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Rachele Costantini

This recipe was sent in by Rachele Costantini from Italy

This is a typical Italian cake. It is enough for 6.

Rachele Costantini


The finished dish


  • 3 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar
  • 300g Mascarpone cheese
  • 200g Savoiardi biscuits (or sponge cake pieces)
  • 3 cups of coffee
  • Cocoa powder


  1. Separate the egg whites from the yolks.
  2. Whip up the egg whites with ½ a tablespoon of sugar. The egg whites should form soft peaks.
  3. Separately whip up the yolks with the remaining sugar for about 3 minutes.
  4. Put the cheese into the whipped yolks.
  5. Add the egg whites and mix carefully with a palette knife.
  6. Soak the biscuits (or sponge) in the coffee.
  7. Put a layer of them in to a dish or mould and pour half the cheese cream over it.
  8. Cover with another layer of biscuits or sponge and finish the cake with another layer of cream.
  9. Sprinkle cocoa powder on the cake’s surface and put it into the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving.

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Endro Wicaksa
From it's ingredient I am sure that Tiramisu is very delicious. I will ask for my wife to tray this recipe. Thank you Rachelle for this marvelous recipe.

Aulia Safitri, Indonesia I love it. It's tasted delicious. I often eat Tiramisu when I Studied in National Hotel and Tourism Institute.

Julia, Korea
it's very simple to make it.but, i'm going to slim down. ;;anyway, i will try it someday!!

Mariam, Canada
Thank you Rachel I will try it.The sound is very good.

Jose-Maria, Spain
Add a little glass of amaretto or brandy to the eggs and the mascarpone.

Pablo Peruzzi, Argentina
To enhace ad: soak the biscuits with 100 cm3 marsala(or mistela)wine or could be Porto wine, And whip with the yolks 70 cm3 of coffe liquor or cognac.

Anita, Hong Kong
many thanks. it's really good and simple. "Grazie mille"

Zizi, China
Tiramisu!I know it is a beautiful story about Tiramisu.If I had chance I will make it. I like this story and I like sweety.

Rosemary, Italy
If you add a little liquor to the coffee it tastes even better also on the last layer of the cake in the cream cheese mixture add 4 or 5 tablespoons of Nutella then you dont need the cacao on top and tastes even better

too complex

NGiM, Thailand
Many thanks, RacheleI will try to make it.

Parine, China
seems easy... many thanks for Rachele's recipe. ^0^

Tri Iriani, Indonesia
Simple recipe but it's tasted very delicious. This cake is wellknown in Indonesia and could be found in many cafes and Restaurants.

El Salvadro
Excellent and delicious

Javier, Spain
really nice, it is my favourite recipe, together with chocolate gataou.thanks

Niroshi Mendis, Sri Lanka
First time I had Tiramisu in UK. I love it.I was looking forward how can i find that recipe.Luckely today I found that.Now I am going to make Tiramisu.Tiramisu is the best desert ever I had.Thx you very much Rachele....

Cam Hong, Vietnam
I think I love this special dish although I am a Vietnamese. It is simple to make and I can myself can prepare it for my family

Sa Mn, North Korea!

Ayse, Turkey
tiramisu is yummy yummy I like coffe floured things and it is one of my favourites

Julia , Taiwan
It's really great! thanks

Lotus, Romania
We prepare Tiramisu here in Romania, I prepared it too, it is super delicious. :-)Did you know that the meaning of the word tiramisu is 'pick-me-up'?

Deborah, Italy
definetely great!!gonna make it right now....

Aisha, Pakistan
dear Russell,i really enjoy your recipe,i love to eat cakes but you add uncooked eggs its very difficult to me eat,you taste is fantastic but dear i request you that you send to us another recipe of cake which we use eggs but must be cooked.wwwwwwwwwwoooow your tiramisu is sooper hooper and dooper,its mine typical langague.

Sorry, I am again, I made a mistake writing DESERT instead of is quite usual for foreigner people to make this kind of mistake.Desert= a desert islandDessert= sweet food eaten at the end of a meal.

JajapZ, Philippines
here in the philippines we also have the tiramisu recipe. actually it is made up of biscuits only, specifically the Grahams biscuits.. then it is all up to the individual preference if what will be the toppings of the tiramisu.. i think basically it is made up of biscuits,cream,and any fruits that we prefer to add up.

Carlos, Colombia
It seems really delicious, I've got to try it.

