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June: Your photos


Photo 1
Every 26th of June, we celebrate the Independence day. This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Independence and we celebrated it by wearing some of our traditional costumes. Rado Harintsoa Rakotosamimana


A Spanish bullfighter

The theme is the bull-fight, 'corrida de toros', typical in Spain. The picture was taken in León in 2007 June. If I am sincere, I do not like that traditional costume, because it is difficult to see but it is very beautiful for taking pictures.

Thanks and regards!

Fernando Otero Perandones


La Noche de San Juan

I'm Elvira, from Alicante, Spain. I love your site. Isn't incredible people from all over the world working and enjoying together?

The photograph I send you is not good, but I feel happy to participate in this large family and in your projects. I took this picture last June in our local "fiesta". Every year we build huge structures of wood and paper and we burn them in the "Noche de San Juan", the 24th of June, while the music is playing very loud and people dance around the fire.

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