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Coffee cookies

Lucy Chen

This recipe was sent in by Lucy Chen from Taiwan

People who are not used to the bitter taste of coffee can still enjoy the great smell of coffee. Coffee cookie is another choice! It also goes perfectly with tea or milk.

Lucy Chen

Coffee cookies

The finished dish

Ingredients (makes about 28 cookies)

  • 200g unsalted butter
  • 120g brown sugar
  • 3 teaspoons of coffee powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of hot water
  • 200g (plain) flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 100g corn flour
  • 1 teaspoon of soda powder
  • 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder


  1. Mix the coffee powder and water together to make a smooth paste.
  2. Mix the butter and sugar together until smooth. Then add the coffee mixture and blend together.
  3. Sieve the flour, baking powder, corn flour, soda and cocoa powder into the mixture. Mix everything together evenly to make a dough.
  4. Wrap the dough in plastic film wrap for half hour. (In summer, put into a fridge)
  5. Break off some dough, roll in to a ball and then press it into a thin and flat circle (about 6 cm in diameter). Do the others in the same way.
  6. Heat the oven. Bake at 160°C (310°F/Gas3) for 12 minutes and then turn down to 100°C (212°F/Gas ¼) and bake for another 7 minutes.
  7. Turn off the heat and leave the cookies in the oven for 5 minutes.


  • Different coffee beans make the cookies taste different!.
  • Don’t roll the dough too thin. Move the cookie from baking plate only when they are cool enough to avoid breaking them.

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Leandro Ferdinando, Cabo Verde
good recipe,delicious.I will have it in the sunday.

Elena, Ukraine
I will bake it on the next weekend))!!! Thank you!

Magi, Myanmar
I like it, thanks

It is nice!I think I wanna have a try.

Zubair Sayeed, Bangladesh
There is no doubt, it is an excellent recipe; but I'm too lazy to prepare it.

Francesca & Giulia, Italy
Good recipe!!! thank you =)

Edith Cheung
Good sharing,I'll try to make it.Thanks.

Lucy, Korea
I used to bake Tofu cookies with sesame..Coffee cookie is a good idea!It's very simple and good recipe. I'll try to bake the cookies.Thank you!!

Archana Tripathi, India
Hi Lucy you made my day i love cookies.Its very easy to make cookies through your reciepe.

Edenilso S. Matarazzo, Brazil
good recipe,it´s good with juice,tea,refrigerant and milk with chocolate.thank you by recipe

Mohamed, Brazil
it´s very good recipe,with tea is great

Kim ah hyun, Korea
I think that's good enough to the manwho are not used to the bitter taste of coffee. It looks so delicious.most important thing is that coffee is a common ingredient that we can find it all around the world!I want to have to try it.but i'm on a diet..However thank you for your good recipe!!!

Crystal, Korea
Wow~~very nice^^Thanks for your recipe.This is very simple, I'll try it^^

Amy Kim, South Korea
Thanks for your very nice recipe^^Try it!!

Emma, Taiwan
It is so happy to see receipt from Taiwan, I will try to make it and good luck for eveyone lor!!!

Lucas, Uruguay
we are in a rural school in zapican lavalleja, and we loved your recipe next class we will cook it. Thank you!!!

Hypo, Taiwan
Good cookies, lady!

I want to try it,it seems delicious.

Thoese cookies looks delicious, Thank you for your sharing. I'm so happy to read this

hi'i like coffe flavour.i will try this recipe soon.tanks

Margo, Russia
Thanks for you recipe, it`s realy easy. I love to baking different pies, and cookie too. I gonna try to bake it. :)))

Fathima,Sri Lanka
First, I would like to thak to teach me this recipe. And I was tried it. It was very tasty. And I enjoyed it very well. Thak you.

Maite, Barcelona
Very good cookies, we had a lovely the, with frends

Sabrina, Italy
I love it! It goes perfectly with milk( but tea isn't fit i believe) Thanks for posting it! Yummy!!!!!

Jen Lee, Hong Kong.
I don't like too much butter because it seems unhealthful. I will try to use vege-oil instead of butter.

Shayna Rose, Iran
thanks for your easy recipe,I will try it for my dad becuse he likes sweet with his coffee. thanks

Sky, Taiwan
Wow! It looks great! Thank you for your sharing, and I will make a try.Sky

H.J Lee South Korea
Not yet!I try it .......

Delicious, I LIKE AND LOVE THIS RECIPIE. I HAVE TRIED IT MANY TIMES.its really very easy to try as you said lucy. Thnx.

Selene, Mexico
I love make cookies, I´ll try to do this, it looks delicious, and I love the coffee too mmmmmmmmmm..... yummy

Wow! I've heard of chocolate cookies but coffee...not! It's kind of delicious and also goes with my favorite drink:tea=

Melissa, Panama
Those cookies looks delicious, I want to cook it someday, thanks for recipe.

Amita Sengupta, India
Hi Lucy,I'm from India.I had already tried "Coffee Cookies" yesterday.It turned out to be fantastic both tastewise and lookwise.Thank you once again for your recipe.Looking forward to your other interesting recipes.

