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Abbey Nadiri

This recipe was sent in by Abbey Nadiri from the UK

Fiirni is light rice pudding from Iran, perfect for any season, but especially nice during the winter months! It is great with tea or on its own! This recipe serves 6 people.

Abbey Nadiri


The finished dish


  • ½ pint of milk (1 whole glass)
  • 50-100g of rice flour
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar
  • Cinnamon (To garnish)


  1. First pour ½ pint of cold milk into a saucepan
  2. Then pour two whole cups of rice flour in and stir until it is dissolved
  3. When the mixture looks fully dissolved, turn the hob on
  4. Stir regularly over a medium heat until the fiirni starts to thicken
  5. Then add 1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar and keep on stirring!
  6. Once thickened, serve up into individual serving bowls and allow to cool for an hour
  7. Garnish the fiirni with cinnamon

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Well,here almost all Algerians know this recipe,but it's prepared differently.That is we add orange flower water which gives another taste.

Nadira, Bangladesh
Thanks.I do not know from where it is origineted because we prapare this with whole rice instead of rice flour.Interesting thing that this recipe is popular as Fiirni in my country also. It is Of course delecious dish.Specially, we prepare this in different occations.For children, it is also energetic food.

Nicole China
It looks tasty. I am willing to make it for my family. Many thanks.

HT, South Korea
See. I haven't tried it,but I'd like to make this.I'm studying English at GNUCR SeoulI just wanted to send my comments.thank you, thank you, thank you.

Iqbal, London
I don't know exactly where it originated? But we do same thing in Bangladesh as well.This is nice as a dessert.

Soroush, Canada
so delicious! Here in Toronto I do not have rose water -Golaab, as we call it in Farsi- so I add some cardamom for more flavor.

Mohi, Iran

Fabiana, Uruguay
In our country which is in fact very far from yours, we have something quite similar, but we don't use rice flour - which is not very common here - we actually use rice. IIt was great to find out of this "coincidence " in ingredients and procedure.

Thats one of my favourite delicious so healthy.

Rachele, Italy
It seems delicious: I will make it as soon as possible!!Thanks a lot!!!

Mostafa, Iran
Thanks for this nice food.I can not imagine Eftar(the meal in Ramadan) without Ferni!:D Folk! you can add some rose water(as we do)for a better taste or use rice instead of rice flour;)

Lwi, Turkey
Hey, thanks for the recipe. In Turkey there's something like "Fiirni", called "muhallebi" But I'm not sure I think muhallebi is made with more sugar.

Majid, Iran
Thanks, but I think if you make it with starch (instead of Rice flour) It will taste better.

Afshin, Iran
I'm an Iranian too, but I have also tried Sutlac - which Ayshe said. to be honest, I personally prefer the Sutlac!!

Afiz, Inida
Hi I am Afiz. I know this dish before, but my dear friend you added very less sugar in your fiirni. It would be very tasty if we add more sugar and some dry fruits to it. thank you .

Sameer, India
Hi,In India during Ramdan,most Moslims make this dish .It's really Yummy...

Halima, Bangladesh
Fiirni is one of the popular sweet dishes in Bangladesh. We prepare it on different special occasions. However, we add some rose water with it, so it smells better. I am amazed to see the resemblance of foods although we are citizens of two different countries and two different cultures. However, thank you for sending the recipe :).

Saeed Majidi, Iran
I'm from Iran. I really like Firini.My mother makes it very delicious.Hope British like it as persians.

Israa ,Sudan
it seems so diliciuos and we have asimillar dish in Sudan ;but we make it with rice instead of the rice floor .Thank you for the recipe.

Alemnesh, Ethiopia
The tasty is very nice, also to prepared it too easy.

Charly, Philippines
I am afraid I am not aware of this recipe since it sounds new to me. Although, reading through it seems palatable. I am a Filipino and rice is our staple food, I have never tried this before but I guess that will be scrummy yummy once my tast buds works.

Dr. M. Mukhles, Japan
Hi dearIt is a wonderful dessert after lunch. We prepare the same firni or pudding in our country. Although in Afghanistan we combine the same ingredients and use the same procedure, but we add one specific syrup which is made from sugar, water and oil on the top of it and serve it, on it own frequently. In my childhood I served it every other day. It is very sweet and delicious. Thank you very much for remind me on my childhood.

Fariba, Iran
It's so delicious!Thank you

Milan, Czech republic
Recipe is very simple :). Thank you. I will have sweetness at weekend :)) .

bar c, Turkey
hi my brother l know your recipe it is light dessert all of the worldwide every friend can try it l have try too now l am thinking good like friends byee

Maya, Iraq
Thanks for this delicious dish but we are in Iraq make it regularely especially in Ramadan.Also we make it in some religiouse cermony.The Iranian and the Iraqi have many similiar dishes and food.My brothers wife has been living in Iran for 25 years cooking great dishes like this one.

Guido, Italy
Never tryed it but sounds really yummy because I love cake Guido

Ayse, Turkey
we have a dessert like this called sutlac but we put rice in it

Minh, Vietnam
it looks good and i think there's no difficulties in trying on doing this.i'll try, or burn my

Renato Silva M., Brazil
Hi Abbey Nadiri I will try your recipe. In Brazil we have a similar one. Actually, seems to me to be a variation. Insted of use rice flour we use cooked rice grains and it is delicious.Sincerely,Renato

Morteza.J, Iran
I am irainian and I would recommend fiirni for everyone in all around the worlds.Irainain or moslems use this food mostly in ramadan days.


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