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Orecchiette e cime de rape

Italian students

This recipe was sent in by a group of students from Italy

We are a group of Italian students attending an English course. We would show you a typical dish of our marvellous land: Puglia! This recipe has very old traditions and our grandmothers still make home made orecchiette (ear shaped pasta).

A group of Italian students

Orecchiette  e cime di rape

The finished dish


(for 4 people)

  • 300 g orecchiette (pasta)
  • 1 kg turnip
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 100 g pugliese extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 salted fillets of anchovies
  • bread crumbs
  • chilli to taste


  1. Select the tender leaves and the tops of the turnips.
  2. Clean, wash and dry the turnips.
  3. Heat the oil and lightly fry the garlic in a large pan, add 2 salted fillets of anchovies.
  4. Put a little oil in another pan and fry the bread crumbs until golden brown.
  5. Boil the turnip tops and leaves in salted water for 10 minutes. Then add orecchiette and boil them altogether for 8-10 minutes.
  6. Strain orecchiette and turnips.
  7. Mix pasta, turnips and sautéed anchovies.
  8. Serve it with the toasted bread and chilli on the top.


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XXW, China
If the turnip is necessary? should I can take a place of it by another?

Ulysses - Brazil
Very nice dish , I to try to do in my home! Fantastic and delicious!

Chie, Japan
I love italian food! It seems like delicious and healthy. I want to try it with Japanese turnips. Thanks for your recipe!

Da Jung, Korea
looks very nice~!!however I cant make it maybe....^^;;

Jürgen, Deutschland
It would be much better if you sound record the recipes. Much more fun and more interesting for us, English language learners. As for the orecchiette, it sounds great. I'll try it -i'll double the garlic. I love it!- and will come back afterwards to let you know how it tastes. Thanks!

Lera, Russia
Thanks for this recipe!!! There are turnips in my town, so I think I'll try it

Looks delicious!I'll definitely try it as I have a fetish for pastas.

Carmela, Sicily
Hi everybody,Orecchiette with cime di rapa is delicious!Here in Sicily we do it with "broccoli"and we use "bucatini" a kind of pasta like spaghetti but with a hole.The procedure is the same.

Luca, Italy
I would really like to know if all of you think the proportions are right?I really think that to use just one garlic clove is not enough and then the amount of pasta for four people should be at least 400 gr.isn't it?

Linda Schneider, Australia
Made orichietti in Puglia and thoroughly enjoyed the cimi di rapa immensly. I wish we could find cimi di rapa here in Australia. The dish isn't quite the same without this vegetable over here. I will have to come back to visit Puglia.

Great taste for me ! Thanks guys

Nagi Sanzenin, Japan
Hmm.. it looks delicious.But i've never tried it before.Wonder how it tastes?

Hadi, Malaysia
I'm a food hunter.Thank you for the recipe.I hope, I will find it at Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. More wonderful if you all can join together. Wonderful peoples wonderful recipes.

Fulvio, Italy
ahhh..we are very proud of sharing our culinary art with all the world..just taste it! bye

Pamela, Italy
This dish is really good.... I can assure it!!!!! bye bye

it's look tasty..but the ingredients needed are not easy to find in Malaysia..

Roberto, Italy
Thanks at all for yours messages.It's wonderful to read all your comments!!!As soon as possible we'll show you another tipical dish.Thank you at all and thank you to "Venti di scambio", the association that organized this english course.:-))))

Ezgie, Turkey
Looks good. I will try it.

Anna, Italy
WOW! ORECCHIETTE ALLE CIME DI RAPA on the BBC! That's amazing! I come from Apulia too!!! I was so glad to find this recipe! Thanks for the great service! I hope everyone will enjoy it! :) Anna

it seems so cool,Could you send me a plate please :))))

Djahida T, Algeria
wooooow! Italian!I'm a big fan of Italy, Italian: Pizza, Spaguitti and now Orecchiette. It looks delicious. I will try it at the weekend. I hope I will succeed in preparing it. Thank you so much. Your Italian cuisine is as great as "Rome" and "Venice", by the way come and try "Couscous" in Algeria. My salutations.

Sidahmed, Algeria
Hi ,thanks for this recipe its looks so tasty ,but i won't try it bacause i hate turnip too much ,anyway as i said thank you so much and we are waiting your tradional dishes ,,i hope that everyone here can bring some tradional dishes from all over the world to let us know what's the favorite dish in each country ,,,

Selina, Taiwan
It's tast good. I'll share it with my friend.

Diego, Italy

Zhuliya, China
cool I love Italian

Fabiana Bevis, Italy
Great photo,great recipe.Had the delightful experience to taste this wonderful dish some time ago.Only one observation:olive oil from the Puglia region is difficult to find outside the area,I would suggest to opt for a good Italian olive oil instead.

Elena, Russia

Ilona, Czech
Is it really tasty? Sorry, I don't like turnip. I must wait than more people praise this recipe.

Miley, USA
thanks for posting!bon apetit everyone

Hussam, Saudi Arabia
actually im not agood cooker but i will try to make this meal and im sure it will be deliciousthank you italian team

Sophia, China
a nice dish, i will have a try

Dr. M. Mukhles, Japan.
Hi, dear Students from Italy!I like this recipe now. But in my childhood I hated it. Perhaps, because of not understanding the nutritional value of the turnip. As I understand the constitutes of the turnip now I used to eat it with big appetite in various kinds of food proportions. In additional of Vitamin A, turnip has two important minerals such as calcium and phosphorous. Turnip has very indespensible amino acid which help in digestion of food in metabolism. Turnip help to clean the canal of digestion system. Some scientist believe that turnip is good for losing the fate of the body. Now I eat this plant often and with apitite. But before I thought this only the feed for animals espicially horeses and cows and others. As I read more about this plant as more I like it. Thank you for your effort of discribing about this reciepe. Bye for now.

Maurizio, Italy
Just ask Google to search "Orecchiette" and you'll find more 100.000 web sites about "Orecchiette alle cime di rapa". Thats the italian name of this recipe.Thank you

Katya, Russia
Guys, thanks for your recipe. I think the dish is appropriate for any celebration, moreover,It appears to be very appealing.))

Ayse, Turkey
It looks yummy I will try it thank you

Afiz, India
Hi I am Afiz from India.This recipe is really yummy. We Indians don't know about this.I made this dish in my room with friends. We felt it is very tasty and healthy dish. Thanks for the different recipe.

Mattijas, Mozambique
Yeah!The famous Italian's Oreciette I like so much!I'm gonna try tonight. I hope Mozambiques's turnip are good as well

Rosario, Italy
Each time my colleagues and I come to Puglia for business travels all of us buy the cime di rape to cook (actually to let our wives cook...) the dish you described :D


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