Amy, Taiwan
Wow, it looks so yummy. Definitely a good choice for afternoon tea. i'll give me a try:)

Thank you lucy.. I will try your recept in next holiday.. I prefer make a chocolate because i love chocolate..

Luiz Takeda, Brazil
hi, I ate these cookies near here are many good,now with this recipe, I do always,and with coffee and milk are delicious.

Marisa, Galicia, Spain
I've just made your cookies. They taste delicious. Thanks. (I made them with chocolate instead of coffee)

Eduardo, Brazil
I tried the recipe and I didn't expect like it so much! The cookies are terrifics!I trade the brown sugar for sugar and the unsalted butter por salted butter and everything went well.

Kerry, Perú
Thanks Lucy! Your recipe is great! doesn't take to much time to do it and you don't know how much I love coffee...

So happy to read this.I will try it fore sure.Thanks.

Antonio, Spain
This recipe is very good.I have tried it twice, and I have tasted your fantastic cookies.I have made the cookies with your recipe as you said

Cho, Korea
Thanks for your recipe, Lucy. I'll try it tomorrow. It doesn't seem to be difficult. I love Coffee and Cookie.

Nuri, Turkmenistan
Hello my dear friends. I'm impressed from this recept. Because we have to similar food and we to give a name 'izgara'. And because of this similarity I can take decision to marry with Taiwanese girl. Thanks for everyone and who joining this side please write your opinion. This one way to learn about diffrent cultures. I'm inviting everyone to write.

it's great to see a recipe from Taiwan!I would like to try it and hope I can make it well!

Evandro, Brazil
Thanks, very nice recipe, I prefer with coffee. ~~

Jo, Poland
Sounds great!I loooove cookies!

Djahida T, Algeria
Thank you Lucy,It's very easy. I want to know more about your Cuisine mainly traditional dishes.

Suk, Viet Nam
Thank for your recipe, I'll try to cook

Ameera, Suadi Arabia
Thank you Lucy , I think This recipe is very tasty. I will cook it in future.

Hi Lucy...I'm Italian ...I read this recipe and I like it...I'll try to cook these cookies...I propose you this ricipe:Cotoletta alla milanese:you need2 a steak1 eggsome bread crumbssome ham...first shake the two eggsthen take the steak and immerse them in the eggsand then bread itput a slice of ham on itand fry for 5 minutsWhen you see the ham is liquefyturn off the gasand the steak is redyI hope you enjoyed...Bye...

Suada, Italy
Hi Lucy, I'm from Italy, and I'm in internet lab with my teacher I have read your recipe.I like it, as soon as at home I will bake it. I propose typical Italian recipe: spaghetti. Ingredients:500g of spaghettia glas of tomato sauce parmisean cheese Touch oh salt Boil the water, pour the spaghetti inside the water and leave to boil for 10 minutes.Drain the spaghetti, and mix the tomato souce with some cheese.I hope you like this recipe. Bye bye. Suada

Rua, Vietnam
This recipe looks good,but I haven't ever eaten this food. I hope I'll enjoy this cake. especially, I'll try to base myself on instructions to make cookies..^^!

Kalid, Qatar
i have tried this at cafe but didn't cook it at home , i hope to try it at home,,, my all pleasures

Thanks for this easy recipe.I will try it soon.Actually baking is my passion,so I bake different varieties of cookies quite often.

I really want to try this recepe! coz I am cragy about cofee tastes.I think this recipe has nice way to make cookies.As the ingredients are simple,in addition to that, not so difficult. If I have time,I am sure I will chalenge it!

Tereza, Czech republic
It looks delicious. I will definitely try it. But corn flour is in our country quite unusual and expensive - is it possible to use the wheat flour?

Zeynep, Turkey
Hımmmm, thanks for this recipe!!! I will try it:)

Sahar, Saudi
It looks mouth-watering.Thanx Lucy for the method.

thanks.I'll try it.! :)

Thanks a lot! It looks yummy! ^x^

Bisb, Eth
Thank you for sharing the idea. I haven’t been tested it but, I will try it as soon as possible with my family.

Kelly,Hong Kong
Thanks Lucy!I love coffee.The recipe is quite easy.I will try to cook it for my friends who like coffee too! :D

Eunice, Taiwan
It sounds not difficult!I'll try it!

Lydia, Slovenia
Thank you for post this recipe! I will try it! I like cookies and dip it into the tea or white coffee (cafe latte) - ;o)

Andrey, Ukrain
Sounds good. I hope i will have enough free time to bake them.Thank you for sharing this recipe.

thanksi,ll try to cook it

Chungyui, China
I haven't been tasted it... But it seems very delicious!! and i expect to taste it as soon as possible

Meryam, Saudi Arabia
thank you is very easy i will try to cook it..really it seems delicious>..(*_~)

Beatriz, Argentina
Thanks Lucy Chan for the recipe. I´m going to try it. I think these cookies are delicious because of the taste and smell of the coffee.

Sereshik, Ukraine
to my mind cookies is the best on our Planet.In our countries also is looks like cookies. thank you.

Sophia, Hungary
I'm not tried it yet, but I will, now I'm printig the recipe...

Marisa, Italy
I often cook biscuits in winter and my children are very happy especially when they help me! These coffee biscuits seem perfect for breakfast so I'll try to make them very soon! Bye


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