Maria, Spain
I like very much this dessert. I'll try to do myself... but if I do it well ... I will have a big problem with my weight. Thanks Rachele, What beautiful is your country!

Maurizio, Italy
please pay attention to the expiry date of mascarpone cheese, eggs must be fresh too, all ingredients are raw!!!

Shona, India
heyy...sounds yummmyyy...i 'll surely try smday...thnx fr sharing!!!

Russell, Bangladesh
I like tiramisu thanks for a delicious recipe.

SY Kang, South Korea
It reminds me of the time when I made Tiramisu with my Italian friends!Tiramisu is my favourite dolce!:) x

Luca, Italy
very good....

Florian, Germany
mhhhhhhh =)

Jennylee, China
It looks nice.I like eating this cakes and enjoy the process of making them.It is so fantastic


Alma, Taiwan
Looks so wonderful! Thanks, Rchele. :-)

Koyelia, India
MMMM... sounds yummy... will try making some today itself.. :-)

Ke, China
I think that would be more delicious if we get some coffe wine in it. I have done that about four times, and it's so good.

Beaver, Seoul S.Korea
Wonderful! Delicious!Let me cook for myself.Thanks,Rachele~

Margarita, Colombia
What did happen with uncook yolks? It is dangerous or not ??

Maria, Greece
Thank you, Rachele.This cake is fantastic indeed!

Marcela, Colombia
It seems to be delicious!! In our country we prepare a similar dish, but I really don't know if it's the same. Tiramisu is a kind of dessert and people like it a lot!!!

Noriko, Japan
I didn't know it contains raw eggs!I love tiramisu.

Pinella, Italy
very good and easy to make

Moni, Fi
This dessert is easy to make and very delicate,I suggest to make and enjoy it

Pilar, Spain
I have done you Tiramisu recipe and it is delicious!Thanks a lot

I love Italy food, special cake.It look very delicious.

Izabelle, Brazil
It´s one of my favourite desserts!Thanks for sending the recipe!

Hector Machado, Argentina
Very, very nice

Friggha, Italy
If you can, try Pavesini biscuits instead of savoiardi and you will have such a lovely and soft Tiramisu! :PI love Tiramisu!!!(Tiramisuuu aaah! <--- I feel like Homer Simpson!!! ;P)

Paolo, Italy
It is a pleasure to know that this cake is a kind of Italian flag in the world, as pasta or pizza. Enjoy your cake!

Maurizio, Vicenza, Italy
Let me share with you a little secret: add a shot of liqueur (usually Marsala or Port Wine)to the cheese cream, and you will taste a masterpiece.Enjoy

Nefise Koroglu, Turkey
thank alot this is my best

Ok, I love it then I will send this repice to my friend (workmate) SedaI hope you will enjoy.

Samuel, Peru
I like very much....thank you

Kave, Thailand
Rachele, thank you, your cake is sweet like yours kind sharing.

Agnieszka, Poland
I often make tiramisu at work, but have never used eggs for it. In our recipe we prepare cheese cream using only whipped cream, mascarpone cheese and sugar. And we add some Tia Maria to the coffee :) But however you make it, it's really delicious dessert :)

Asli, Germany
Thx for the recipe!!! Tiramisu is the best desert ever on this world:)


Juan, Granada, Spain
Thank you very much for your recipe.You see every time a go to an Italian restaurant I ask tiramisu for desert,but this time I´ll make it at home for me.ciao.

Daniele, Italy
I love "tirami su" helps a lot inany situations...Thank Rachele

thanks for your tariffs,Its very delicious cake

Colin, China
that's brilliant. i will give a shot.

Mai, Vietnam
Oh it's very delicious but i can't make it.

Cristina Limongi, Brazil
Tiramisu is my favor dessert a long time.The first time I had it, I was in NYC and lucky enough to have The Tiramisu at Opera Cafe, 71st Street, where Yoko Ono and family were a regular costumers.Thank you for your recipe, I will try to make... Best wishes

Lal, Turkey
Yeah,I often make this cake for my guests. It's so delicious,yumm :) thanks for the recipe :)

Me, Brazil
It sounds delicious!

Bahar, Turkey
I love tiremisu

Seems so yummy! I'm definitely going to try it! Thanks Rachele!

