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Costumes and celebrations: January

The photo

Colourful costumes in Leh

"I was backpacking in Leh: I took that picture during the Dalai Lama’s visit for a teaching in Nubra Valley near Leh"

Shahram Zoghi

About Leh

Leh is a city at an altitude of 3,500 meters in India, near the border with China. It is the capital of the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh. Ladakh means "land of high passes" and lies between the Karakoram mountains and the Himalayas. The people who live there are of Indo-Aryan and Tibetan descent. It is sometimes called "Little Tibet" and the Ladakhi culture is similar to Tibetan culture.

Every occasion is celebrated with feasting, dancing and singing: marriage, birth, harvesting, and so on. Most of the festivals are held in winter. Both men and women weave the colouful cloth used to make waistcoats, hats and boots.

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Aj.Yaowapa, Thailand
Hello BBC, Hello Shahram Zoghi,Thank you for the beautiful picture and the interesting story about Leh. I have no idea about Leh before either but I heard some about Tibet and Himalayas. The famous festival in Chumphonbui/Surin is Eel Fair which is held every

Emi, Japan
I am happy looking about this fhoto.because I weared like this costume when i traveled in Leh old time.In that time I made friends with ladakki, she lent me her wedding costume.It was very nice costume.So now I am remembering about people, temple, nature in leh.

Emma, China
I've never been to Leb before, but I think it would be fun to be there and celebrate the events with them after I read this article. I'm always fond of those beautiful waistcoats. Feels like TV guys when you put on them.

Sajid Ali, Pakistan
customs and celebrations in leh was a very interesting one.i belong to the same Himaliyan region,Nagar is my valley where same customs and traditions are being held in winter.

Lili, China
In general, Chinese will celebrate Spring Festival. Since it is the most important festival in China. What is more, it is a good time that all the families and friends get together.However, in differet area have differet ways to celebrate. It is Chiese brief that new clothes must be worn on the first 2 days of Lunar New Year.

Samten, Ladakh
Ladakh the land of loving people who welcomes every with with open heart and open house.. we welcome you all to see this wonderful kingdom Ladakh.. Jullay.. means Hello in Ladakhi

Wiola Poland
Very nice photo!Orginal cloths:)!

John, Colombia
Is an Exelent festival, I want to be there all the years, I was working in Leh two months

Mah Kadidia, Mali
Their smiles are very beautiful !!! It like it

Shamim , Bangladesh
This is a wounderful picture

Liropeya, Venezuela
This picture is beatiful.I hope I can visit Leh, and enjoy this culture. :)

Joyce, Brasil
Hi! I'm from Brazil, we are on vocation in january, most of people, so ... it's time to go to the beach. By the way, I never heard before about Leh, sorry. But now I want to know more about there. The people on this picture are very happy and peaceful, and their clothes and hats are funny and beautifull

Tsering, India
Hello BBC, I am from Nubra valley. I am very glad to see this snap.

SEVEN Chinese
I'm chinese.IN january,we have our Spring Festive.It's the most important festive for us .So I like this festive.

I have been to Yunnan,i think its culture is similar to Tibet and also like Leh. I like them very much

Gias, Bangladesh
Something different,so nice.

Zoe, Taiwan
I like the picture so much. As Percy Bysshe Shelley said if winter comes, can spring be far behind.

Ariel, Taiwan
I like this picture. The hats are so cute. :)

Md.Sujanfarazi, Bangladesh
location & picture very very beautiful. i like it.

Oscar, Mexico
I think that is a great picture and i hope that i can go to Leh in the next years because these place seems to be very peaceful well thank very much bye¡¡¡¡¡

Nguyen Hai Quynh, Vietnam
Their smiles are beautiful. Wish them a happy life :)

Rosalia, Russia
Oh, it`s fantastic!I suppose They are very happy.

Nevin, Turkey
It must be just the photo of happiness! Their smiles are sparkling as a sunshine :)

Vivien, Hong Kong
surprised to know the lovely place is located in india, as they look like chinese. Seeing that beautiful picture & simple introduction about the city, feel interested in to know more.

Alaa, Sudan
They are beautiful and funny, their clothes and hats are flowerished, they look happy

Shadi, Iran
This is a wounderful picture Shahram,but how did you go there?

Young , Korea
Recently, I saw a movie "seven years in Tibet". That's probably closer to your picture of landscape. this picture rises reminder of the movie with sense of sadness, a invasion of modern society to purity. It is not a blame but missing. Anyway, I appreciate your having a good time also a little bit envy you.

Gianluca Ricchiuto, Italy
It's a wonderful picture which summarizes in a bright mix of coulours the vivacity of their spirit.

Danbi, South Korea
I love the colour...I love their smile..great!

Behnood Ttehran, Iran
i have never been in Leh but now i want to visit their , i love that cloths and mimics .

Aml, Sudan
thanks for this nice picture ,I'm not heard before about leh I was think the Tibetan the people live on the Himalaya represent part of china

Mashud, Bangladesh
so beautiful !

Ricardo, Brazil
have a wonderful picture, it shows that we live in a world where the intermingling of cultures serves to broaden our level of understanding of a human being

Elena De Mori, Italy
Lovely picture I'm touched by, I visited Laddak and stayed in Leh for a few days, 20 years ago. It was an impressive journey, I can remember very well how women were dressed, colours and turquoise jewels, and there shy smiles and delicate manners. Life there was not always a feast, I really wish it's different and better today. Thanks for speaking of this beautiful, breathtaking Country

Eshrat Jahan Shirin, Bangladesh
The photo represents a joyous moment of those people.Thier get-up and dress-up all are amazing,fascinating and wonderful.

Rafael, Argentina
Yes, really is a wonderfull picture, show how diferent is that people than us, and how people of diferent races had been living and growing in a especial culture, and they look like nice women too.

Ganesh Gopinath , India
This is just a piece of an iceberg of my country's beauty.

Mujdat Turkiye
Actualy, very nice all people in our world. Loves for us life for us. We must love we must laugh. Only we must share. Thanks.

Diana, Colombia
Wow, It looks fantastic I'd like to go there one day to celebrate with the people and spend a good time dancing, singing and enjoying of different culture.

Alain, France
thanks a lot for this beautiful picture, and for the 'shiny' description...that help me to forget this sad tou soon!

alain, France
thanks a lot for this beautiful picture, and for the 'shiny' description...that help me to forget this sad tou soon!

Kanmani, Malaysia
The picture is very nicely taken, in a rather profound manner.

Cristina, Argentina
I've never heard of Leh. Now I learnt about it.I like the picture, it's so colourful. Besides, I could sense the emotion you had for Dalai Lama's visit.

Nguya, Viet Nam
The picture and information above definitely help me open my eyes. I have never heard about the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh before. Initially, I think they are from some mountainous area of China. Thank you very much for your helpful and interesting information.

Fatema, egypt
Nice colour clothing.

Sandra, France
Beautiful picture! Good to know that winter can be so colourful. Here it's grey... And these ladies look so happy and healthy, so different from people living in the West countries.

Kula, China
Nice picture

Imen, Tunisia
When I saw this photo I felt the happiness and the joyness of those people; colourful costumes naturel beauty, it looks like spring. We don't have a festivals or celebrations are held in my area in January,I wish that we'd have one, to dry the tears of the sad winter and to draw a beautiful rainbow on the cloudy sky ...but thank god that we have my fother's birthday on 29 January,at lest we have our small familial celebration ^^ .


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