2010, 2317 wrote:

      That´s amazing to see the gap between different cultures isnt´it? We occidental people have traditional weadings, held according to religious ritual and traditional dressing. I couldn´t help being surprised when I looked at their photo because they not only wear special clothing but also perform a very peculiar ceremony.

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    • 2. At 02:42am on 05 Jul 2010, msadao wrote:

      Hello collegue.
      This is the first time I write.
      I liked the wedding photo, acording yours tradition and culture.
      The costumes are very beautiful.
      I always had interesting for mongolic culture.

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    • 3. At 2:31pm on 08 Jul 2010, Zolzaya wrote:

      I'm from Mongolia too. I haven't married yet. So I don't have any wadding pictures. Not every Mongolian wedding is like this. Nowadays mongolian people are marrying in modern style.

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    • 4. At 05:42am on 09 Jul 2010, Saina wrote:

      Hi? Nice pictures :)
      Best wishes to you and your family

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    • 5. At 5:29pm on 11 Jul 2010, jennifer54 wrote:

      Here in Sardinia (Italy's island just below Corse) weddings are very similar.
      During the ceremony you can see people wearing traditional Sardinian costumes and modern clothes as well.
      The two mothers(the bride's and groom's) throw a mixture of rice, corn, coins, almond iced little sweets and roses, taken from a dish, towards the wedding couple when they leave the parents' house.
      Our traditional dish is roasted piglet and ravioli (filled pasta) made by sheep cheese.
      Our traditional drink is red wine called "cnnonau" and "monica". There is a great variety of wines here and people like to get drunk. In my little island the number of sheep is three times the number of people living here today. Many people still go abroad to get a decent job. Bye. Jennifer.

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