Morena, Argentina
I've made it lots of times and my family loves it! But in the city In which I live It's impossible to obtain Mascarpone cheese, so I have to use another, of course, the taste is not the same.. :(

Nilgun Kalkan, Turkey
I like tiramisu and I think that I'll try to make it..Thank you..

i like cheese so i think i should go to kitchen to make it..go..go!!!

Antonio, Spain
oh, I like very much tiramisu. I think a typical Spanish cake.

Chiara, Italy
Hi. The eggs must be very fresh. In Italy there aren't problems with the birdflue at the moment. I usually buy fresh eggs at the supermarket.Also the mascarpone must be very fresh. A good mascarpone is milk-white, it has a buttery flavour and it is very soft.

Mariacristina, Italy
This receipt is very good also using ricotta instead of mascapone cheese, lower of fat and instead of using eggs(some people can suffer of allergic problems) use to color the ricotta, zafferano, melt with a dash of best

J.Moteza, Iran
Dear Rachele ,Thank you very much for your recent recipe.I talked about your recipe with my wife and she make this cake evryday for our breakfast.Among others ,we have recommended this recipe for our famlies.

Valentina, China
Awwww, I LOVE it!!! I think it's the best recipe EVER!! Thanks a lot, Rachele! (And you look great)

Paolo, Italy
when my favourite football team doesn't win, so often, I always eat TIRAMISU!

Jose Francisco, Colombia
Rachele Constantini! God Bless u! The tiramisu is one of the dessert more delicious in our colombian bakeries. I could find it in a bakery, but now, I'll find it in my home!

South Korea
Tommorrow is my girl friend's birthday.I decided to cook her this yummy cake! Thanks for giving me the wonderful "real Italian tiramisu" recipe.

Sabrina, Italy
thanks for sending the recipe.I really love it!But i think you just need 2 cups of coffee

HahaHome-made cake,it looks sweet!!

Thank you.I really like Tiramisu,and i'll try to make it.

Agata, Poland
I've made my own recipe for Tiramisu, because I don't used to put uncooked eggs into my dishes. I sometimes put yolks from cooked eggs and I mix it with sugar and Mascarpone cheese and I also don't use whites, I think it's delicious without them as well.For me 1 cup of coffee is enough, but I like to add some alcohol to it, for example a half of a cup of rum or Amaretto

May, Saudi Arabia
Yummy , I like it . Thank you so much Rachele

Alejandra, Argentina
In my town, it is impossible to get Mascarpone. How can I substitute it?Thanks

Sabina, Turkey
I have tasted the Tiramisu in Turkey. But I did not like it as much as cheescake, but I will try ro prepaire it as soon as I can.

Vaˇek, Czech Republic
Thank you for the receip very much... :)I love tiramisu so much... :))

Sunde, Earth
It looks delicious;)

Thanks Rachele. Your recipe is quite easy and makes me really want to try.

Elena, Italy
to Aliye, TurkeyWe don't have these problems: our products are strictly controlled...Made in Italy means quality...enjoy TiramisĂą, but in Italy...;-)

Ginny,South Korea
I love tiramisu but I don't like coffee!Can I put coffee only 1 cup?I think It will taste very good.I think I can put cocoa , not coffee!

David, Germany
ich liebe Tiramisu.with coffee will be great!

it's very delicious dish.

Linh, Vietnam
it's so delicious.I'll try to make it.Thanks

Piti, Germany
I love Tiramisu and therefore I have made it very often. I think in that recipe is much too much coffee.CUPiti

Irina, Australia
Thank you very much! I really like it!

Eva, South Korea
I have tried this cake sometimes. I love it!!

Mateo, Korea
Mmmm I love it. I'll it right now. Grazie Rachele! ;)

Mercedes, Spain
I love very much the tirasu, thank for your receip. It's delicious, but how I can know if the cheese is a good Mascarpone?

Thank you, Rachele. I am gona try very soon ;)

I think it's great.If I have time , I'll try to make it.Thanks for sharing.

Aliye, Turkey
It sounds, looks (and I think, tastes) wonderful. Isn't that "tiramisu"? (I've heard that "tira mi su" means "it pulls me up") Cake with coffee. Perfect idea, tipically Italian.But do you think using eggs uncooked is healthy? You know world was suffering from bird flue a couple of years ago. And I've had concerns about using eggs uncooked since this birdflue thing. It sounds good to leave these concerns at the past and go on trying yummy recipies with uncooked eggs. But I can not be sure...


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